Shadowrun 5e: Run Faster, Infected Rulings

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« on: <09-14-16/0823:16> »
How do you make, for example, a Harvester Elf at chargen?

Is the Initiative Die boost that most infected get cumulative with other initiative enhancers? If not, is there a reason? It's an innate thing, so it appears like it is, but it's unclear.

How, exactly, do the infected attribute bonuses function? Do they count towards the +4 max boost to attributes? Can they reduce an ability below 1? Are they meant to be part of the already existing changed base stats, for example in the case of the Harvester having a 1/4 Cha and 1/4 Logic, and then also -1 Cha and -1 Logic, or do you have 1/4 in the stat and THEN recieve the penalty, requiring you to spend at least one point to have it be non-zero? Or does it just cap at 1 for the lowest? Does the penalty effect the maximums of the stat?

The same general questions apply to the other infected. How do the attribute boosts and penalties work? Does their +1d6 Initiative Die stack with anything, and if so, what?

How would, for example, a Night One Harvester work? What would your base stats end up being?

Can an Infected character undergo SURGE after being infected? Can they have been a SURGEd character beforehand? If they were, or if they do after, do they recieve the appropriate bonuses and penalties?

The entire section comes across as confusingly written and not well explained, and this seems to be an opinion shared by others.


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« Reply #1 on: <10-07-16/2257:19> »
Bonus initiative dice is cumulative up to the maximum of +5d6.

Infected attributes are directly modified e.g. a harvester has different maximums and minimums than an elf and infected attribute bonuses don't count toward augmented maximums because they aren't augmentations. All attributes must be non-zero, making 1 the floor.

I think SURGE and HMHVV are fully incompatible (or at least I would rule it that way) since many infected undergo dramatic body changes.

I'm not sure what a Night One harvester is ???
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I'm not sure what a Night One harvester is ???

From the Shadowrun Wiki:

"The Night Ones are a variant of Elves (Homo sapiens nobilis), with a natural coat of short fur on their entire body. The fur color varies from black to orange. Most night ones have dark skin in black, blue purple and brown tones. All Night Ones have a light allergy against sunlight.
The resulting mainly nocturnal lifestyle combined with the usually dark skin/fur color leads to Night Ones being called "Dark Elves" in many places (other nicknames include "Furries" and "Plushies").

Night Ones are naturally found in Europe and the Tir Nations. They are faster and more agile than normal Elves."

A Night One harvester is just a Night One infected with HMHVV.
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« Reply #3 on: <10-08-16/0649:27> »
I think SURGE and HMHVV are fully incompatible (or at least I would rule it that way)
That would be a table rule. There's nothing explicit against it, and SR3 (when you had a random chance to SURGE) gave you a higher chance after becoming Infected.


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« Reply #4 on: <10-08-16/1437:53> »
Yeah, there's nothing against SURGEing an Infected; it's just extremely unlikely to happen if you compare Infected population to percentage that SURGE (and you're paying out the nose for both things, it makes me cringe). 
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« Reply #5 on: <10-08-16/1855:24> »
There are other ways other then character generation to become infected....

But they are not safer by any stretch. (You may just die instead of becoming infected)
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