Anarchy errata coming?

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« on: <09-09-17/0512:45> »
I want to get back into Shadowrun, which I haven't played since 2nd ed except as a Fate hack, and Anarchy seems the perfect way. I can't get over how flawed the book is said to be though, and on top there is no official errata and the errata thread contains only a few fixes to the long (unofficial) list of errors.

Can we expect an official errata soon, or better yet a fixed PDF, with all the knowns errors fixed?


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« Reply #1 on: <09-09-17/0524:32> »
Not to completely derail this thread, but... what on earth is a "Fate hack?"
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Fate is another RPG system that can be customized for different genres
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Jacob, yes the Anarchy book is flawed. Turns out releasing print copies of a book that shouldn't be out of PDF leads to further problems down the road.

The Anarchy Errata team has extensive plans for fixing that beyond what is visible in the unofficial Errata Discussion thread. We don't know when, or even if, any of those plans will be adopted. We reached a plateau back in April and we're waiting for each element to get a yes/no/wtf? before we can start back up and finish this labour of love. Hopefully 6 months work won't be relegated to merely house rules.

A fixed PDF would only come on the back of Official Errata. Official Errata will probably be left until the SR5 Core Books have each had their turn. As for how long that'll take, your guess is as good as mine.
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Thanks for the answer.


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TL:DR don't hold your breath