Telepresence Rigger / Decker

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« on: <03-04-17/1550:26> »
So instead of doing anything useful this morning I did this.  Thought exercise, I knew the creepy guy in a Van (Car in this case) was a doable character, I wasn't sure how effective it would be.  Turns out, as long as he can stay in the car, he's a moderate Decker that can bring a fair amount of firepower to bear. 

Telepresence Rigger

== Info ==               
Street Name: RoboPimp
Movement: 2/4, 2m/ hit, Swim: 1, 1m/ hit
Karma: 2
Composure: 5
Judge Intentions: 7
Lift/Carry: 2 (15 kg/10 kg)               
Memory: 11
Nuyen: 380

== Priorities ==                   
Metatype: D,1
Attributes: C,2
Special: E,0
Skills: B,3
Resources: A,4

== Attributes ==               
BOD: 1
AGI: 1
REA: 5     (8)                       
STR: 1
CHA: 2
INT: 5
LOG: 6     (8)                       
WIL: 3
EDG: 5

== Derived Attributes ==               
Essence:       1.50
Initiative:  13 +1d6
Rigger Initiative:     13 +1d6                                             
Matrix Cold Initiative:       5 + DP +3d6
Matrix Hot Initiative:        5 + DP +4d6
Physical Damage Track:    9
Stun Damage Track:           10

== Limits ==               
Physical:   4
Mental:      8
Social:        3
Astral:       8

== Active Skills ==               
Aeronautics Mechanic      : 1                                 
Armorer     : 1                                     
Automotive Mechanic     : 1                                     
Computer         : 5    [Matrix Perception]                                       
 Electronic Warfare : 6 [Sensor Operations]   
Gunnery       : 6 [Ballistic]                                               
 Gymnastics : 1                                     
Hacking       : 6 [Hosts]                                               
 Hardware     : 5                                     
Industrial Mechanic      : 1                                     
Nautical Mechanic      : 1                                     
Pilot Ground Craft   : 1 [Wheeled]                                             
 Pilot Walker      : 6    [Biped]                                               
Sneaking        : 6  [Urban]                                               
Software        : 5     

== Knowledge Skills ==

22 points of appropriate and inappropriate skills.               

== Qualities ==               
Addiction (Mild) (Psyche)
Albinism I
Biocompatability (Cyberware)
Data Anomaly
Distinctive Style
Jack of All Trades Master of None
Low Pain Tolerance
Slow Healer
Subtle Pilot

== Lifestyles ==                   
Living in the car                 1 months               

== Cyberware/Bioware ==                   
Cerebral Booster Rating 2
Control Rig Rating 2
Control Rig Optimization
Reaction Enhancers Rating 3

== Armor ==                   
Armor Jacket       (Worn)      12
Bike Racing Helmet        (Worn)     2
Chameleon Suit   (Duelist 1)                   9
Chameleon Suit      (Duelist 2)                9
Securetech PPP: Arms Kit  (Duelist 1)            1
Securetech PPP: Arms Kit  (Duelist 2)             1
Securetech PPP: Legs Kit    (Duelist 1)          1
Securetech PPP: Legs Kit     (Duelist 2)          1
SWAT Helmet       (Duelist 1)                    3
SWAT Helmet       (Duelist 2)                     3
Vashon Island: Sleeping Tiger  (I-Doll)     13
   +Custom Fit
   +Newest Model
   +Ruthenium Polymer Coating 3

== Weapons ==                   
Defiance EX Shocker   (Duelist 1) 
Defiance EX Shocker(Duelist 2) 
Defiance EX Shocker (I-Doll)
Ingram Smartgun X  (Duelist 1) 
   +Gas-Vent 2 System
   +Smartgun System, Internal
   +Sound Suppressor
Ingram Smartgun X (Duelist 2) 
   +Gas-Vent 2 System
   +Smartgun System, Internal
   +Sound Suppressor
Remington Suppressor (I-Doll)
   +Sound Suppressor
Shiawase Arms Incinerator (Mercury)
   +Slide Mount
== Commlink ==                   
Vulcan Liegelord (ATT: 0, SLZ: 2, DP: 5, FWL: 6)               
   +Add Sleaze Modification
   +Increase Sleaze Modification
   +Smoke and Mirrors
   +Virtual Machine
   +Signal Scrub

== Gear ==                   
[Model] Stealth Autosoft (Duelist) Rating 5
[Weapon] Targeting Autosoft (Ingram Smartgun) Rating 5
[Weapon] Targeting Autosoft (Taser) Rating 5
Clearsight Autosoft Rating 5
Drone Mods
Fake SIN (Sam) Rating 3
   +Fake License (Driver's License) Rating 3
   +Fake License (Drone License) Rating 3
   +Fake License (Automatic Weapons License) Rating 3
   +Fake License (Restricted Cyberware License) Rating 3
   +Fake License (Restricted Armor License) Rating 3
   +Fake License (Telepresence Drone License) Rating 3
Pharma Grade Psyche x10
Skill Autosoft (Handling) Rating 5
Smartsoft Rating 3
Tool Kit (Hardware)
Tool Kit (Automotive Mechanic)

== Vehicles ==                   
Ares Duelist (Medium)
Hand: 3  Pilot: 3  Acc: 1  Body:4  Armor: 4  Sen: 3 DR: 3
   +Drone Arm
         +Cyber Arm (Right) SMG
   +Drone Arm
   +Drone Leg
   +Drone Leg
   +Realistic Features Rating 1
   +Weapon Mount
   +Weapon Mount
   +Sensor Array Rating 3
+Geko Grips & Mini-Mount (Taser)
+Autosoft Blades 3

Ares Duelist (Medium)
Hand: 3  Pilot: 3  Acc: 1  Body:4  Armor: 4  Sen: 3 DR: 3
   +Drone Arm
         +Cyber Arm (Right) SMG
   +Drone Arm
   +Drone Leg
   +Drone Leg
   +Realistic Features Rating 1
   +Weapon Mount
   +Weapon Mount
   +Sensor Array Rating 3
+Geko Grips & Mini-Mount (Taser)
+Autosoft Blades 3

Mercury Comet Cruiser
   +Rigger Cocoon
   +Smuggling Compartment
   +Standard Drone Rack (Medium)
   +Standard Drone Rack (Medium)
   +Weapon Mount Type (Standard)
   +Weapon Mount Visibility (Concealed)
   +Sensor Array Rating 2

Shiawase I-Doll (Anthro)
Hand: 4  Pilot: 3  Acc: 3  Body:2  Armor: 6  Sen: 5 DR: 3
   +Realistic Features (Drone) Rating 4
   +Synthetic Drone Arm
         +Cyber Arm (Right)  Machine Pistol
         +Cyberlimb Optimization (Automatics)
   +Synthetic Drone Arm
        +Cyber Arm (Left) Taser
        +Cyberlimb Optimization (Automatics)
   +Synthetic Drone Leg
         +Cyberlimb Optimization (Sneak)
   +Synthetic Drone Leg
         +Cyberlimb Optimization (Sneak)
   +Sensor Array Rating 3
+Geko Grips
+Skill Autosoft (Cooking) Rating 3
+Skill Autosoft (Remington Suppressor) Rating 3
+Skill Autosoft (Adult Companion) Rating 3

== Notes ==
RCC Normally runs Smoke and Mirrors, Stealth, Swarm, Smartsoft, Virtual Machine, Toolbox, Clearsight.

Normal mode of operation is tucked away in the Rigger Cocoon and jumped into the I-Bot.  The Comet cruises around on Auto Pilot.  The Duelists ride it out in the Drone Launchers until needed.  Swarm the two Duelists and they're at 14 Dice on an aimed Burst from the Ingram, but they'd likely be used for suppression fire.  14  Dice for Sneak as well on the Duelists so they should be able to tag along with the team and maintain a low profile.  Dice pools on the jumped in I-Bot are good, I-Bot on it's own isn't great though.  Running Silent I think he's go about 20 dice to resist Matrix Perception with up to 15 Devices in the PAN.  Would need some GM leeway to handle Encrypted files with no Attack rating.  Either let Overclocker bring it from 0 to 1 or let him Edge to blow the Limit.  Obviously Direct Access wouldn't be a thing for this character, and getting some kind of Yerzed out mobility scooter would be a good idea.

A normal Combat Decker would likely be a "Better" character but if you want to be "that guy" it seems to work.  One big advantage of this build is that the Combat power skyrockets quickly with a few runs.  Start adding on more combat platforms and break them into squads, like a couple Rotodrones with Ares Alphas for some Flashbang and Smoke Grenade coverage to go along with the Suppression fire from the Duelists.  The Duelists can actually get quite tanky once you add on some more Armor rating, enough Mod points left to add another 6 points once the Nuyen becomes available.  14 Dice Sneak, Shoot, 11 Dice Doge, 28 Soak?  No Street Samurai, but they'll do the job.

Rigging isn't usually my thing so I'm sure I missed something, but overall looks playable for a very specific definition of playable.
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Pap Renvela

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« Reply #1 on: <03-07-17/1356:12> »
I'm in the crowd that believes you need an attribute first to overclock it or to use edge to ignore its limit.

However, other than the question of encrypted files, this looks good.

However, chameleon coating and morphing license plate on the car might help.


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« Reply #2 on: <03-07-17/1817:49> »
Thank you!  Yeah, the stay in the car and interact via the Realistic Features 4 Drone was always going to require a lot of GM/Group buy in anyway, so may as well hope for Mercy on the Attack rating.

And with 12 Cyberlimbs, 4 full suits of Armor, 3 Drones, and a vehicle there is an effectively endless list of mods, accessories, and enhancements that this character could use, but "Disguise the car" would be a high priority.

Anyway, thanks again for the feed back.  Riggers aren't my thing, but I kept wondering just how viable the concept was.  I knew it could be done, but how much better/worse off is the poor bastard stuck in the car.