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Everywhere: change “Azt-Am War” to “Az-Am War”
Everywhere: make sure skills and powers are listed in alphabetical order.
Page 3 (Contents 95), capitalize “Flatworm Viper”
Page 3 (Contents 114), change “EXTRA PLANAR” to “EXTRAPLANAR” (remove space)
Page 3 (Contents 134), change “VeR” to “Ver” (lowercase “r”)
Page 3 (Contents 135), capitalize “Vucub Caquix”
Page 4 (Contents 184), change “Choose a C0ue” to “Choose a Cue” (remove the “0”)
Page 9 (No Justice, No Peace), change “shadow hounds” to “shadowhounds” (remove space)
Page 10 (Nature Is a Bitch), change “Jackpoint” to “JackPoint” (in-cap P)
Page 11 (Social Animals), change “automatic cleanups drones” to “automatic cleanup drones”
Page 11 (Social Animals), change “standing arrangement” to “standing arrangements”
Page 12 (Social Animals), change “fifty year’s time” to “fifty years’ time”
Page 14 (Amazonia), change “alligator” to “alligators”
Page 14 (Amazonia), hyphenate “hard-pressed” and “grade-schooler”
Page 15 (Naga Kingdom), change “extended family” to “extended families”
Page 15 (Naga Kingdom), change “initially joining” to “initially joined”
Page 15 (Naga Kingdom), change “Graduating a skillset” to “Graduating with a skillset” (insert “with”)
Page 16 (Yakut), change “Vernya’s interest” to “Vernya’s interests”
Page 17 (Killing Humans), change “in killing” to “to kill”
Page 19 (The Rat Race), change “Each cattle” to “Each cow
Page 21 (Savage Kingdom), hyphenate “frothy-mouthed”
Page 21 (Savage Kingdom), change “teeth-blaring” to “teeth-baring
Page 21 (Savage Kingdom), change “You put a piece” to “You implant a piece”
Page 21 (Savage Kingdom), change “teeth-blaring” to “teeth-baring”
Page 21 (Savage Kingdom), change “in the head of critters” to “in the heads of critters”
Page 22 (The Wild Card), hyphenate “ever-present”
Page 22 (The Wild Card), change “in regards to” to “regarding”
Page 28 (Street-Level Beastkeeping), change “a pair of loyal hellhounds as both mascot and enforcement” to “a pair of loyal hell hounds as both mascots and enforcers”
Page 39 (Alligator Mentor Spirit), rewrite the description to be about the Mentor, not the follower: “Gator feels at home … Gator is ill-tempered and lazy … His virtuous aspects are … ” etc. (compare with mentor spirit descriptions in SR5).
Page 39 (Alligator Disadvantages), change “A follower of the alligator” to “A follower of Gator”
Page 39 (Boar), change “bear size weight” to “bear size and weight” (insert “and”)
Page 41 (Eagle), make the Eagle’s ground movement rates slower than metahumans (they’re swift in the air, not on their feet)
Page 41 (Elephant), change the running rate from “x18” to “x8
Page 41 (Elephant), swap the ratings for Clubs and Unarmed Combat (elephants shouldn’t be more proficient with improvised weapons than they are with their natural ones).
Page 41 (Elephant), add “+2 reach” to the details for the Natural Weapon power
Page 41 (Boar Mentor Spirit), rewrite the description to focus on the Mentor: “Boar is static … He keeps to a daily routine …” etc.
Page 42 (Giraffe Mentor Spirit), same thing: “Giraffe sees beyond the horizon … She seeks … Her followers may seem …” etc.
Page 43 (Dolphin Mentor Spirit), and again: “Dolphin is a graceful, free-spirited soul … She sees things optimistically … She is not naïve …” etc.
Page 43 (Whale Mentor Spirit), “Whale appreciates beauty … She holds personal honor …
Page 43 (Whale Disadvantages), change “followers of the whale” to “followers of Whale”
Page 43 (Whale Disadvantages), change “The Whale mentor spirit understands” to “Whale understands”
Page 44 (Domestic Cat), hyphenate “glow-in-the-dark”
Page 45 (Cockroach), change the ground movement multipliers to be slower than human (x1/x2/+1)
Page 45 (Crow), same thing: change the ground movement multipliers to be slower than human
Page 45 (Cosmetic sidebar), change “stripped giraffes” to “striped giraffes”
Page 45 (Flore-Pet sidebar), change “Fluorescence allows” to “Fluorescence enables”
Page 45 (Flore-Pet sidebar), change “is shined” to “shines”
Page 46 (Horse Mentor Spirit), revise the description to focus on the totem, not the follower: “Horse values freedom … He must be out … He is never … He does not like …” etc.
Page 46 (Horse Advantages), delete the parenthesis after “Craft”
Page 46 (Horse Advantages), change “May use the Movement critter power as a metamagic (self only, 3 times a day)” to “Increase movement rates to x3/x6/+3” (the critter power is NOT equivalent to 0.5 PP).
Page 46 (Raccoon Mentor Spirit), revise description to: “Raccoon would not call himself a thief. Maybe an entrepreneur. He is inquisitive and has … He is above petty theft …” etc.
Page 46 (Raccoon Disadvantages), change “The Raccoon is commonly one of the Thief totems” to “Raccoon is a mentor of thieves”
Page 47 (Spider Disadvantages), change “also have taken” to “also take”
Page 47 (Spider Disadvantages), change “shamas” to “shamans”
Page 51, change “cacophony” to “sound”
Page 51, hyphenate “roadie-ran”
Page 51, change “pounced him” to “pounced on him” (insert “on”)
Page 55 (Blood Monkey), change “Track (Smell) 4 (+2)” to “Track 4 (Smell +2)”
Page 73 (Snow Snake), change “stark white and tiny red eyes” to “stark white fur and tiny red eyes” (insert “fur”)
Page 76 (Volleying Porcupine), add to skills: “Exotic Ranged Weapon (Quills) 5”
Page 87 (Banshee), add to skills: “Assensing 4”
Page 87 (Dzoo-Noo-Qua), change “Aaawnsing 4” to “Assensing 4”
Page 92 (Amphora Mite), change “Climbing 6” to “Gymnastics 4 (Climbing +2)”
Page 95 (Flatworm Viper), change “impeded” to “embedded”
Page 96 (Glow Rat), hyphenate “projectile-vomit”
Page 98 (Killdeer), delete “inhabiting the city’s inhabitants”
Page 98 (Killdeer), change “breed pure” to “breed true”
Page 99 (Montauk), change “have led” to “has led”
Page 99 (Montauk), change “like its some” to “like it’s some” (insert apostrophe)
Page 99 (Neogargoyle), change “who have attempted” to “which have attempted”
Page 99 (Neogargoyle), change “the initial forming” to “the initial formation
Page 99 (Neogargoyle), change “the membrane of its wings” to “its wing membranes”
Page 99 (Neogargoyle), change “lose eyesight” to “loses eyesight”
Page 102 (Razorcat), hyphenate “live-captured”
Page 102 (Sea Leech), change “no two see leaches” to “no two sea leeches”
Page 102 (Sea Leech), change “I’ve seen a sea leech” to “I saw a sea leech”
Page 102 (Sea Leech), change “during the twins’ quake” to “during the Twins quakes”
Page 102 (Sea Leech), change “seek prey” to “hunt”
Page 104 (Shardik), change “anything they think” to “anything it thinks”
Page 106 (Void Wasp), change “its hive mind” to “their hive mind”
Page 106 (Void Wasp), change “painful ache” to “piercing stab”
Page 106 (Void Wasp), change “a foveae” to “a fovea” (singular)
Page 106 (Void Wasp), add “Flying” to the Movement line in the stat block
Page 107 (Void Wasp), delete “Running 8” from the Skills line in the stat block
Page 113 (Nibiinaabe), delete the duplicate “Weaknesses” section from the stat block
Page 116 (Anarch), change “After ny first encounter” to “After my first encounter”
Page 116 (Croki), change “its a common courtesy” to “it’s a common courtesy” (insert apostrophe)
Page 121 (Duende), change “preverbial” to “proverbial”
Page 124 (Green Man), change “impacted” to “affected”
Page 137 (Woog), change “putrefication” to “putrefaction”
Page 139, change “on the astral” to “on the astral plane” or “in astral space” (twice)
Page 149 (Technocritter Stats), change “are listed” to “is listed”
Page 149 (Technocritter Stats), add a footnote: “Technocritters have a minimum rating 1 in all Matrix attributes.”
Pages 151–152 (They eat the Matrix), change “because there is something or other always updates” to “because something or other always updates” (delete “there is”)
Page 152 (Beasts of Nowhere), change “protosapients stats” to “protosapients’ stats” (plural possessive)
Page 166, change “a hellhound stray” to “a hell hound stray” (insert space)
Page 166, change “Mundane cockatrice” to “Mundane cockatrices” (plural)
Page 166, change “we can built” to “we can change”
Page 166, change “every new generation model” to just “every new generation” (delete “model”)
Page 166, change “chimerics, warforms, and biodrones” to “chimeras, warforms, and biodrones” (“chimeric” is an adjective; “chimera” is the noun; i.e., a chimeric critter is a chimera)
Page 166, change “The name chimerics derives” to “the name ‘chimera’ derives”
Page 166, change “vermonasal organs” to “vomeronasal organ”
Page 166, change “The most visible of the chimerics” to “The most visible chimeras”
Page 167, change “there are certain pets that have” to “certain pets have”
Page 167, change “commercial chimerics” to “commercial chimeras”
Page 168, change “quails” to “quail,”
Page 169, hyphenate “cross-species”
Page 169, change “One thing to remember with chimerics” to “One thing to remember with chimeras”
Page 170, change “Chimerics are always sterile” to “Chimeras are always sterile”
Page 170, change “Costs for chimerics” to “Costs for chimeras”
Page 170 (Chimeric Modifications), add a sourcebook/page reference for “base creature cost”
Page 170 (Chimeric Modifications), change “untested new chimeric” to “untested new chimera”
Page 170 (Aquatic Adaptation), delete “between critters”
Page 170 (Aquatic Adaptation), change “net successes” to “net hits”
Page 170 (Balance Tail), lowercase “balance, climbing, gymnastics, free-fall, or jumping–related”
Page 170 (Biotoxin Alteration), hyphenate “toxin-producing”
Page 171 (Biotoxin Alteration), change “Conducting actions” to “Acting”
Page 171 (Biotoxin Alteration), change “suffer no penalties” to “are not affected”
Page 171 (Biotoxin Alteration), change “the negative modifier would apply” to “the Willpower (2) test would apply.”
Page 171 (Camouflage), change “Whether it is” to “Whether it has
Page 171 (Defensive Secretion), change “of the chimeric” to “of the chimera”
Page 171 (Echolocation), change “Visibility modifiers to Perception tests regardless of light conditions, even complete darkness” to “environmental modifiers for visibility or light conditions, even total darkness”
Page 171 (Enhanced Sense), hyphenate “Low-Light”
Page 171 (Enhanced Sense), change “Infrasonic Generator cyberware” to “infrasound generators”
Page 172 (Extra Head), change “Multi-headed chimerics” to “Multi-headed chimeras”
Page 172 (Gills), change “allowing them” to “allowing it”
Page 172 (Gills), change “added to chimerics” to “added to chimeras”
Page 172 (Ink Extrusion), change “under water” to “underwater” (remove space)
Page 172 (Ink Extrusion), change “an area covering a number of meters” to “a sphere with a radius in meters”
Page 172 (Natural Weapon), change “puts it on another” to “gives them to another.”
Page 172 (Proboscis), change “Exotic Melee Weapon (Trunk) skill (DV (STR – 1)P, Reach —, AP +1)” to “Unarmed Combat skill (DV (STR)S, Reach 0, AP 0).”
Page 173 (Quills), change “Exotic Melee Weapon (Quills) skill” to “Unarmed Combat skill”
Page 174 (Sugar Cat), change “Climbing 3” to “Gymnastics 1 (Climbing +2)”
Page 174 (The Genetic Kennel), change “Unlike chimerics, “ to “Unlike chimeras,”
Page 174 (The Genetic Kennel), change “Why even bother with chimerics?” to “Why even bother with chimeras?”
Page 174 (The Genetic Kennel), change “Chimerics were the first steps” to “Chimeras were the first steps”
Page 174 (The Genetic Kennel), change “new chimerics being made” to “new chimeras being made”
Page 175 (The Genetic Kennel), change “theatre” to “theater”
Page 175 (The Genetic Kennel), change “lèonized” to “Leónized”
Page 176 (The Genetic Kennel), change “hellhound” to “hell hound” (insert space) (twice)
Page 176 (Warform Modification), change “added to a warforms” to “added to a warform” (singular)
Page 177 (War Dolphin), add “swimming” to the movement line in the stat block
Page 177 (War Horse), change “to be tough, strong, have high endurance, and to be less skittish than other horses” to “to be tougher, stronger, hardier, and steadier than other horses.”
Page 178 (In the Belly of the Beast), hyphenate “cost-effective”
Page 179 (In the Belly of the Beast), change “ekylbene” to “ekyelebenle”
Page 179 (In the Belly of the Beast), hyphenate “harmless-looking
Page 180 (SkySpy), change the ground movement rates to be slower than human
Page 180 (Roachdrone), change the ground movement rates to be slower than human
Page 181 (Cybertooth Tiger), capitalize “Low-Light Vision”
Page 181 (Chameleon Pelt), change “blend in to” to “blend into”
Page 181 (CAST), change “A target marked as a target by the rigger” to “A target marked by the rigger”
Page 181 (sidebar), change “their claws” to “its claws”
Page 181 (sidebar), change “It replaces those claws and changes the damage” to “They replace those claws and change the damage”
Page 181 (sidebar), change “Spurs are unable to be used” to “Spurs cannot be used”
Page 182 (Orientation Goad), change “integral” to “integrated”
Page 182 (Stirrup Interface), hyphenate “large-scale”
Page 182 (SEIES), change “(SEIS)” to “(SEIES)”
Page 182 (TRACES), change “complimentary” to “complementary”
Page 183 (Training), hyphenate “time-consuming”
Page 183 (Step 2), change “Chimerics tend to be erratic” to “Chimeras tend to be erratic”
Page 183 (Step 2), change “Chimerics should increase” to “They should increase”
Page 184 (Step 5), change “a higher Body or Strength than you will attempt to attack the trainer,” to “a higher Body or Strength than its trainer will attack,”
Page 184 (Step 5), change “the new skill” to “the new trick”
Page 184–185 (SEIES Training), change “SEIS” to “SEIES” (four times)
Page 185 (Trigger Training), change “but most most commonly used triggers” to “but the most common triggers”
Page 185 (Critter Earphones), change “giver verbal commands” to “give verbal commands”
Page 185 (Critter Goggles), change “and to protect the eyes” to “and protecting the eyes”
Page 185 (Sensor Collar), change “information to the handler of the animal’s surroundings” to “information about the animal’s surroundings”
Page 186 (Armor sidebar), change “CRITTERS WEARING ARMOR” to “WEARING CRITTER ARMOR”
Page 186 (Ghost Hounds), change “perceive the astral” to “perceive astral space.”
Page 186 (Critter Cyberpsychosis), change “The augmentations performed on a creature have proven to be too much for a critter,” to “The critter’s augmentations prove to be too much for it,”
Page 186 (Precarious Physiology), change “the chimeric’s body” to “the critter’s body”
Page 188 (Adaptive Coloration), change “the critter gains a bonus to not be spotted” to “the critter is more difficult to spot.”
Page 188 (Adaptive Coloration), I strongly suggest changing “Magic Rating x 2” and “Intuition x 2” to just “Magic Rating” and “Intuition” respectively. Double the rating is too much.
Page 188 (Adaptive Coloration), change “theormographic” to “thermographic” (or “low-light,” because why would adaptive coloration affect body heat?)
Page  188 (Agony), delete “This doubling is calculated after any pain resistance or similar abilities are applied.”
Page 188 (Alienate), change “security guard’s Club tests” to “security guards’ Club tests” (plural possessive)
Page 188 (Control Focus), change “only by used by (critter’s Force)” to “only be used for (critter’s Magic)”
Page 190 (Elemental Effects Table), add Pollutant, Radiation, and Water from Street Grimoire (p.105).
Page 192 (Ghost Chain), change “is a connection of” to “connects”
Page 192 (Ghost Chain), change “they have some mental delusion making them believe they have an attachment to it” to “they have some delusional attachment to it”
Page 193 (Pestilence Disease sidebar), change “and pass to other living beings” to “and can be passed to other living beings.”
Page 194 (Secretion/Substance Extrusion), change “the length of its twice its body length” to “up to twice its body length”
Page 194 (Shift [Dracoform]), change “a number of rounds” to “a number of Combat Turns
Page 194 (Shift [Dracoform]), change “unresisted each round” to “unresisted each turn
Page 194 (Wall Walking), change “the Climbing skill” to “the Gymnastics skill” or “the Climbing specialization of the Gymnastics skill”
Page 195 (E-Hive), change “within signal range” to “within line of sight” or “within 100 meters”
Page 195 (Spraying), change “often makes visitors” to “often make visitors”
Page 195 (Venomous Code), change “some critter’s ability” to “some critters’ ability” (plural possessive)
Page 195 (Venomous Code), change “or mot” to “or not.”
Page 195 (Venomous Code), change “Speed: 1” to “Speed: 1 Combat Turn”

General note: Many paranormal critters from previous editions were mentioned by name in this book but not given any stats, such as merlin hawks, bonzo parrots, and blackberry cats (p.11); rockworms and mermaids (p.13); megalodons and krakens (p.20); woolly mammoths and wyverns (p.21); blood kites, eyekillers, stormcrows, Sangre del Diablo, and wyrd mantises (p.26); gloaming owls (p.27); quicksilver mongoose, talis cat, and incubus (p.28); bombardier (p.93); and ekyelebenle (p.179). These should be prioritized for the next supplement. You could call it Growling Shadows! … to be followed by Snarling Shadows, then Roaring Shadows, then … Please just take my money.


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Please just take my money.

Maybe they should give you some, instead of taking yours ^^
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Did you make a price list, too? :)
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Please just take my money.

Maybe they should give you some, instead of taking yours ^^

+1 from me too

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Missing critter power: "Substance Extrusion (Ink)," listed for squid (pg 43) and taser squid (pg 173).
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just got my German copy of Howling Shadows and there is good news: Pegasus included prices and availability as well as necessary lifestyle

Eagle 12F 7500¥ High
Alligator 6R 300¥ Middle
Ferret - 250¥ Middle
Goldfish - 2¥ Squatter
House Cat - 50¥ Squatter
Dog (cloned) - 75¥ Low
Horse 4 2000 Luxury
Chimpanzee 12R 20000¥ Luxury
Snake (non-venomous) - 100¥ Low
Boar 10 400¥ High

Abrams Lobster 14F 7000¥ High
Agropelter 12F 5000¥ High
Bandit 8R 2000¥ Low
Bear 16F 9000¥ Luxury
Barghest 15R 11000¥ High
Basilisk 14R 40000¥ Middle
Blood Monkey 16F 10000¥ Luxury
Volleying Porcupine 8R 1000¥ High
Demon Rat (only Alpha) 22F 30000¥ High
Unicorn 12R 8000¥ Luxury
Elephant 12F 55000¥ Luxury
Fenrir Wolf 10F 14000¥ Middle
Gomatia 8 5000¥ Middle
Great Cat 12R 5000¥ High
Hellhound 15R 10000¥ High
Horned Bear 13R 50000¥ Luxury
Mantikor 16F 40000¥ Luxury
Ozian Baboon 13R 65000 Luxury
Pegasus 12F 5000 Luxury
Peryton 10R 45000 Luxury
Phoenician Birds 17F 70000¥ High
Piasma 18F 80000¥ Luxury
Greater Wolverine 18F 46000¥ Luxury
Roc 9R 11500¥ High
Shadowhound 8R 3000¥ High
Snow Snake 8R 3000¥ High
Cockatrice 10R 3500¥ High
Sea Lion 12R 6000¥ Luxury
Devil Rat 6R 300¥ Squatter
Deathrattle 14F 22000¥ High
Deathspiral Butterfly 8F 500¥ Low
Wolf 12R 1000¥ Middle
Cerberus 20F 80000¥ Luxury
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"Adding prices just isn't what the book is for."  - Someone who was wrooooong.

Uncalled for salt aside, that's awesome.  Thanks!  Any information on the cost of the Warform modification?
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Jeeze.  It would almost sound stupid until you realize we're talking about an immortal elf clown sword fighting a dragon ghost in a mall.


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That aside many thanks Jack_Spade.

I like spreadsheets.
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« Reply #38 on: <02-26-17/0700:09> »
Any information on the cost of the Warform modification?

Nope, sorry. Warforms have no additional info as far as I can see
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