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Title: {6e] Specializations? What are they for?
Post by: argouru on <02-21-20/1904:49>
I'm trying to learn how to play and make a character, but the rulebook is incredibly vague and confusing. What is the reason for specialities and what do they do?
Title: Re: {6e] Specializations? What are they for?
Post by: Hobbes on <02-21-20/2026:52>
6E for 1 skill point or 5 Karma you get a +2 to your dice pool when the Specialization applies.  Weapons are probably the easiest example.  Firearms (SMG) 6 (8)  means you have 6 Skill Ranks in Firearms, but when you use an SMG you add two more dice to your pool (Usually Agility + Firearms).
Title: Re: {6e] Specializations? What are they for?
Post by: Michael Chandra on <02-22-20/0317:16>
You're advised to get them with karma, because it's a waste of a skill point. But basically, you can have the following on a skill:

- No specializations: You simply roll the normal dicepool
- One specialization: You add +2 dice when doing the specific action. For example, Athletics(Throwing) means you get a +2 when throwing, but not when climbing.

After chargen, you can also evolve to this:
- One Expertise: +3 on the action instead.
- One Expertise, a second Specialization: +3 on the expertise, +2 on the specialization, do not stack.

- p92 "Show your talents" second paragraph
- p65 "Skill" third paragraph
Title: Re: {6e] Specializations? What are they for?
Post by: Tkeela on <02-22-20/1038:51>
I have some questions too...regarding matrix
I rolled a technomancer and aim to acquire a expertise in matrix perception, and a specialization in threading complex that a computer expertise and a software specialization? Would the assumed software specialization include trace icon?
Title: Re: {6e] Specializations? What are they for?
Post by: Stainless Steel Devil Rat on <02-22-20/1052:15>
Unfortunately, the specializations listed in 6we are mainly just the old skill names from 5e.  It's kind of implicit that specializations like "Computer" and "Hacking" cover the matrix actions that the Computer and Hacking skills covered in 5e.

Of course, if you never played 5e, or don't want to lug around the very heavy 5e CRB just to be a reference on what skills used to cover what matrix actions, you can ignore these listed, "suggested" specializations and use your own ones that make more sense to you.