Whiskey tears

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   Whiskey tears Part 1

As the sun begins to set on the Emerald's city majestic skyline. Some of the world's best liars cheaters and thiefs sit in their monolithic man made monstrosities. The swindlaire's scheming their next venture while sipping on vintage bourbon and brandy. Watching all the busy wage slaves toil, like tiny ants caught in kaleidoscope of neon signs and colorful AR windows.

Far below these elite, the streets hustle and bustle with drones people and cars. All in a hurry to play the only rat race that's free. Lighting up the twilight like fiber optic cables coiled around an around again. Pumping their very own life blood into the cold dead cybernetic heart called Seattle. Below these sheepleistic pedestrians hooves another world exists. It has its own rules of survival. A world one can sometimes hear if you put a ear against a floor..   
Grunts and howls followed by cheers could be heard echoing through tunnels down in the underground. A large loose pack of young teenage Orks shuffle around barrel fires, while manic shadows cascade off the old brick walls. The Tunnel Rats eagerly watch the battle of supremacy that's orchestrating its violence upon the new leader Topper and the younger challenger Ray. Both combatants are bloodied and fatigued, after four long minutes of this brutal no holds barred fight. Each of them are completely drained fighting on sheer will and the fumes of spent energy reserves.
Ray dodges a right cross ducking low, but catches an elevated knee to the face. His nose explodes with blood has he doubles backwards, hitting the ground hard. Had enough yet runt! yells Topper as he kicks Ray hard in the stomach while the crowd cheers. Ray receives two more kicks before grabbing Topper's left leg and chomping down hard on his calf. Quickly with out a moment to loose Ray drives his left forearm straight up hitting Topper hard in the balls. Topper squats over in raw pain while Ray on one knee, now raises with a furious uppercut catching Topper perfectly underneath his jaw. Spit and blood flew out from Toppers mouth as he crumples to the ground, like a soda can being crushed. Ray dives on Topper's back desperately fishing to get his arm under Topper's neck while violently swinging his right fist into Topper's head. As his hold sinks deep, Ray leaned back arching Topper's head up further and further. The crowd draws silent all listening for the words.. finally Topper cries out I Give!I Give!.. Let me go!

Tired and exhausted Ray lets go. Grabbing the bandana off Topper's crown then rolls off his back crawling away trying to get up, but cant seem to coordinate his feet enough to stand. Meanwhile the mob mentality stirs as a feeding frenzy of intense emotions. Shoving and yelling abruptly while a barrel is kicked over skittering hot coals everywhere. A majority of the pack is pissed about the upset that just happened. Two dark figures dart forth out of the crowd towards Ray. Scooping him up under his arms and dragging his small but stocky frame into the light of a barrel fire. Ray's grass green dreads hung in his face, pasted in blood. His body hung limp in the arms of his comrads. His fifteen year old face was so busted up and swollen his own mother probably couldn't tell it was her son. A booming voice out of the bickering crowd called out "Raise him up you fraggin trogs! He won fair and took the crown." With that they hoisted him on their shoulders   

"I am the winner of this fight!" Blood poured from Ray's busted nose. "You all heard him give up!" Pointing a finger to the loser grasping the bandana in his fist as though his life depended on it. The crowd finally falls silent once again. "I won, I pick the last challenge tomorrow! We will see who will lead us then. When the Sun is full in the sky, I pick the challenge!" Slamming his fist against his bare chest. With Ray's last bit of energy spent, he passed out in the hands of the Tunnel Rats.
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         Whiskey Tears part 2
Choker slowly made his way down an old elevator service ladder cursing most of the way down. Grumbling something about his big black hoop and how its always send Choker this, send Choker for that. His small electric lamp dangling off the side of his blue backpack to light his way. Bitching every time the lamp hit his ass. Once he reached the top of the derelict elevator he brushed his urban camo pants down and bitched some more when he relized he was just spreading the gunk from his hands to his pants. Choker peered through the emergency hatch and seen Ray curled up inside,sleeping like a baby.

"Come on Ray, get up we are going to be late its almost noon get up." Ray opened one eye painfully struggling to open his left eye but it was swollen shut. He immediately checked his head for the bandana he won yesterday, he still had his crown. "Damn it Choker, I can barley open my eyes." as he rolled over to his other side to look at Choker and turned on his flashlight. Choker was a couple years older then Ray. They been friends since they both were little growing up in the underground. Their Dads being friends and occasionally worked together. Hell after all they been through together they were practically cousins. "I feel like I was thrown under a buss, broa" said Ray in a groan. "Yea you should see the other guy, looks like he was hit by a scooter" quipped Choker. "I am in no mood for your jokes Choker." said Ray in a stern voice. Choker unzipped his backpack and begun rummaging through it. "Have you ate'n today? I just snagged some grub for you. Got ya two buzz cola's hope you like diet and.. oh take this sub I ate half, but you look like you need it more then I do." "Thanks broa", ray said in a grateful voice. 

"Yea don't mention it, I'll take some rank when you become leader," said Choker with a toothy grin. "Yea maybe" whined Ray. Choker face drew a frown and quickly said "Alright then give me back the sub loser." There was a pause then Choker asked, "So why did you want to be took'n here last night anyway? Of all the bolt holes, this one gives me the creeps." "Its not so bad Choker, its quiet and you don't have to worry about rats or bugs really." "So you wanted to be alone or something?" Choker asked inquisitively. "Naw broa I hid something here yesterday before the fight check, this out." Ray pops the tab on the cola and chugs it down then reaches over to his scrunched up Tunnel Rat jacket that doubled as his pillow. Pulling out a Ares predator. "Whoa nice sheen broa,said Choker." "Where did you get it?" "My old man's. He gave it to my Moms but I snagged it from her hiding place." Ray's face hurt to bad to smile but made an attempt anyway. "Wait.. whoa, whoa your going to dust Topper" Choker said gingerly. "Naw man, the gang would turn on me if I gunned him down like that. Its for the challenge, relax man. Let me scarf this sub down broa and we will head topside and make are way to the meet."

Choker and Ray turned the corner. Some last minute stragglers were making their way inside an abandon building over on the east side where the meet up was taking place. They both looked over at each other simultaneously and started jogging to the building. They rushed inside and it was turbulent sea of Tunnel Rats. If it wasn't for the gang colors and Tunnel Rat jackets one could swear it was a ork hobo convention. A plethora of crazy hair styles musty body odors an a haze of cancer stick smoke over everyone's heads. It was getting worse as they made their way to the packed stairwell. What transpired yesterday was on everyone's minds and tongues. The Tunnel Rats were all worked up about who was gonna lead the gang. A bottle explodes against a wall, bits of glass showering the stair well. Topper stood surrounded by his loyal guard of Tunnel Rats, obviously pissed off about yesterday.

"Its time!" yelled Topper. "Where is he.. where's the little trog?" Ray made his way up the steps with Choker right behind him. "So what's the challenge runt uh,what's it gonna be?" said Topper fuming mad after seeing Ray's face and him wearing the bandana. Ray stood a step down from Topper and just eye balled him for a moment. They were both Mexican decent and both looked like they had the holy hell beat out of them but that's where the similarities ended. They were as different as night and day. Topper was tall and lanky even for a ork, and Ray being the total opposite. Topper's long blue hair was braided and hung sloppy under his ratty leather top hat, hence his nickname. Ray turned to the crowd and said "We gonna see who can get the most stuff for the gang by 3' today." Topper laughed, "Oh and I am gonna trust you, your Dad's a mule smuggling is his thing. Cheat your little hoop off ya will wit his help. No deal!" the crowd begins to bicker loudly. "Quiet!" Ray says over and over trying to get the crowd to settle down, finally the crowd became passive.

Then Ray spoke, "Naw when I say stuff I mean food and money nothing else counts." The crowd cheered. Ray tried to smile, but decided not to it stung to much. His plan was working, he knew Topper would try to get out of it. That's because Topper talked the talk but when it came to actually leading, he couldn't lead a wino to a liquor store that was across the street. Topper's face was blank but had a hint of panic just under the surface. "Ya and I am sure your gonna go cry to daddy for help." Rays demeanor was calm despite Topper trying to agitate him. "Naw Topper, we got to bring the stuff here for it to be counted up amongst us. If the place gets hot then we will split it up back at the tunnels." Topper was took back at Ray's plan and was searching his mind for something anything to get him off the hook. He knew the little up starter had a plan. Before he could actually say something Ray through his fist straight up and held it there. Then Ray spoke, "What do you all think! You all want to eat and get some money today?" The Tunnel Rats in unison chanted Ray! over and over.

Finally Topper had a counter plan "Alright listen up orks, listen up I agree its a good challenge but, pausing briefly for effect, we need to make sure its fair, am I right?" The crowd in unison "YA" "So here is the deal, both of us will pick one roller we want at our side, then each of us will pick one to go with the opposite crew. Sound fair Tunnel Rats?"Topper said smirking matched by Ray actually smiling at this whole fiasco. This left a uneasy filling in the pit of Topper's stomach. Topper quickly picked Curley as his roller. Everyone knew Curley was a B&E specialist and one of the top money makers in the gang. Ray picked Choker, much to Chokers surprise. Ray picked Motor Mouth like his name he never shuts up and knew it would piss off Topper the most to work with. Topper's face was priceless like he just drank a full swig of urine. With out even trying to fix his face in a loud voice picked Wart for Ray. Even the crowd giggled for that one. Wart was a towering, slow white boy ork who was constantly revered to himself in third person. If touched in the head was putting it mildly Wart was fondled and about as subtle as trying to play a synthesizer with a sledge hammer.             

As the three orks walked out of the building and across the street. They kept their mouths shut never, saying anything. Choker was the first to break the awkward silence. "You know he's going to cheat Ray, he's not going to let you take the gang from him so easy." Yea I know dat broa. "So what's da plan Ray?" Wart grumbled. Look Wart I know you like my sister and all so if you just do what ya told. I'll hook ya up an put in a good word, but its up to her if she goes out witcha. Wart face was ecstatic, Really! You mean it Ray? Wart an ya sista an everythin? Ray shot Wart a look that could dry paint and Wart calmed down. Ok here's the plan Ray said confidently, clasping his hands together. I got three robberies planned out. "Wart Robberies?" Wart said gingerly, but after seeing the looks Wart got Wart decided that Wart wasn't going to ask them anything more.
Ray continued "Were going to snatch up Roach and act like we kidnapped him from Q-mart so we can use his van." You sure he's going to be down with dat broa? "Ya me and him planned this robbery out, he's down. Besides he wants his van boosted for da insurance. After that we scratch another place off da list then drop the van off wit da stuff at the spot." "Yea but that will make da spot hot Ray?" Choker asked. "Yea dats part of da plan doe broa." "Everyone's gonna have to leave da spot with the stuff. "That means Topper might get picked up trying to drop somethin off, at the very least it will make it hard for him to steal in that area." After the plan was given the three orks picked up their pace and made their way to the Q-mart.
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Good stuff Legion, please keep posting.
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       Whiskey tears part 3
They made their way, moving through one bad neighborhood after another. Shells of cars and dilapidated houses dotted the landscape. Depravity and depression hung thick in the air slow dragging everything down toward oblivion.  Dealers and prostitutes worked from their little fiefdoms selling their wares,while others shuffled amidst the graffiti, acting as street signs in a places that had none. No one was a victim here, just a volunteer in this section of town. Choker Ray and Wart were constantly on the look out for rivals.  As they came around a corner Choker noticed someone following them. Hey Ray i think we got a tail. You peep who it be? Naw broa just noticed them. What ya want to do? Will cut down this next alley as a short cut, Q-mart is just across the street.They froze dead in their tracks when they turned left into the alley. A collodge of dirty tents and makeshift shelters choked what little room there was in the  skuzzy alley. Oh drek, yo this tent city wasn't here a few days ago said choker. "Let's make our way just stay close." replied Ray while pulling his Ares predator from the small of his back. Ray quickly stuffed it inside his jacket under his left arm for easy access. They pressed forward down the alley it smelled of human refuse and old garbage. Hacking coughs and low whispers were coming from veiled denizens held tight in the make shift encampments. Some called out for food and water while others tried offering explicit acts for drugs.

"This is creeping me out", whispered Choker. We are almost out replied Ray. Suddenly, a very large Troll stood up collapsing his shelter all around him. He stood menacing towering over them. Matted dirty hair strung down to a nasty scar that ran across his chest he had held a small car's axle for a weapon. Ray pulled his Predator from his jacket a few more denizens got up blocking their escape from the alley. Choker pulled his two knifes as Wart dropped his stance ready wrestle the Troll. It was to late they were surrounded no escape. This is my alley you don't belong here spouted the huge Troll. Ray had his Predator pointed at the troll "Look, we are just passing through, move or I start blasting" Said ray as pulled the hammer back with his thumb. What's that gonna do tickle me said the Troll. Sickly laughs and coughs were heard all around them. Alright lets cut a deal said Ray, has he reached into his front jacket pocket pulled out a messy wad of corp script and dropped it on the ground at his feet and quickly stepped on it. "What sorta deal" the troll said with a raised eye brow. "Fifty scrilla for you and yours to let us pass, no negotiations money or holes,your choice. Are you fragging stupid Ray your gonna give fifty scrilla to these mother fraggers, are you serious! said choker in complete disbelief. Deal said the troll with his powerful voice his eyes staring at Rays foot. Your fragging stupid Ray just blast him. "Shut, up, Choker", Ray said in a calm voice. You guys move out of out of our way so we can jet. The troll motioned them to move with a wave of his arm still eye balling Rays foot. Ray yelled "Run!" All three beat feet out of the alley trying dodge a hail of bottles and junk being thrown at them a loud and very pissed off troll screamed Nooo! Throwing his make shift club at Ray, missing him by centimeters and skidding across the street washed in sparks.
All three hauled hoop across the street as if a hell hound was chasing them. Choker was still cussing Ray out, as he opened the door to Q-mart when the door advertisement sounded off.  Ray just barley got the predator back in his jacket when he stepped inside behind Choker. Wart came in a moment after Ray crashing into them knocking them all face down on the checkered floor. "Wart sorry" That's fine Wart, get off me grunted Choker. Ray looked up to see two customers gawking and Roach standing behind the counter surrounded by 3 inch thick bullet proof glass.  Roach was running his hand down his face and ever so slightly shaking his head. Roach was a tall Sioux Indian long black hair in his mid 20's. Ray picked himself up and strolled down isle 1 Choker was still rambling about fifty scrilla Ray stopped turned and whispered it wasn't fifty it was seventeen now ya know why he was so mad. "Ya still got robbed broa."quipped Choker Look it was better then risking the day on some bull drek or maybe one of us catching a disease dat could of easily happened." Ray whispered. "Read my lips broa, robbed" replied Choker. They made their way up isle 2, when Ray said "We need to hurry this up they could be waiting outside for us and we wouldn't know, peep da dows." The windows were completely covered up by adds making them appear more like bulletin boards then actual windows. They got in line, Ray's stomach started turning and his hands were getting sweaty. He traced the 5 x 10 protected booth that Roach was standing in with his eyes. The security door was on the left side of the booth. He hoped Roach remembered to leave it unlocked today, or the alarm would go off automatically as soon as they tried to get inside. All types of thoughts echoed in rays mind while they waited in line. He just kept going over the plan reminding himself its a inside job nothing can go wrong. No one will get shot everything is under control just breath and relax. Seconds felt like minutes waiting in line. Then finally they were next. Choker starting asking for stuff behind the counter lottery tickets packs of cigarettes, he was just stalling waiting for the last customer to walk out of the store Ray watched the old guy walk out.
Ray gave wart the signal and pulled the predator. Roache's back was turned, getting another lottery ticket for Choker. Wart and Ray dashed to the entry door to the booth. Wart threw his whole body into it busting open the door. Roach was startled, but before he could even say his lines. He found himself plastered face first against the glass like a bug on a windshield just mumbling what he was supposed to say. Ray yelled set him down. Wart turned and threw Roach out the door and into the soda machine.  Making a big tent, and just missing Ray who took a knee when he seen his friend go airborne.  Ray pivoted his body to see Roach laying sideways moaning "not chill.. not fragging chill" Ray rushed to his friends side choker ran past, got inside the booth and was asking how to lock the doors over and over again.Then the dreaded sound of the front door advertisement was heard "Buy new menthol Geronimo"s  take the plunge" Ray peered around the corner of the booth seeing a thirty something blonde walked in with her four year old son. She was highly distracted with scolding him for something to notice the clues of a robbery in progress, she kept walking forward with the kid by the arm. Ray could hear his heartbeat then everything slowed down. He whispered to Wart "Run and hold da front door shut." then spun around the corner and bolted for the woman with his predator pointed at her. The little boy seen Ray with a pistol then Wart and started shooting them with his toy pistol bang, bang, bang. "Get down!" Ray yelled, the mother looked up and seen a pistol pointed at her and dropped to her knee's. She tried to pull her son to her but felt him being yanked from her hand. Wart snatched up the child, and was pin wheeling him up into the air,as he ran for the door. The little boy was laughing as he flipped,the mother instinctively bolted for her child, despite having a gun pointed at her. She was trying to chase after Wart. Ray dove on her tring to catch her as apposed to just tackling her. She went hysterical with being pinned down watching her child be thrown up into the air almost hitting the ceiling by some deranged ork.

"Get da front doors locked naw screamed Ray. Roach was in awe watching the drama play out but in a eerie calm told Choker how to lock the front doors and how to unlock the back door. Roach then asked choker if that other ork was real. fraid so replied Choker and got the doors locked and unlocked the back. "Locked!" Choker yelled as he emptied the register "Wart set the child down." Ray said slow and patiently. As soon as Wart set the child down he looked at his mommy pinned and crying, so he started wailing. "Catching him wont make him laugh now" Wart said saddened. Lady get ya kid but don't get stupid or I have to shoot ya's kay. Ray let her up she picked her child up Yo is there some place i can put them Roach answered yea there is a bathroom in the back. Come on lady, hurry up. Ray snapped as he nudged her to the back. Followed by "The rest of you follow the plan, grab and bag boys, get busy" Choker and Wart ran to the back of the store to grab the two garbage cans and a couple trash bags. Roach opened the bathroom door then ray nudged the woman inside "Now give me your purse and your commlink" she handed everything to Ray sobbing. "Ok look lady your safe in here just stay quiet and everything will be fine, it will all be over soon, kay". She nodded her head in compliance while trying to to pull herself together.  "If you come out i'll have to shoot you and we both don't want dat do we." She shook her head no and Ray shut the door. Ray hoped she didn't see through his bluff, he really didn't want to shoot the woman. All he wanted was to get this mess done and over with. "Come on Roach we got to get the van. Both of them ran out the back door and to the van. It was light blue minivan that seen better days. Roach unlocked the Van and Ray jumped in the side door What the hell happened back there Ray whos the loose cannon? Everything under control now lets just focus on the plan, kay Roach. Roach pulled the van to the back door and hit the back hatch button opening the back door. Who frag is this guy Ray? Looking over the dash Ray recognized who the ork was.
2-tone a regular from Curleys crew of home invaders. He was walking toward the van nonchalant. Frag it all to hell, Ray said and opened the other side door up and stepped out pointing the gun at 2-tone. Easy guy I just came to talk 2-tone said" then ray replied "i don't have time for this 2-tone so get in the fragging van." 2-tone went to open the passenger door but Ray told him side door and never took the pistol off 2-tone, Ray watched him slide in behind Roach then Ray got in keeping the pistol close to himself incase 2-tone went for it. Well ya want to talk, make it quick. "I come with a deal 500 scrilla, to walk away,from the challenge easy like. Ya well is dat Topper's money or da gangs? replied Ray."what does it matter but he's willing to go 800, as final offer. That's 8 big ones for you to play with and buy ya moms something nice just let Topper run the gang. You just don't get it do you. this isn't about da money its about da point. The world doesn't care about us orks the rich spit on us from above and the corps don't hire us. Society is build for smoothies and dandelions not us orks. We live in ghettos and piss away everything till nothing, fighting each other. Topper wants to buy me off, he can go frag himself. By the time iam done today all of us will have enough food and maybe be able to feed our family's. There is no way you can pull that off your talking crazy Ray. Am I, Ya'll know in a couple of hours, so sit still be quiet and I'll drop you off when we are done here. 

Choker and Wart hurled two garbage bags apiece in the back of the van. What the frag is he doing here Ray? asked Choker. "He wants to buy me off, hes our new hostage till this thing is done. Grab one more load and lets get out of here." Come on ya heard him one more then were done. Roach turned his torso to look at Ray from the drivers seat "Not chill not fraging chill this is nothing like the plan we went over Ray, I am the hostage we don't need another hostage so what's he doing in the van? Who's Ward Ray, are his parents related or what, or let me guess you found him licking windows on the way here, uh? Amateur hour, that's what this is fragging amateur hour Ray, where's my Juggs mag and where's my carton? Make the new hostage find the old hostage's drek, uh Ray, can you do something useful. "Roach didnt stop ranting till 2-tone found his drek. Choker and wart raced inside to fill one last load. Both were arm swiping rows of stuff into thier bags choker yelled lets go and both headed toward the back door wart was right behind choker till he turned left heading to the bathroom. Wart was going to take care of the hostages. Wart opened the bathroom door smiling, and stepped inside.

The woman was quietly sobbing sitting on the toilet, her son sitting on her lap. She was covering his mouth with her right hand. Wart dropped the bag that was strung over his shoulder, she immediately started begging for their lives. Wart reached in his jacket, under his left arm. "I 'll do anything you want anything just let my son go, please. The woman ranted. Wart quickly pulled his hand out, she flinched, he had a Captain Space comic book in his hand and gave it to the little boy.The little guy went from scared to happy in a heart beat and a huge smile stretched across his face. He reached back under his arm again and a small pop sound was made. She shut her eyes fearing she was about to be shot. Wart had a beer which he opened the tab off with the tip of his right tusk and handed it to the little boy. He pulled two more beers off the six pack and opened them the same way he did the first. When she finally opened her eyes wart was holding a beer in front of her face. "I am sorry I don't drink." she said nervously. Warts face was flushed with confusion  unfortunately most people mistake that face to mean growing violent. She took the beer with her free hand and made a weird little face. "Kay when Wart say GROGARD, we all drink fast till done..GROGARD" Wart slammed his beer like a tall shot she wasn't far behind the little guy took longer but liked the drink fast game. He let out a thunderous long burp when finished.

Choker came running out tossed his bag in the back and got in the side door. Choker sat next to Ray catching his breath. A minute ticked buy A few moments passed in complete silence Roach crushed out his cigarette and flipped to a new centerfold. "Where in the name of dues ex machina is that big fella Warf" screamed Roach. The occupants all said What?" simultaneously. Its a Latin god said Roach in a know it all kind of voice and continued by saying "Allow me to retort. The question is not what but where, as in where the frag is that drek for brains knuckle dragging play mate you brought with you, who's making my hoop so tight that my hemroids look like a fist punching through a brown paper plate, and why hasn't anyone left to to bring WARP'S hoop to the van YET! "Choker go get him" Ray commanded."Why is it always send Choker, uh why me." Roach replied to the question angerly "Did I just hear WHY, because you don't send HOSTAGES to tell the ROBBER'S its time to drive AWAY! Choker hopped out of the van and ran inside bitching about how it's always send Choker.

Wart reached into his inside pocket and pulled out a pack of Lucky Shots. He plucked exactly three cigarettes with his teeth, then proceeded to lite them and hand them out. "I don't smoke she said but got scared seeing his face change to confused look so she reluctantly started puffing away. He reached into his jacket pockets and pulled out two packs of Lucky Shots and gave them each one, smiling. Wart grabbed the waste basket and dumped it out in the sink and refilled it with food from his bag then handed it to her. "Here for ya family." Heaving his bag over his shoulder he stared into the little boys eyes and said "Drink beer, smoke, eat meat, grogard big and strong like Wart. He waved said bye and walked out of the bathroom slamming the door hard behind him. While the sound was still echoing in the room Wart quickly reopened the door and poked his head in almost scaring her to death, with his improvise ork in the box impersonation. He looked at her and said "Finish smoke go home cook meat for boy, give boy two more beer an a smoke, kay, take care" and slammed the door hard again. That day, Linda became a chain smoker.
Choker ran back to the van closing the back down then jumped in and said "I ran in looked down all the isles, he aint in there" Roach just lost it with Chokers response to the situation. Somewhere between a conniption and having a full blown  aneurysm Roach yelled "Are you mother fragging kidding me! Cause I am about to say frag this, jump out, put my stick in the dirt and just wait for the law to show up while all your hoops get arrested! He's as big as a door, who's brain is one beep away from a coma and you no drek lose the guy in a Q-mart! Cause if that's what you are saying Choker, then both of you need to come with a manual and a warning sticker about adult supervision" He's not in there anymore is what I am saying, I just looked ' said Choker in a pissed off tone. "So Warg, is some idiot savant who can displace his particles at will, then beam them through the space time continuem to some other fragging location to another, like he's MAGIC are you out of your fraggin- Wart quickly opened the front pasanger door, cutting short Roach's rant, throws in the bag hitting Roach and partly wedging between roach and the steering wheel. Wart jumps in shaking the van. Wart says "Wart in go" really fast over the loud horn. Wart then slams the door so hard the window breaks, scaring Wart he jumped back, breaking the arm off and busting the back of the chair. "Wart sorry" is heard over the horn and the ringing ears. Wart trys to fix the seat but it will no longer stay upright and keeps falling back.
Roach shoved the garbage bag of himself stopping the horn immediately, then proceeds to violently pack the plastic bag down between the the front seats, glaring wild eyed at Wart with murderous intent. With a stern voice Roach says "Are you DONE?" "No Dunn here"replied Wart innocently, Roach lets go of the brake and hits the gas. The van peeled out of the alley, squeelling tires on the turn. Ray choker and 2-tone were trying not to laugh but giggled like a couple school girls from the back seat. Wart pointed his thumb to his chest, and said "W a r t" very slowly as if teaching his name to a child.  He then begun pointing to each person in the van saying their names slow so Roach could learn them. After a few moments passed Wart realizes what was asked and says "Oh is Wart done, ya Wart done, Wart said bye to boy and Moma." in a happy exicted voice. Roach shoots Wart a glance of hatdred and asked if his parants used to throw him against walls when he was a baby. Roach looked in the rear view mirrior directly at ray and uttered "Never again Ray, never again."
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 Whisley Tears part 4

Roach turned his head and asked Wart a question. "Hey, spiders from mars, want to hold the wheel so i can get my medicine? Wart smiled then grabbed the wheel to steer. Roach reached into his front right pocket,grasping a lighter and a small pipe. Roach got it lit and took over steering. Roach got a few puffs in then Ray shouted "Pull over." Roach whipped the van over to the curb. Ok here's where you get off 2-tone. 2-tone opened the sliding door and and stepped out. "One more thing though, run your pockets.", Ray still had his predator bareing down on 2-tone. "So you gonna do me like tat, huh Ray?" "Naw I don't want ya scrilla I want Topper's. Slide me the five huns you can keep the other three just blame it on me. With an uneasy smile 2-tone handed Ray the money and said "You take good care of your self ray" then shut the door. Roach whipped the van back in lane and sped down the street.

Roach looked to Ray in the rear view mirror "Where we dropping this stuff off Ray? I still got an hour of interrogation down at the station and I want to get on with my day" Look Roach, I need your help for one more job. Roach slammed on the breaks almost causing an accident. The car behind narrowly missed the van and yelled a slew of obscenities as it passed. "Oh no you don't, I want out of this whole mess. You guys aren't dragging me into another fiasco with Dr destructo over here, there's not enough smoke in the universe to deal with this stress." Look Roach, It aint like that all you have to do is drive, no getting out or anything. Then Ray held out 100 bill over Roache's right shoulder. Dont think you can bribe me, money it maybe my only weakness but..but, damn. Roach stanched the bill. Alright Ray one more then done and your getting rid of this ride too right. Of course replied Ray. Now head to Shannon's groceries we got 15 minutes to be there. Tell me we aint robbing Shannon's groceries Ray said Choker. No we are just stealing a deliver truck tat's all replied Ray calmly. Choker made a funny face and said "Here I thought it be something crazy, a delervery truck is totaly normal no chance of getting caught"
They pulled around back of Shannon's groceries the concrete was pot holed and weeds grew up through the cracks.  Roach got them there with five minutes to spare, he always seemed to drive better when he was under the influence of smoke. They parked in a parking spot on the far side over looking the docking area and waited. Five minutes came and went. The waiting wasn't helping the anxiety everyone was feeling.  Did we miss it ray? asked Wart. I don't know but we will wait just the same. Roach repacked his pipe took a few puffs then asked Wart "What was with you throwing me into the soda machine their Mr maniac?" Oh sorry Wart has to do a good job. Wart likes Ray's sister Cinder, Wart can go out wit her if Wart do a good job today. Roach wasted his drag choking and laughing his hoop off at warts comment. Something is seriously wrong with you Ray, said Roach still coughing. I am sure they will have bright and beautiful children quipped Choker.Roach passed his pipe to choker and said "Finsih this off choker, iam going to spend the next 15 minutes trying to get that thought out of my head" More minutes passed and by this time everyone was sharing a big bag of chips drinking cola, due to the contact buzz off from Roach's smoke. The waiting started to wear on Ray's mind, he couldn't help but think he failed and lost the challenge. After another five minutes went by Roach said Frag it. "Sorry Ray isn't happening then put the van in drive and was about to give it gas when the delivery truck arrived."

Everyone was excited to see the truck and anxiously watched it be unloaded. Alright boys here is the plan we will follow till it stops at a light and hijack it. That's your plan? complained Choker. You got a better one Well no I was just asking. replied Choker. When the delivery was finally done the driver closed down the back of the truck then hopped in. The truck drove forward to the corner of Shannon market and stopped, then driver got out. He must of spotted us barked Choker. I don't think so, he's got to be doing something but what? said Roach. Frag it we will take it now. Wart you jump out with me, break anyone who try's to stop me. Roach gave it some gas, gliding like a silent predator to its prey while the van was still coasting, Ray jumped out the siding door. Wart dropped out the front letting roach pass, then ran behind Ray to the front of the truck. Roach pulled the van behind the truck hoping to block the veiw behind them. Ray spotted the driver who was wearing blue coveralls standing beside a green dumpster watering the weeds. The driver had his back to them, Ray moved in and seen the driver's ears poking up through his brown hair. The driver is a elf Ray thought as he stuck his gun into the elf's back. Turn around slowly barked Ray, but with doing so, the elf accidentally sprayed Wart who was standing to his left. Wart looked shocked for a second then reacted by throwing a haymaker into the elf's face.

Instantly knocking him out and sending him back a meter where he fell. The elf layed face up fishing out on the broken concrete. What the frag wart Ray said in disbelieve. He tinkled on Wart. said wart with anger in his voice. Well pick him up and and put him in the truck. Wart looked at ray as if Ray was completely stupid, "Ray hes still going." Oh for frag sakes Wart it washes off, we are going to get caught. Put him in the truck naw. Ray jumped in and slid to the passanger seat. Wart stuffed the floppy driver into the truck mumbling something about pee then ran to the van and got in. Ray was getting pretty nervous wondering if Wart killed this elf when he hit him. They would all be hosed, with nothing to show for it. Ray grabbed the elf under his right arm partly by the skin mostly by the material then began lighting tapping the sides of the elfs face with his predator,hoping the elf wakes up soon.

"Why were you stuffing a limp driver into the truck."asked Roach in a concerned voice. He tickled on wart replied Wart plainly. Choker was in the back laughing hysterically. Tell us how you really feel Wart... are you pissed. Roach didn't find any of it funny he already thought Wart was a walking train wreck and was more worried about getting caught then anything else. The delivery truck started to roll forward, slowly making the turn around the corner.

Look it..what's your name? Frank Dannon the elf said stuttering. Ok frank we are just dropping food off to some needing people that's all, so just follow direction and everything is alright. Ssir I have a fffamily three boys and a wife please don't kkill me. Ray noticed the pictures of Frank's family on the visor and thought about Frank's family, then thought about his own family. Those faces were getting to him, quickly he pushed all thoughts away that weren't pertaining to the objective at hand. "Put those pictures in your pocket. Listen ya'll see your family today as long as ya work with me ya run or do anything stupid, I'll have to shoot ya, do ya understand. Yyes but the ttruck is being tracked, i ccant help it. What do you mean the truck is being tracked? Ray said nervously. I ddont want to be shot because of ssomething i ccan't help. How long Ray demanded.

General food's tracks all its ttrucks,ssir. How long before they call it in. Depends but they will notice if i go off the rroute ten minutes usualy after no ccommunication. Frag Ray said to himself that didn't give them enough time to get the truck back. It was at least fifteen minutes to get there and the elf was telling him less then ten minutes. They had to make up time that's all there was to it. Ray thought hard about cutting the loss and bailing in the van but his gang and their family's were counting on him. Turn right up here and step on it. Make the call in and say a three car pile up just happened and you have to break from your regular route, alright Frank. Frank did as he was told and increased his speed driving 20 over the speed limit.
They could see the old brown bricks of the tenet building when they turned into a the back alley behind it. As the delivery truck was pulling into the alley it stalled and a automated computerized voice was heard in the cab. "This delivery truck is reported stolen." and kept repeating. The ttruck is locked said Frank nervously Ray turned toward frank with a smile "You did good now family's can eat tonight,just stay in the cab till help arrives. Ray tried to get out but the doors weren't working so he used his predator to smash the window and started to climb out. You have to bust the ttracks to unlock the bback, said Frank. Ray ran over to warts window, "You guys go get the gang I need four spotters and some pry bars go."

Roach whipped the van around the corner heading toward the old tenet building. Soon a wave of Tunnel Rats came running to help. Ray organized where he wanted the spotters to be posted and told the gang to leave the elf in the cab unharmed. Ray ordered "All the stuff is to be took'n to the hide out, and for the orks to use the tunnels under the meet." Then Ray ran to the tenet building to find Roach and the crew. The van was being hastily unloaded. Ray jumped in the side and had roach drive them further into an adjacent alley. They got half way down then Ray ordered everyone out the van. Ray reached under the driver seat for the 2 quarts of motor oil that he stashed earlier when they were waiting on the delivery truck. Ray popped the caps and begun dozing the van's interior, stepped out then set it a blaze.

Choker, Ray, Roach and Wart met up at the mouth of the alley watching the van burn with smiles on their faces. Roach stuck his hand out to Ray and said I ll catch you later Ray remember give it a few weeks before we hang out, they did a street hand shake and roach was walking away toward the street. Ok we got one more place to get and da challenge is in da bag Where now Ray? asked Wart. Mc Duffey's replied Ray and Chokers face was flabbergasted. Tell me your dreking me Ray, please tell me your dreking me Chokers voice sounded totally scared. 
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    Whiskey tears part 5
Ray come on broa we aint robbing Mc Duffy's right? Choker said with a sheepish smile then when no answer came, said "You know the mob operates it as a front, right". Ray ignored Choker's questions and said "Let's jet before the hook pulls up, we will cut through the Dead Lands. What about helping da Tunnel Rats unload asked Wart? "They got da spotters it will give them a running start." replied Ray.

The area dubbed the Dead Lands by the locals, was a section of blocks that flooded many years ago. Much of Dead Lands remained waterlogged all year round, with all sorts of terrible urban legends surrounding the place. Everything from evil spirits to monstrous creatures, lay in wait under the waters surface. Choker Ray and Wart didn't have to go very far till they stood before the Dead Lands. The land was partially flooded, giving the illusion that moldy houses were islands sticky up out of the water and debris. These old two story homes reflected years of neglect. A few house's were already waist tall slowly withdrawing to watery tombs others had gray water lines speckled with patches of mold. Making every wall a testimony to their fleeting time above ground. The three orks pressed on into this no mans land where dead trees and trash sprang up like Flora across an urban swamp. "Grab anything that can be used for a weapon and long enough to test for sink holes" Ray said and proceed in.
The Dead Lands defiantly lived up to its name, no signs of life other then mosquitos and other bitting insects,it did appear to be something straight out of a collective nightmare. The air stunk of mildew and dead fish, so dense was the smell it could practically strangle a grown man. They tested the ground as they went from one walk able marsh patch to the next, thick green algae film covered most of the water that they could see. Soon all three were busy navigating a narrow edge that lead around a very large gully. The gully split the road in half, and most of a front yard. A pair of car roofs could barley be seen protruding out of the murky water, along with other junk that got trapped inside it's basin.
"Ray do you think the stories about here are true?" asked Choker gingerly, while his eyes darted around the landscape nervously. "Well I am sure some of them are, others are bull drek like anything else broa." "Well do you think the stories of ghouls are true then?"asked Choker nervously. "Yea probally but if it was swarming with em like everyone says da Red Skulls couldn't lay territory here." Ray sounded confident with his logic and proceeded to climb up a debris heap to stay out of the bluish green film growing on top of the water.

They weren't very far into the dead lands when sirens could be heard in the distance. There probably looking for us" smiled Ray who quickly stopped due to the slight sting. You believe the stories about the Red Skulls and the water spirits that will pull you kicking and screaming into da water?" "Come on Choker how old are you, ghosts really broa..really" quipped Ray as if talking to a small child. "What stories are true then." asked Wart. "Well all I know for certain, electronics don't seem to work here for some reason. We aint got to worrie about da hook looking for us here.

They pushed deeper into the dead lands, weaving from street to marsh, rubble to junk car frames and back again there were no straight paths in the dead lands. An old gnarly water logged tree stood off in the distance resembling a human hand clawing at the sky. A large number of crows flocked in its branches giving it an effect that the tree was in full bloom of black blossoms.

 "That's the Drowning Man Ray pointed out. "We need to turn right when get close to there. This short cut will get us pretty close to Mc Duffy's." Choker gulped down his pride before saying "Come on Ray lets do a different place. I am just not comfortable ripping the mob off broa.  Do I have to remind you what happened the last time Mc Duffy's got robbed. "What happened?" asked wart inquisitive. "Well this cat a few summers ago robbed Mc Duffy's and less then three days later da mob handcuffed him to a bumper, then dragged the poor slot, parking the stolen car with what remained a few doors down from Mc Duffy's." "That's awful." replied Wart. "Yea tell me about it." then after a few moments, Choker went on to say "I'll never forget it.. I was seeing this girl named Michelle at the time. I remember waking up to all the sirens watching da gators pick the guy up off the street with baby wipes, bagging bits and pieces of him into evidence."

"Enough already Choker!"snapped Ray in a pist off tone. "Its one thing if you don't want to do it but getting Wart all worked up about it.. I'll just do it myself. You guys can wait outside and hold my jacket." Choker looked at Ray and in a calm voice said "Ray, I just don't understand why your bent on knocking dat place out, of all da places broa." Ray quickly became irate as said "Da whole reason to knock da place is cause its a drop point for mob money. It also doubles as a private gamblin table during certain days of da week. Mc Duffy's guarantees me as leader and every one gets fed."Wart turned to look at Ray and spoke with compassion "Wart don't want to see you get killed, Cinder be mad at Wart if somethin happened to Ray. "Damn it, enough already!" Ray spouted off. "If I lead it means things can be fair, like when Paco used to run the gang. We all ate good, so did are family's.
They walked in silence after Ray's outburst and started to forge across a debris embankment that rose out of the water a meter or more in some places. They ascended a multicolored junk hill, rubble, rebar, and other assorted trash. A long high pitched screech was heard nearby then silence. They stopped motionless, grips tightened on their makeshift weapons. All dropped low instinctively and looked around panning the rubble and the waters for any signs of danger.

An explosion of rats leapt from over the hill, bombarding on them like tiny Kamikaze fighters, chattering as they poured down from above. Absolute panic ensued, franticly trying to shake them off,some the size of house cats. Eighty scampering little feet were fleeing the death throes of something on the other side of the trash pile. Ray picked up his predator that he dropped in favor of swatting rats off, then stormed the hill. Screaming a battle cry as he charged to greet what ever lied over. To his amazement nothing waited for him there, nothing but a large squirming rat by the waters edge. The rat would of been the the size of a small dog but it's hind quarters were gone and its guts slithered about as it valiantly attempted to move away from the rippling black water.  "What was it Ray!" asked Wart standing atop the hill. "I don't know." Ray said as he punted the other half of the rat into the putrid water, "but I don't want to find out lets keep moving."

As they reached the end of the debris embankment it brought them to a rusted wrought iron fence. It was more an outline then a actual fence, most of the fence was broken with other parts sinking. An old weather beaten elementary school sat just past the fence, some of the roof was caved in and looked long since abandoned. "You think anyone lives there?" said Choker quietly. "Yea i bet ya its full of dem water spirits ready to drag you kicking and screaming to school" Ray said waving his hands about like he seen a mage do on trid once. Wart started laughing while he taunted Choker with spooky hand waves.

They walked over a section of fence that was laying in the soft ground. Then cut behind the school testing for sink holes with their makeshift spears along their path. They seemed reluctant to move closer to the school but there was no other route to avoid the water and deep muddy earth. As they walked across broken black top, voices and laughter could be heard from some where near. Rounding a corner a band of rag tag misfits huddled under a double door frame, its doors long since gone.

A small girl walked closer to the orks from the pack of misfits. Her hair was short on top, spiky rooster red while the sides were in long dark braids "Hoi who be you?" she said. Ray quickly noticed the kid wasn't a kid, she was a dwarf. Skinny but a dwarf none the less, her eyes reflected wisdom no child would have. Choker looked at his friends trying to judge what to do and replied "One of them tunnel rats. Choker then said, "Who be you?" "One of them Red Skulls, what's the squeeze yo." "Just dodging the hook guess one of our guys knocked off a semi trailer full of food. Hook be looking for tunnel rats today!" Choker said with little smile and allot of pride. The dwarf woman's face was completely indifferent but her eyes showed a very serious nature, then she spoke a stern warning. "Well you best be on your way the spirits here are restless, the land is not right today." Ray just shook his head "Look we be on our way and thanks for the tip, but I am just not into the ghost stories kay." With that a tall Indian man wearing an old black Cheyenne hat decked in dyed black buck skins walked forward from the group of misfits.

Two long crow feathers tussled in the wind from black cordage hanging from his hat band as he approached. His stone faced gaze met all three orks, he wore one long black strip of war paint across his eyes. As he got closer the red headed dwarf woman sighed and said It's chill Blackie, they are just passing through'. Ray could feel a tide of chaotic energy radiate off the Indian, instinctively ray put his hand behind his back reaching for his pistol. As his palm felt the comforting contours of the predator's handle, the Indian took a step closer and winked out of existence. They all stood frozen in terror, spellbound by what just happened. A quiet disembodied voice said "All we have here are ghost stories" followed by a mischievous laugh. Choker and Wart bolted together, with Ray not far behind.

They stopped running when they were forced to decide how to cross a bluish green algae invested body of water. Quickly sucking air in out to catch their breath, a tirade of cuss words and nonsense fell from their lips as they tried to figure out what just happened. After a minute or two they could make out complete sentences. "Did you see his face it changed broa it looked like he had a long fragging black beak, then poof he was gone, was he...a spirit?" asked Choker. He was somethin grumbled Wart "You see his eyes like black pits of death, holy drek!" Ray was still shaking when he explained what route they would take. They moved from car tops to small junk islands crossing the pond that was a once a street. They were all terrified of getting to close to the bluish green algae, afraid something would certainly reach out and pull them under.

After navigating a few more streets they walked out of the Dead Lands. They crossed the street into a bustling sidewalk, a full mix of people and styles. "We aren't goin back that way Ray, you couldn't pay me enough to ever step foot in there again."complained Choker.  "Should we take the alley's?" asked Wart "Naw we're good mixing with the herd, harder to make us."replied Ray. They walked two more streets, Mc Duffy's liguor store was just up ahead.
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  Whiskey tears part 6
"Ok lets go peep this escape route before we commit to anything." said Ray pretty cocky. Truth was he was pretty scared. He was going to walk in totally blind, no plan, no back up incase things turned ugly, and in the middle of broad daylight. They walked down the graffiti covered alley adjacent to Mc Duffy's. They turned the corner and seen a beat up old van at least 20 years old it was rocking alittle bit. Some sort of commotion was taking place inside as they got closer. Three winos were partying inside, they had the back doors wide open and were carrying on. This old fully grown tusked Caucasian ork says "I goths thiss hey chummer's can ya help an ork out dis all ams saying" Ray stopped and put his hand up when the old ork got to close. Chill chill my fellow orks, iam Julius, hoi. Let me jusst get something to drinkth on." Almost falling over onto his drunken ass. Degenerate slob Ray instantly thought dealing with this old bum but said "What the frag.. here." and thumbed up a 10 corporate script bill and gave it to the old guy. Thinking what the hell why not at least it should shut him up so he could plan this out.

"Thanks alot fella's I real.. appeachiate it." said Julius as the other two wino's congratulated him on his luck. Then slowly began arguing over what to buy. Ray noticed another alley just left of the van. It had a tall link fence atleast 3 meters, 3/4 the way down that led into another alley. After sizing everything up Ray had a plan and whispered it to his friends "Ok here the plan you guys, Choker give me you backpack, I'll hit the store run back here and toss the pack over the gate to you guys then climb over. We will beat feet outa the alley, then make it to Baby Horse's play some AR games, drink little somethin and catch a ride out of this drek." Choker reluctantly gave him his blue backpack,"I seriously hope you know what your doing Ray."
Ray opened the front door and the automated greeting said "Welcome to Mc Duffy's, get duffed up" like the most annoying drunken Irish frat boy you ever heard. Ray looked up and locked gazes with an older hefty guy in his 40's with salt and pepper hair, who stood behind the counter. He had look that defiantly wasn't friendly. Maybe it was my face Ray thought, as he casually panned the lay out. The store was huge it had a deli off to the right and it was wall to wall with liquor. Some teenage kid who had a real bad case of acne worked behind the deli counter. He had a pair of AR glasses on and was doing some weird subtle hand movements with his fingers. He was either playing some AR game or making his own music Ray thought as he walked past, grabbing a big bag of corn chips to cover the bulge of the pistol in his waistband. Ray's stomach was churning with anxiety trying to keep it together knowing he had two people who could hit a panic button before he could leave the store.
Walking over to the coolers Ray grabbed a Buzz cola then paced down the sweet aisle acting like he was looking for something in particular. A few patrons were lurking in the store. Rays mind raced about every little thing that could possibly go wrong, how was he going to be in two places at once. His hands were sweating just keep it together he told himself, must find an answer... maybe pay for this stuff and then grab Wart to hold pimple face while he worked the older guy to open the drawer. Ray walked back towards the deli hoping to form a plan, hoping there was some way not to endanger his friends in this,hoping there was something he missed. He stood there staring at the menu pretending to act casual and think about something other then robbing the place but robbing the place was the only thing on his mind.

"Can I get you something." asked pimple face still weaving his index fingers around. Ray glanced down read crater face's name tag, Brian. Ray returned to staring at the menu in a daze trying to think of a way to pull this off and now stuck with trying to think of something to say. "Yea can I get fresh pizza please?" "Sure thing, it will take about five minutes" replied Brian That's ok i'll wait". It gave him time to think. time for the store to clear out while he didn't look to conspicuous. Then it hit him. He would have the guy carry the pizza. Putting them together meant he didn't have to be in two places at once and it meant there was only one button to push.

Five minutes just five minutes he thought. I'll pace around a little bit then get in line. It would have to go down then, I wouldn't have another opportunity like this. It had to be done, it was all or nothing now, in just five minutes letting that thought bounce around in his head. Ray could feel the weight of the world on his shoulders all the way down to his feet they felt heavy as if he was carrying a heavy load as he stalked the aisle for a couple of minutes then strolled in line. He was behind three humans. Two 20 something guys buying beer and a older woman with big hair who reeked of alcohol and cheap perfume, all while puffing down a cancer stick. Ray started to sweat alittle. Thinking holy drek iam going to give myself away.. they are going to notice I am sweating. Anxiety was tighting around his waist knotting his stomach. The older woman went next.

She put her stuff on the counter turned looked dead in Rays eyes and spoke in a thick Irish accent, "Ya mind pal, alittle elbow room for frag sakes, you believe this guy Riley practically copping a feel over here'" then adjusted her breasts. Ray looked lost with that comment and felt a little violated. He couldn't tell if she was rude or hitting on him, her accent didn't help things either. She turned her head back to Riley and she began talking a mile a minute to the hefty older guy behind the counter. They were chit chatting while he was ringing her up. She went off, jumping from one subject to the next talking about the neighborhood, grand children, and everything else. Ray didn't understand most of what older woman was saying because of the accent. What ever it was she was saying allot of it.

The chatter felt like it was working on the back of Rays skull. Her voice was well past annoying to Ray, plus she wouldn't leave. Finally Ray heard "Your pizzas ready". "Hey Could you carry it over here for me?  I cant use my right hand very well" Said Ray in a apologetic tone. With a few flicks of a wrist Brian paused his game and picked up the pizza. "See I was jumped yesterday and well.. sorry."  Ray watched Brain carry the pizza closer to the counter. When Brain was almost to Ray, Ray turned to look at the man behind the counter. Riley's back was turned grabbing the woman a pack of cigarettes and a 1/2 pint of gin. Ray dropped what he had, drew his Predator and slid over the counter knocking things to the floor. The hefty man turned and Ray grabbed him with his left hand and threw him down to the floor, sticking his foot in his back. Ray had the business end of his predator pointed at Brian before the pizza hit the floor.

"I want you to open this cash register up naw, put the skrilla in the bag!" Ray barked, letting the blue backpack slide down from over his left shoulder. Ray quickly stuck his left hand under the counter trying to find a weapon or the panic button. Brain climbed over the counter and was trying to open the cash register. The older woman just stood there and said "Have you lost your fraggin mind" in a plain voice. Ray felt a barrel of a gun, following it to its handle, then pulled it out. It was a Beretta 101T, Ray pointed it at the woman, he didn't trust the fact she wasn't scared. "Oh what you going to do shoot me you fragging trog. Go on now get the death penalty for a robbery go on." Rays hands began trembling, frag he thought as his anxiety soared. He never shot anyone before but this woman just wont shut up.

The cash registered opened, Brian proceeded to stuff the backpack with corporate script, then the older man Riley finally said something, "I hope you get far out of town kid cause your stealing from the wrong people." Ray grabbed the blue back pack from Brian then put a foot on the counter and jumped over, a bullet whizzed by his shoulder then he heard the gun shot. When his feet touched the ground, he dropped to a full squat then bolted for the door. The sound of breaking glass, and three more loud gunshots, one hit the door as he dove out followed by "Get duffed up" The door hit a person as he rolled on to the sidewalk. A panic alarm rang loudly while Ray was getting to his feet. Emergency systems kicked on locking Mc Duffy down like a vault. He didn't know if he had been hit and he didn't care he was caught in the moment of running for his life down an alley. His ears were ringing while he huffed, building up speed to the corner.   

In the large dry storage Room of Mc Duffy's a late night poker game was moving into the afternoon. Four half inebriated gamblers sat in lawn chairs playing poker on a beat up flimsy table filled with personal firearms, surrounded by boxes and small crates of dry food.  Two men were from the Finnigan family mob the other two gamblers were locals. A dwarf runner with short red hair named Bear, known for his Matrix skill and wanted in two countries. The other was the beautiful Marlo, her hair was long and had a floresent sheen to it. She was a ruthless elven fixer who had deep ties to the mob. She really was the epitome of femme fatale kinda gal.

Marlo raised a grand and the alarm went off bathing the poker game in a red light. "Frag the hook" announced Bear grabbing his guns up, prepared to shoot his way out, then over a small speaker "We been knocked by a beat up Ork. Dylan and Ryan grabbed their guns off the table. Ryan pushed hard on the finger print scanner and the door opened they hustled around the corner to get to the back door where Dylan unlocked it with a thumb scan.

The back door's security door unlocked sliding back into the door frame then the door opened to Dylan's and Ryan's view, they were looking at two humans and a ork getting in the getaway vehicle and opened fire. Ray was just turning the corner, when he heard the gun shots. Making to the gate was all Ray could think about. He sprinted even faster now right past the van, Julius slid out of the van on to the pavement, shot multiple times. Choker and Wart could see Ray as he turned into the alley, relieved it wasn't him who was shot.  Ray jumped onto the chain link gate, shoes dug into the fence as he tossed the two pistols over and held on before falling backwards  A bullet whizzed by ricocheting off an alley wall. Two more shots rang out when he reached the top and flung his legs over. Hitting the ground hard, Ray scooped up his Predator while Choker grabbed the Beretta 101T. They raced to the next turn putting a wall between them and the gunmen. "Get the fragging car Dylan!" Ryan yelled.
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