[5E] Ex-Firewatch Concept

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Hi Marcus,

This is a neat concept. But, you should be prepared in case your GM nixes it. ... Firewatch is one of those groups that should strike fear into PCs. A GM is within his/her rights to say that starting PCs can't be part of a group like that because they don't have the skills. Because if the GM lets you come in as a watered down Firewatch then the PCs won't fear the stuff in-game that they should.

You don't have to scrap it though. There are ways around it. Here is one example:
Mom/dad was Firewatch and you couldn't get in - so you are in the shadows because you know that on the street you learn faster or you die. Someday Ares will come asking you to be in Fairewatch, your sure of it.

Thank you Davidvs, I very much appreciate your input and should such a circumstance arise with a GM, I will certainly follow it. :) 

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