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Title: Baseball
Post by: Chalkarts on <02-15-20/1547:55>
Is a baseball a thrown weapon(In a supplement book maybe?) or an improvised thrown weapon for the purposes of missile mastery?

Title: Re: Baseball
Post by: Horsemen on <02-15-20/1558:42>
From a GM's POV, personally I'd rule it as an improvised weapon as it wasn't designed specifically to be a weapon to cause injury.
Title: Re: Baseball
Post by: GuardDuty on <02-15-20/1621:32>
Canon Companion had baseballs listed as improvised throwing weapons.  (STR)L Stun damage (not that it probably means much these days), same range as an aerodynamic grenade.
Title: Re: Baseball
Post by: Tecumseh on <02-18-20/1244:46>
I rule that a baseball is a thrown weapon, mostly because if it's improvised then it's subject to Accuracy 3 (per Street Grimoire, if you're playing 5E) which is ridiculous for an aerodynamic object which is designed to be thrown. It's not a beer bottle or a credstick or a wrench or something else awkward.

Str(P) as the base damage is a good starting point, and an adept would get +1 from Missile Mastery on top of that. I use the adept's Physical Limit as the Accuracy.