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[6e-FS]Questions about some Tac-Apps



--- Quote from: p. 89, FS ---Artillery Barrage
Rules: +1 to dice pool for grenade launchers, rocket launchers, and mortars. No weapon-related penalties for shooting assault rifles, machine guns, or assault cannons when app is active. Shooter must still have at least some line of sight or know a target’s location.

--- End quote ---

So...What exactly is weapon-related penalties? ???

--- Quote from: p. 91, FS ---Target Artist
Rules: Allows shooter to attack without direct line of sight. Designated targets then can be targeted with the “called shot” action as an anytime action.

--- End quote ---

This part really confuse me...firstly, I suppose the “called shot” action to be edge action, so why is it an anytime action matter? Secondly, if it's an anytime action, Isn't that I still can only use it in my turn? Since edge action "must be used in conjunction with an action"(in this case, attack).


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