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Title: Emulation
Post by: &#24525; on <01-14-17/2043:37>
When an AI performs a legal matrix action through emulation, does it or does it not start/add to their OS?
Title: Re: Emulation
Post by: jackiepaper on <03-13-17/1926:22>
It does not start/add OS.

GOD and the corps arenít completely against emulation since it doesnít seem to impact the performance of their grids or any connected devices, but theyíre quick to punish Matrix Entities that use emulation for criminal activity. AIs are allowed to use emulation for legal actions on the public grid without accumulating an Overwatch Score. This courtesy is also extended to AIs with legal access to certain grids and hosts. The mark needed to enter a host counts as legal access, but provoking convergence makes any form of emulation illegal. Emulating on a grid where the AI doesnít have a Lifestyle or SIN-based access is illegal.
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Title: Re: Emulation
Post by: &#24525; on <03-14-17/0322:11>
Quote from: DT 154
The AI performs a Matrix action using grid or host power to emulate essential hardware. The AI chooses a Matrix Action to perform and a rating for the appropriate attribute. The chosen rating is immediately added to the AIís Overwatch Score.