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The Wyrm Ouroboros:
>>>>>[ There was.  They interfered; they are no longer amongst the living, or even the intact.  That one of the targets on the 27th worked for Horizon ... I will presume was immaterial to my purposes.  Otherwise my list will get longer instead of shorter.
          One more to go here.  Mirikon, if you can ask the woman whom I took diving with the meistersingers if she's available for the next month, I would ask the same of you.  One of my targets is extraplanar. ]<<<<<
          -- Shugyōsha (18:41:52/04-29-2079)

>>>>>[I have passed your request on. There are some... scheduling conflicts she is attempting to resolve, but will contact you if she becomes free. As for myself, I am afraid that it would be contrary to my standing in the spirit world if I aided in the permanent termination of a spirit, especially a free spirit. As a follower of a possession tradition, I hope you understand that I must always work for positive relations with the astral community. If your purpose is not the permanent slaying of the spirit, then I am agreeable to aiding you. Even if otherwise, if the spirit poses a grave enough threat to the worlds, then I may agree. Message me in private, if you are willing to share information on the target.]<<<<<

--Iceblade (22:34:23/04-29-2079)

>>>>> [ . . . . I was going to suggest that part of the objective is about the people likely to replace the assassinated targets in their (former) positions, but that tidbit about an extraplanar target sort of upsets that theory. Maybe. I'm not up on astral/metaplanar give-and-take, so someone with better info can perhaps fill in a blank or two. That said, Shugyōsha has apparently done legwork sufficient for his purposes, as well as whoever else is looking through scopes recently.] <<<<<

-- Longshot (14:20:42/04-30-79)

>>>>> [ I hope Shugyōsha as an exit strategy.  He's gone to be enemy number one at more than one megacorp.  I know Horizon doesn't take it well when a Dawkins team dissapears. ] <<<<<

-- Black Panther (22:32:15/04-30-79)

The Wyrm Ouroboros:
>>>>>[ Then they should not send their teams into a situation with which they are unfamiliar - or permit their teams to initiate an engagement against a superior opponent.  If, after receiving the assembled dossier, the Consensus is in agreement with the actions of their employee, then my life and the existence and liberty of my Bonded are all in critical jeopardy.  While I will not initiate engagement on this matter, should they do so, I will take it as a declaration of intent, and expand my engagement portfolio accordingly.
          And then Horizon will have a significant change in leadership, because the members of the Consensus are neither as anonymous nor as invulnerable as they believe themselves to be.
          I trust, however, that their examination of the dossier will permit them to acknowledge that her actions were unwarranted, and disavow them as being unbecoming of Horizon support.  This has been the reaction at every other significant megacorporation with which my targets have been associated.  It helps that I was not the initiator of the crime, and that their eliminations are ... justice.
          One moment.
          ** Feed Break: 36s. **
          There; finished for Seattle.  I always knew he'd try to run, I just hadn't been certain as to when.
          Mirikon, your reputation is something I'm counting on to assist us with reinforcements; you can have the rescue mission part.  Your wife and I should be able to handle the entity in question, who is to blame for imprisoning, and attempting eradication of, the 'close acquaintance' I brought to your wedding - the 'young person with a very old soul', as the Wyrm put it.  You get to rescue her; your wife and I will make the point to any who care to learn about it that such actions among others of their own kind are Not Tolerated. So at the end of it, you might improve in status. For myself, I'm willing to take any potential damage to my reputation in order to effect her rescue and the destruction of the one who has captured, imprisoned, and tortured her. ]<<<<<
          -- Shugyōsha (23:58:52/04-30-2079)


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