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Rules and such / [SR6] Returning Gm with some questions
« Last post by Fin-man on <05-13-23/2330:43> »
Hey all.  Our small group has dived back into SR with the 6th edition (Seattle ed.)  Played before in 5E, 4E and 3E for reference, and we don't have any other books yet.

We've read the rulebook, created real characters and started our first 'test run'.  However, we came across a few questions / issues that we could not find.  Appreciate any assist the community can give in finding these answers, or at least page numbers to re-read.

1)  Does a character being attacked multiple times reduce your dice pool?  (Holdover from 5E, maybe?)

2)  As a combat goes on, can you gain an additional edge beyond the temporary two, if you already had two from the prior combat round?  (Believe 'yes', but wanted to confirm)

3)  Confirming drain is a damage resistance test. 

4)  Do damage mods on the condition monitor apply to the defense test (INT + Reaction)?  (I think 'no', but wanted to confirm)

5)  Magic & drain:  Was it really meant to be this bad for drain?  (Our mage did more damage to himself than the enemy.)  He cast only a levitate spell and a stunbolt, and ended up with 7 boxes of stun damage.  (No amping)

Thanks in advance!

Rules and such / Re: New to hero lab need help.
« Last post by Michael Chandra on <05-11-23/0331:50> »
Holostreets Products / Re: Shadowrun 6 horizontal logo
« Last post by FastJack on <05-10-23/1605:19> »
Not for Holostreets, no.
Rules and such / Re: New to hero lab need help.
« Last post by KarmaInferno on <05-10-23/1531:35> »
It does not. None of the SR6 books past the core book were ever entered, despite Lone Wolf still charging subscription fees all this time.
Archetypes are made before final rules so often don't fully match.
Holostreets Products / Holostreets developer questions
« Last post by KarmaInferno on <05-10-23/1351:32> »
Is there an authorized Holostreets version of the Shadowrun 6 logo that doe NOT have the pink "S" element embedded? The one in the logo pack is rather taller than is convenient for some layout uses.
Without gaining the 2 dice bonus from the specialization.
The Weapons Specialist archetype (CRB 90) has Exotic Weapons 5 (Launchers +2).
So this is an error (no +2 dice)
Without gaining the 2 dice bonus from the specialization.
Exotic Weapons use the Exotic Weapons skill.

A monowhip would use Agility plus Exotic Weapons (Monowhip).  Exotic weapons skill are an exception and require the specialization.
Exotic Melee Weapons use the Close Combat skill or the Exotic Weapon skill to attack?
(I think they should use the Close Combat skill with the requirement of a specific Exotic Melee Weapon specialization)
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