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>>>>> [Ya know, just before the board went down, I was hearing about an Azzie covert ops . . . unit? player? . . . in town supposedly about those sniper shots. No claims on those too, that I've heard.]

-- Longshot (08:08:51/06-17-79)

The Wyrm Ouroboros:
>>>>>[ If you are speaking about the sniper shots, those were me - as I have previously stated.
          The extraplanar walkabout had a couple of annoying twists, but it is pleasing to see what results one can get when one has achieved a certain reputation, for competence, courtesy, and ruthlessness. ]<<<<<
          -- Shugyōsha (12:41:08/07-16-2079)

>>>>> [Nah, the Azzie whoever-it-is was supposedly in town to chase down the sniper. Could be complete drek - usual shadow rumour. On the other hand . . . forewarned, forearmed, all that noise.] <<<<<

-- Longshot (07:18:50/07-17-79)

>>>>>[I was going to put something asking about strangest opposition combinations ever seen, but I have no idea if it'll get read. Seriously, anybody out there keeping an eye on this board?!]<<<<<

-- Longshot

>>>>> [ It has been very quiet up here, that's for sure.  But with all the problems the board has had in the past months, not really all that much of a surprise.  Maybe now people will start coming back. ] <<<<<

-- Black Panther (13:28:11/03-28-80)


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