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--- Quote from: Gianan on ---A bit necroposting,  I have some general questions:

1) size of cards? is it standard 63.5 x 88 mm (2.5 x 3.5")?
--- End quote ---

Standard playing card size.

--- Quote ---2) size of coin? (just curious)
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Not sure, sorry

--- Quote ---3) the short story in the add-ons is the same of the main campaign or a different one?  and where can I download it?

4) will the short story and the novella be published in the usual other ebook sellers? (I'd like to buy it from Kobo, where I have all my SR fiction)
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I'm not certain.  The novel and secondary suff is outside of my area of control/influence.

--- Quote ---5) does the box include a list of the cards contained in every box?
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No, don't believe so.

--- Quote ---6) what's the maximum number of decks using one box?  I know the minimum is 2,  but can I make 5 decks of 60 cards each for example?  Or I would miss some key cards to make them playable?
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Two.  There are only 15 Objectives in each box, and decks require a minimum of 6.  So you won't be able to make more than 2 decks per box. 


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