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>>>>>[This takes me back to the day. I wish I could find some of the old crew. I could use some of that professionalism these days.]<<<<<
--Wayfinder (23:10:52/09-05-72)

>>>>>[Just came back from a midnight run to the Stuffer Shack and McHugh's. Some damn fool street gang tried to hold the Shack up while I was there. Led to a firefight between them, me and some other 'concerned citizens. I swear it's gonna take me a week to wash the blue goo out of my dreads.
     Ever happen to anyone else?]<<<<<
     -- Bear (01:17:29/09-06-72)

>>>>>[It's funny, Bear.  I've been doing this for over 20 years, and almost every runner has a story about when they were first starting out, and how some drekhead gangers tried to rob a Stuffer Shack, leading to a firefight.]<<<<<
     -- MacCallister (10:43:16/09-06-72)

>>>>>[I don't get it.  Why rob the place?  They don't usually carry physical currency these days, do they?]<<<<<
     -- GnuB (10:45:43/09-06-72)

>>>>>[It depends.  They occasionally have some actual Corp Scrip lying around, and even more rarely some UCAS Dollars.  More often than not though, they're just there for the thrill and maybe to snag some Nuke-Em Burgers and some cheap booze.]<<<<<
     -- MacCallister (10:45:43/09-06-72)

>>>>>[It might be some sort of right of passage among the gangs too.]<<<<<
     -- KageZero (12:01:34/09-06-72)

>>>>>[Whoa, ancient code here. Anyway, got jumped at a stuffer shack last week, barely got out with my tail intact. No idea how many gangers needed to take me, but saw how many they were gonna use.]<<<<<
     -- Tekdrake (23:42:34/09-06-72)


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