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Waving goodbye to the gathered shadowrunners, for now at least.  Amy had clung to Maxwell's arm as they walked down hallways of the facility.  Her head resting comfortably on his shoulder.  As soon as they were out of eye shot of everyone else, an errant hand of hers creeps down towards the mage's waistline.  Blindly slipping inside his pants.  Her fingers nimbly traced and retraced, grasping and holding Maxwell's stiffening clothed manhood.  Making it difficult to walk and look for a private room where they could share and enjoy each other's company before the sun's advance crowned itself in the sky.  Through a window in a nearby door he spots a small, cozy office.  Renovated with a cushioned chair and a metallic desk fitted with a computer terminal.  Recently cleaned carpet lined the floor and in the corner sat a large leather sofa.  Taking Amy's hand out his pants, Maxwell guides her into the room with him.  Shutting the door behind him so they could enjoy themselves without being disturbed.

The two embraced one another in a passionate kiss the moment the door closed.  His tongue erotically danced inside of her mouth.  Her lips magnetized in sexual bliss to his.  Both of them began to undress one another.  Amy gracefully shreds off Maxwell's black armor and shirt.  Followed by unfastening his belt that kept his pants tied in place.  His jeans fell to the ground with nothing to hold them up now.  Revealing his pale hide underneath.  In turn, he helped her unzip out of the chameleon suit that snugly entrapped her body.  Her athletic form much more pronounced now that it wasn't hidden behind the contours of the stealth suit.  Amy wore a lacy blue bra and same colored panties beneath.  Supporting her breasts in place.  With a quick behind-the-back motion, she unties her bra and exposes her perky breasts to him.  Maxwell stops undressing her for a minute to comment about how beautiful she looks.  The shy vampire giggles affectionately from the compliment.  Her cheeks blushing as she takes him in hand to sit down on the sofa.

Kneeling between his legs, she seductively pulls down his briefs.  Letting loose his thickening member that engorged with lust.  Smiling, she playfully begins nursing the sex organ.  Starting small by simply kissing and licking the glands before moving further down the shaft.  Amy looks directly into Maxwell's eyes as she milks her boyfriend.  Her own sparkling with an intense Stygian love.  Maxwell combed through her hair as he held her head that continued to bob in place.  Savoring the touch of her hair that corkscrewed around his fingers.  And that of her lips and tongue that moved in silky swirls.  He could feel butterflies in his heart as swathes of mounting pleasure built up inside of himself.  Amy made this nebulous act even sexier by letting out erotic vocal sounds as she suckled him vigorously.  Bringing him closer to the edge of orgasmic relief.  Noticing he was about to cum, Amy grinned with felicity and orally took his erection even deeper.  Her cute button nose hitting the base of his nethers.  In a burst of ecstasy the mage orgasm.  Flooding Amy's mouth like a broken dam.  She pulls herself off of him and salaciously swallows his love.

Maxwell was breathing heavily due to the pleasure that crisscrossed his body like a faulty power grid.  He kept each breath as quiet as he could so that he wouldn't interrupt the romance of the moment.  Now it was his turn to please his lover.  Pulling Amy to sit on top of him, he guides her luscious hips downward.  While she was fellating him she had already removed her panties.  Her petals glistened with silvery strands of honey.  Creating a delicious, heavenly scent.  Amy eagerly tries to mount Maxwell's still erect manhood.  Beginning by trying to push it slowly headfirst between her gorgeous lower lips.  Once through she shifts her entire weight and slides down to take it all in at once.  With the tip striking her cervix very, very hard.  Eliciting a powerful orgasm straight away from the decker.  Causing her to moan loudly into Maxwell's ears and for her vaginal walls to tighten even more.  Vampirism, whether a blessing or a curse, could enhance one's sense to new extremes.  And in this case, extreme endless pleasure.  Amy continued to grind and ride Maxwell.  Kissing, licking, sucking and fucking one another endlessly.  Orgasm after orgasm to be experienced and shared.
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Simone chuckles at Kynos' words. "Yeah, I sort of got that he isn't into me.  It's pretty hard to compete with someone who looks that pretty and is an exotic vampire to boot.  Probably no need for resting.  Of course, whatever he is doing with her right now is probably not helping him heal any and I will have to pick up the pieces.  But I do disagree with you on a couple of points.  Some people are worth heading to hell for; the trick is finding that person..  I could have been that girl, maybe.  As it is, he has made a choice and that ship has sailed.  It was fun while it lasted, but in the end he turned out to be much like the other men I have been interested in.  Sad, that, and I guess it says something about me and my ability to pick lovers.  Here, let me finish hooking you up."

Simone watches the man as he struggles to stay awake.  Her German is good enough that she can understand the words to the song and she leans over him and whispers, more to herself than to him, but it could apply to either. "Rest Easy, Krieger. Ich wache über Sie stehen und halten Sie sicher. Es wird noch mehr Monster zu töten, wenn sie aufwachen. Lassen Sie mich Ihnen heilen"  She traces the scars on his body and wonders at the life he must have led to be so marked, especially the ones that appear to have been self-inflicted.  Shaking her head, she pats his arm and watches as the drugs finally take hold of him and he falls asleep.  She pulls a stool over so that she can sit beside him, on watch, as it were, keeping him safe and healing him for the next time.

At one point shortly after Kynos falls asleep, he thrashes about a bit, much as if remembering some fight he has been in.  Simone reaches out and takes one of his hands in hers and whispers a song in German to him to calm him down.  Some part of his subconscious must hear her and he settles back to sleep, gripping her hand hard enough to have hurt if her bones were not laced with titanium.  She places her other hand on top of his and continues to softly sing to him in German.  Not that anyone with a good ear would call it singing, but it does seem to have an effect on Kynos and that is good enough for now.  And who else is listening anyway?

[spoiler]"Rest easy, warrior.  I will stand watch over you and keep you safe.  There will be more monsters to slay when you wake.  Let me heal you."[/spoiler]

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One hour it is.

Kynos awoke with a jolt. There had been a dream. He couldn't remember what it had been about, but it was important. His wife and children had been there, or had they? Still a bit groggy but less so by the second he consulted his bio-monitor. Unsurprisingly, his nephritic screen had been busy scrubbing whatever Simone had given him, leaving only a bad taste in his mouth. Yet his body had used the pause to repair itself. The contusions were already fading and even his lower arms only showed a red welt instead of a cut.
Kynos finally opened his eyes completely. The light felt searingly bright but he welcomed the pain. When you got down to it, feeling pain was inextricably linked to being alive.
Kynos got up and rummaged through one of the med bay's drawers until he found what he was looking for: A sealed one use scalpel. Kynos fished the sharp blade from it's cover and looked it over critically. It would do. The cold steel lightly tracked the ups and downs of his scars, leaving a tingling sensation in their wake. The actual cut came as a surprise. The blade was to sharp to really hurt. It was the welling blood that did the trick. Kynos breathed out, realizing that he had actually been holding his breath. Seeing his own blood filled him with relieve. He was alive and it was still himself that had woken up.
Where before he had felt like a balloon traveling steadily upwards just to explode in the stratosphere, ne now felt grounded again and in control. Before the blood had a chance to flow to far, he had grabbed the little can to his right and applied a fast hardening spray band aid. A few wraps of bandages and it was under control again.

Time to take a look around for any spoils of war that his current employers weren't particularly entitled to. He suited up and began to look for the armory...
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Simone watches over her patient as he sleeps.  He finally relaxes enough to let go of her hand and she flexes her grip and shakes the blood back into her fingers.  She has been paying close attention to the biomonitor and sees that Kynos is making good progress, which allows her to take a much needed bathroom break.  After a last check, she walks off to the restroom on this level.  She is delayed for a few minutes and returns to find Kynos up and putting his armor back on.  She watches him from the door but makes no move to interrupt, allowing him to do this himself, reasoning that he would have waited for her to help him if head wanted any from her. 

Simone moves into the infirmary after Kynos steps out through the other exit.  She goes about putting things away, noticing the bloody scalpel and the can of spray sealer and some unused bandages that had not been there when she had left.  She looks in the direction he had gone and shakes her head, muttering to herself. "So he is still cutting himself.  I wonder why, but he is so closed off that he will never tell me.  I am not a mental doctor so I am unqualified to help him."  She shrugs her shoulders and continues cleaning up and then, since no one else has come to visit her, she hooks herself up to one of the beds and lies back to heal her own injuries and ponder her own problems.
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