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« Reply #60 on: <11-27-11/2353:20> »
Name:         : Piotyr Kosigan
Street ID:         : Shivowtnoeh ('The Beast Within')
Race:         : Male Human Caucasian
Height:         : 181 cm (5' 10")
Weight:         : 84.5 kg (186 lbs)
Hair Color:         : Brown, receeding.
Eye Color:         : Hazel
Age:         : 38
Abilities:         : Rigger.
         : Sorcery Adept.
Marks:         : Receding hairline.
         : Datajack behind right ear.
         : Obvious cybernetic right arm.
         : Mustache and beard.
         : Wears glasses for reading.
Activities:          : Personal Information Acquisition.
         : Site Intrusion Planning.
         : Hard-Target Wetwork.
[ Background by Mr. Cleaner ]
          He was not the best drone rigger. He was not the most bold. What he was was the most enthusiastic and dedicated, just the loyal sort that the KGB really like as their lackeys. This isn't to say that he was a moron; the KGB doesn't hire idiots. Even their leg-breakers are smart leg-breakers.
          The KGB also gets the best of what's available, and they put it into their best people. Piotyr was plugged in an average of fourteen hours a day, peeking into windows, listening at doors, and eliminating troublesome pests. Like his dossier says -- he wasn't the boldest or the best, but he was intelligent, enthusiastic, and loyal. He enjoyed what he did, and since the KGB let him do what he liked to do, he did it. A lot. And they put things into him in order to enable him to do it better, while keeping him able to upgrade if future needs put him into such a position.
          Then Svyatogor called.
          Svyatogor, the oldest, wisest, and mightiest of Russian bogatyr, spoke to the drone rigger, telling him that though his contact with the Motherland had been weakened, still there was strength left to him. A breath of the giant's power, and Piotyr's soul woke to the call of the Russian peoples, new and ancient. He knew he could no longer work with the repressiveness of the KGB. That bureau is not one to permit one to readily retire, so Piotyr left -- and left, and left. His apartment was cleared out, several of the drones he 'preferred' vanished, and Piotyr went east.
          First stop were the Urals, where with some meditation and a hell of a lot of practice the man learned the touch of the Wise Warrior. Spells, though they did not come easily to him, did come to him in time. When others from Moscow began to show up in the area, he again left, heading further east. Lake Baikal was next, then Vladivostok when his welcome was starting to wear thin. As the KGB signals office in Vladivostok started to look for him, he again moved, this time across the Bering Strait and down the coast to Seattle.
          He's been here ever since, working under the code name 'Shivowtnoeh', which means 'The Beast Within' -- he prefers the implications of having greater depth than what first he seems. He works as an intrusion planning specialist, a vehicle overwatch agent (or 'spotter'), and occasionally does wetwork on hard-to-hit targets. Like any ex-intelligence operative, his actions are professional and competent; he is not some scum crawling off the street. He expects courtesy and respect, both for himself and for his worth; he presumes that if he is being hired for a job, the individual hiring him should innately comprehend that he is going to do the job, specifically and as contracted for. He is not big on exceeding the scope of the contract, but he is relentless in finishing what he is hired to do.
          In short, he's ex-KGB.

>>>>>[ Ah, so this is where he has went. This man was terror of Moscow back in '57. Then all of sudden, he disappears, KGB is looking for him. I did not know that he was visited by bogatyr Svyatogor; this explains much of why he left. Svyatogor would not like how the KGB treats the People. ]<<<<<
          -- Cancelled Czech (04:02:01/01-04-2072)

>>>>>[ Shivvy's a weird one, really.  I'm not sure he doesn't belong over in 'Drivers'.  He's supposedly an ex-KGB rigger who found magic at the ripe old age of something like 32, and left the KGB under 'selfish circumstances'.  He does a little of everything, really -- sorcery adept, a bit of high-tech muscle work, doin' the drone thing, peeking in people's windows.  If there were an 'oddball' DB, he'd be in it.
          Not to say he's crappy at what he does, but from what I hear he does prefer the Peeping Tom bit over anything else. ]<<<<<
          -- Brutus (04:13:41/01-04-2064)

>>>>>[ While he's not a big fan of intrusion work, he does an excellent job of planning them.  He's a big fan of 'supposed to be here' tactics -- getting outfits and IDs that match the place he's going, and just walking in.
          I have heard rumors that Shivowtnoeh is connected to Chimera; I personally doubt their veracity.  While he will take contracts on hard-to-hit people, he prefers working independently.  I believe he has come to an understanding with his ex-comrades; he's hinted about it to me, but never confirmed anything, which I suspect is at the core of the deal. ]<<<<<
          -- Mr. Cleaner (20:08:15/03-07-2064)
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« Reply #61 on: <01-06-12/1442:04> »
Name: Ethan Rayne
Handle: Specks
Known Information: His name is presumably false, having been born to a family living in the ork ghettos without a SIN but applying for one before attempting to enter University of Seattle's magical theory classes. Despite his acceptance into UCAS citizenry, his scores at the time were not high enough to earn the scholarships he required to attend magical education. He is known to be active in the Seattle Shadows for the past two years specializing in magical research and observation. He is known to prosper on the Astral plane and with spirits, but his spellcasting is almost laughable. But sometimes knowledge makes up for that particular shortcoming.

Rumors: "This kid seems to almost idol worship Serrin Shamandar, that alone gives me the heebie jeebies."


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« Reply #62 on: <01-08-12/2111:19> »
Name: Jackson Hart (Non-confirmable with out DEEP matrix work)
Street Name: Card (unofficial, better then using his real name)
Metatype: Human Adept
Way: None yet.
Age: 22
Location: Northern Seattle
Known Affiliations: Yellow Lotus Triad
Specializations: Hand to Hand Melee, minor Social Engineering, Driving
Known History: Presumed SINless, either by choice or due to other reasons, Jackson primarily works as a day shift delivery boy for a Lotus front delivery service. He's currently trying to branch out and use some of his other skills, such as his smooth talking. Not a violent man, many local gangs have reported attempting to mug him, only to wake up in the alley. His code is "I will not start fights, but I will end them,", meaning he does his best, so far, to get the job done with little to no casualties. We'll see how long that lasts.

Rumors: A well placed individual with possible homeland contacts in the Yellow Lotus may or may not have heavy connections to this runner. He may or may not know how to alter his 'chi' to simulate being hit with a stun gun.
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« Reply #63 on: <01-08-12/2229:35> »
Name:            : Reiko Tetsuki
Street ID:    : Predator
Race:            : Female Human Asian
Height:            : 5'3"
Weight:            : 114 lbs
Hair Color:    : Chestnut
Eye Color:    : Green
Date of Birth  : 5/24/2043
Age:            : 31

Abilities:    : Firearms specialist
            : Minor Hacking ability

True Background  : Born to a pair of Renraku employees, Reiko was raised in a more luxurious lifestyle than most shadowrunners in her early years. Her father was a mid-ranking security officer, and her mother worked in high level research and development for the company's primary industry of electronics--both at the corporation's home office in Japan.

Just a few short months after her tenth birthday, she was uprooted from her life and schoolmates when her parents were both transferred to the Seattle office in the Arcology. It took her quite a while to adjust to life in the UCAS sprawl, not the least of reasons was learning a new language, but after only a couple of years things settled back into normalcy.

For most of her youth, she was intrigued by both of her parents jobs for the corporation and strived to work toward gaining proficiency in both fields, but while she was able to become competent with computers, the skills needed for her father's job in security seemed to come most naturally for her resulting in her learning combative techniques much more easily.

Things seemed to go well once she'd become acclamated to the differences in lifestyle between Japan and Seattle, at least until she started entering into adolescence. Once she hit fifteen, Reiko began to enter a phase of rebellion where she would sneak out of the house at night and go out "slumming" in various bars and nightclubs located in the less than savory parts of the sprawl. She was caught sneaking back in to the house after these sojourns into seedier life--early on even before getting out to begin with--and punished heavily, but all this really did was provide her with lessons in what not to do when it came to stealth.

Two days after Reiko's sixteenth birthday, her life was again turned upside down as she and her family had to make their escape as the Arcology entered it's state of lockdown. While her parents and herself made it out--barely--and managed getting themselves set up with a fairly comfortable substitute home in Bellevue, it was driven home quite hard for her how bad the situation was because a young, at eighteen, security officer that she'd developed feelings for and had, for half a year, a clandestine romantic relationship with, was still trapped inside the Arcology. While she could, on very sporadic frequency and for extremely short time periods, get calls in to the young man, the long periods in which no contact was possible would send her into mild depression states for days, a condition which baffled her parents who, of course, knew nothing of the relationship.

As time went one, Reiko eventually resigned herself to the situation of it not likely being possible to ever see the young man, whom she considered to be the love of her life, again, and her life slowly began returning as close as possible to how it was before the lockdown--even though she still made what little contact with him as was possible given the situation.

Only a littler over two years--on month over to be exact--after the escape from the Arcology, Reiko's life was again shattered. She was just getting home after one of her 'slumming' escapades, only to discover that the door to the house was slightly open. Moving inside carefully, she poked her head around the corner, calling out to her mother and father, only to discover as she did that her father was lying face down on the now shattered table in the living room in a pool of his own blood with a bullet hole in the back of his head. Being unused to this sort of carnage, she stood helplessly frozen for several minutes, grief bringing tears to sting her eyes. Once she had regained some measure of control over herself, she started calling to her mother again as she moved through the disaster area which was her home. She was even more unprepared for what she found once she entered the kitchen. Lying on her back--also in a pool of her own blood which was running down the side of the 'island' in the middle of the room--was her mother, stripped almost completely nude and severely mutilated. At this point, the girl went nearly catatonic for hours, just huddled in a corner silently sobbing over the loss of her family.

The final months of her time in schooling saw a much more subdued Reiko, for the most part, being that she had turned eighteen the month before, she used her inheritence to keep up her standard of living while she finished her time in school, and after that, she began putting the abilities she had to use to supplement the inherited funds by doing any number of things, including shadow work.

She still has not discovered who murdered her parents so brutally, but she has never stopped looking for clues as to the identities of the perpetrators, or why they did what they did. She eventually did discover that the young security hacker that she'd been enamored of did, in fact, come out of the ordeal of the lockdown alive, if not entirely unscathed. Once the two met once again, she discovered that her feelings--and his--were still as strong as ever.
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« Reply #64 on: <01-15-12/0419:17> »
Name: Finley "Fin" Kaufmann
Street Name: Silver Bee
Metatype: Elf
Age: 28
Location: Seattle, Elven District

Known History: A relative newb to the shadows, and a fresh face to Seattle, Finley's only managed to get a few odd jobs.  He's still looking for that big break.  Not in a big rush though. 

Rumors: Used to work for Saeder-Krupp, but his files were probably wiped during the Crash.


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« Reply #65 on: <02-19-12/0642:14> »
Real Name: Nkanyiso Dlamini
Street Name: The Tokoloshe
Metatype: Dwarf
Awakened: Yes (Adept; Artisan’s Way)
Age: 45

The Tokoloshe was born in the shadows of the Drakensberg, in a little village called Moyeni, in what was once known as Kwazulu-Natal, later known as the Zulu Nation. The village was poor, and underdeveloped, and so was largely unaffected by the crash of 2029, the year of his birth.
From an early age, he showed remarkable aptitude with mechanical things. Recognising his talent, the village elders decided he was a good candidate for technical college. It was soon apparent that he was more than just merely good, and after winning a scholarship, he attended the University of Zululand. By the time he was 30, was senior engineer at a major firm...until 2064 when the Crash goggled up the stock, and destroyed the company. Nkanyiso lost everything, and while on the streets, he found that engineering skills didn’t count for much, and being a dwarf didn’t either. A few months later, he was hired on as chief engineer for a smuggling team aboard their submarine. There, he was affectionately given the name “Tokoloshe” – an African evil spirit approximately the size of a dwarf, known for its ugliness and scaring small children. As the team’s success grew, they graduated to larger submarines, and started branching out to deeper diving ones, plundering the depths of the ocean for anything that looked like it might have magical value. A near-fatal accident ensured he lost his taste for underwater work, and in 2072 he parted ways with his former team and settled in Seattle, where he opened a rigger’s workshop.

The Tokoloshe is an absolute wizard with wheeled vehicles, and has a knack for making them do what exactly what his customers want them to. He’s distrustful of strangers and never stays in one place for longer than a few weeks. He’s almost obsessive about cleanliness in his workshop, and often mistakes real objects and people for ARO’s, making social interaction awkward at times. However, once you get to know The Tokoloshe, you’ll find him very personable. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, but never, ever imply that he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Besides the mechanical and electronics workshop, it’s said he operates a number of ultra-secure safehouses scattered all over Seattle. The African community of Seattle seems terrified of the little dwarf. They refuse to discuss why. Many runners call him “McGuyver” behind his back for his pacifist attitude.
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« Reply #66 on: <03-17-12/0516:07> »
Street Name: Morg
Metatype: Human (Meta-Gene altered)
Awakened: Yes (Mystic Adept) Voodoo? (Ogoun?)
Eye Colour: Neon Green (natural colour)
Hair Colour: Neon Green (natural colour)
Age: 16
Location Seattle Rat City

There is no record of Morg prior to his extraction form a Vancouver medical facility. The extraction team tried ship him to  Kenya and that's were his story should have ended. Instead they were shot down by the local warlord !Umbasa and Morg survived the crash and as his reward !Umbasa sent him to suicide bomb a a machine gun nest outside of Lodwa. amazingly the boy survived the explosion . The warlord !Umbasa had determined Morg was awakened so he decided this boy was worth more then another suicide bomb and there began Morg's career as a child soldier at the age of 13. It is unknown how or why Morg left this life, but one thing is clear, on Morgs 16 birthday !Umbasa Died. The dark spirit infesting the now withered soul of !Umbasa decided to take control of Morg on his 16th birthday. First finishing what was left of the warlord it then it took the form of Morgs childhood Idol and imaginary friend Karl combat mage. After earning his trust It  guided him to Seattle to further its goals to feed.

Recent news: Morg has discovered that his metagenes where tampered with before he was born. This tampering forwarded research into the striping of undesirable metagenetic traits such as goblinization. The extensive reworking of his genes "should" have guaranteed he would live a mundane life instead his power as a mystic adept has continued to grow.

Recent news: After the Tragic events that led to the death of Ronin and the ejection of a dark entity within him Morg was reunited with his true path of magic and struggles to follow the guidance of the Loa Ogoun.

Morg has extensive training in the use of hand to hand combat, stealth, support weapons, gunnery, scavenging and combat spells, as well as Chemical, Architectural and Tactical knowledge,but he never received any magical education he has received a grant for thaumaturgical studies at Draco Foundation's expense

Morg Is new to the shadows and as yet trying to gain acceptance,  he is willing to push harder and faster to get noticed. Morg has a deep love for the old 40s and 50s runner trids and their Daredevil ways. His preferred jobs are structure hits and fire support reminiscent of his recent past

Morg: has a Mangadyne logo and bar-code located somewhere on his body, he gets nervous when Universal Omnitech is mentioned in conversation, he has been corrupted by a dark spirit and it controls him even now, he killed Ronin in cold Blood
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« Reply #67 on: <03-21-12/0926:06> »
Subject: 19ST32
Real Name: Simonel Tanthalas
Birthday: December 2035
Street Name: Shrike
Nationality: United Canadian American States (forged), Tir Tairngire
Gender: Male
Metatype: Homo sapiens nobilis
Languages: English, Hawaiian, Japanese (rudimentary), Sperethiel (native)
Known Aliases: Shrike (primary), SimonSez (secondary)
Known IDs (Nationalities): Simonel Tanthalas (Tir Tairngire), Simon Daystar (Salish-Shidhe Council), Simon Gabriel (United Canadian American States)
Stock Image (With date/location taken): None available. Subject is approximately 6 feet tall, 210 pounds with black hair. Appears to have Japanese/Samoan ancestry.
Awakened/Emerged: Awakened (Mystic Adept/Shark)
Prominent Features: Black hair (faux hawk with green stripe), neo-celtic/samoan tattoos covering both arms/shoulders and possibly continuing further onto the subjects back
Augmentation: Unknown
Habits/Quirks: Seen in conversation with non-materialized entities, idealist, avid hurling follower
Primary Interests: Gangs, Infiltration Procedures, Magic, Martial Arts, Spirits, Swords, Tir Tairngire
Affiliations (Corps, Policlubs, VPN's, etc): Ancients go-gang, Leasa Criminal Syndicate, Lochlann Investments, Serathilion, Tarislar Revitilization Committee, Telestrian Industries, Virtual Underworld 93 VPN, White Thorn Society
Known Associates (Contacts and co-workers): Suki Redflower (street mage), Samantha O'Bryan (Neko, Subject 92SO15), Luc St. Pierre (St. SINner, Subject 59LS52), Rinelle (possible Leasa member), Averline Danaerys (possible dependent), Spiral (fixer), Kailiu (Ancients Lieutenant)
Whereabouts: Pacific Northwest
Part-time Residence: Tarislar, Puyallup, Seattle, UCAS; Portland, Tir Tairngire

Known Info: Subject is a Magician's Way Adept following Shark. First verifiable mention of subject 19ST32 is a birth record on file at Honolulu National Medical Center dated December 2035. It is unknown at this time whether or not this is an authentic birth record or a plant from the subjects affiliates. There is no further information until 2036 where the subject has become a citizen of the newly formed nation of Tir Tairngire. Listed guardians are Count Aishar-ha and Duchess Haukea Tanthalas. 19ST32 has no record of formal school attendance (possibly home schooled or tutored). Subject entered mandatory TTPF service in December 2053 (at this time it is assumed this is the subject's 18th birthday).  Subject is then employed by Paladin Security in 2055. Subjects residence was destroyed during the riots of 2064 and the subject is believed to have left Tir Tairngire at this time as there is no more official information (this could be due to Crash 2.0). This is the end of all information harvested from any official resource.

Speculation: The following are from unverified, second-hand reports: Subject is believed to live in the Tarislar area of Puyallup and has been seen with members of the Ancients go-gang. Subject has been seen taking a young female elf in a wheel chair to Deireadh An Tuartheil on several occasions. Subjects demeanor is one of nobility (possibly ingrained from a young age). Subject carries himself with an undeniable dignity, however the subject's attitude can change from one of humor to rage at a moments notice. 19ST32 carries a unique sword that looks like it has a revolver built into the grip and pommel (possible magic weapon focus; see Report 159-STV-908A).

Skills: Subject is both a competent unarmed combatant specializing in the elven martial art of Carromeleg and an excellent swordsman. 19ST32 excels at the arts of stealth and infiltration and is also a capable spellcaster.

Rumors: Has an ongoing feud with a Yakuza kunoichi that seems to border on hatred. Stole his sword from the Black Lodge. He was ran out of Tir Tairngire because he is a Shedim Master. Other rumors say he is a flesh form Bug Spirit. His family is actually an ancient cabal of vampires. He is not really an elf, but a human with cosmetic surgery.
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« Reply #68 on: <03-26-12/1847:20> »
Subject: 25TS659
Real Name: not found
Birthday: not found
Street Name: Marak
Nationality: Carrib League (born) , CAS
Gender: Male
Metatype: Troll
Languages: English, Spanish
Known Aliases: Marak (primary), Clyde (secondary)
Known IDs (Nationalities): Clyde (Seattle),
Stock Image (With date/location taken): None available. Subject is approximately 8 feet tall, 400 pounds with Auburn Dreadlocks . Appears to have
Awakened/Emerged: Awakened (Gunslinger Adept)
Prominent Features: Auburn hair (Drealocks),
Augmentation: Unknown
Habits/Quirks: Gun nut, idealist, avid combat biker follower
Primary Interests: Pistols, Infiltraion Procedures, Martial Arts, Combat bikers, Girls, Ork Underground
Affiliations (Corps, Policlubs, VPN's, etc): not known
Known Associates (Contacts and co-workers): Hope (Adept,runner,Gaurdian), Jethro Grimm (adopted uncle,orc), Jimmy Grimm (adopted uncle,orc), Gnat (Mother), Averline Danaerys (possible dependent), Spiral (fixer), Kailiu (Ancients Lieutenant)
Whereabouts: Pacific Northwest
Part-time Residence: Plastic Jungle, Carrib- League

Known Info: Subject is a virtual unknown. Just showed up in the runner scene.  Gunslinger Adept - Pistols. First verifiable mention of subject .  This is the end of all information harvested from any official resource.

Speculation: Subject is believed to be the offsring of Snarl and Gnat to Troll Freedom fighters or terrorists (which ever side of the line your looking from) from the ranch in "Texas". Snarl alleged brought a corp plex (3 buildings) down on himself with some sort of explosive(s) , killing him in the process. MOther Gnat disappeared after that. Supposedly to the Carribean but not fixed location was ever found. She was gaurded by the Brothers Grimm.  Street Samurais with not ites to the ranch. Gnat befriended the 2 during some big battle in the redmond area. And they stuck with her ever since. And became Marak's guardians , teachers and uncles.During the upheval in the league Marak was seperated from all 3. Jethro had given him a letter with names etc, to help him find one person who could train him in his path. He must find Hope. Upon arriving in Seattle Jethros family took him in and has treated him like their own kin. Living in the orc underground. He hasfound his father's only remaining safehous entact. Plus another from his mother. Subject carries himself with an undeniable dignity. 25TS659 carries a a variety of pistols.
Skills: Subject is both a competent gunman. 19ST32 excels at the arts of stealth and infiltration.

Rumors: Is the son of Snarl a terrorist freedom fighter from the RAnch wanted by Azteland.(Unconfirmed). He is here to avenge his fathers death. His mother is a very powerful Mage and is a voodoo master with a horde of zombies at her disposal.

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« Reply #69 on: <03-31-12/0421:18> »
Street ID: The Doc, Doc
Metatype: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Est. late twenties.
Abilities: Ranged Weapon Specialist
              Stealth Expert
              Investigation Expert
              Medical Expert

Known Info:
Heavy hitter with a sharp mind and a sharper eye. Worked Seattle in the past, but lately he's been rumored to be popping up in a lot of places, such as Detroit and Cancun. This guy's known for being able to get any job done clean. Decked out with 'ware up to his ears (though you wouldn't know it lookin' at him), he's more machine than man. For the past few years he always seems to run with a little Japanese hacker girl, Tsukiko (another runner well known in the Seattle area).

#1 "As a kid he was crippled and poor, so he surgically implanted his own cyberware so he could walk and stuff. Pretty gruesome."
#2 "Never misses a shot and never fails a run."
#3 "He's handsome, but totally weird, like disturbed.  Always gave me the creeps."
#4 "I heard he changed his face and moved out of Seattle like a year ago."
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« Reply #70 on: <04-12-12/1642:56> »
Name: Delir Emet
Known Info: A young man with clear Middle Eastern features, Delir Emet- who only answers to that name in known runner community belief- is a more recent comer to the Seattle shadows, though he clearly isn't wet behind the ears. Notably, he is a Zoroastrian magus, devout in faith. Though much more weighted to the practice of conjuring rather than spellcasting, he still has a great deal of might to throw around in either event.

Naturally, he has been able to get plenty of work, although he has been noted to be picky about the work he chooses. A number of prospective Johnsons have been said to be turned down because Delir Emet found their requests completely unacceptable. As he was once heard to comment, "I may walk a thin line for Ahura Mazda and Good, but some things are beyond the pale." 

Rumors: - Ancient gangers disappeared recently, sounds of a fight they say, but gone, no blood, no signs of cacking. The Ancients hold Emet responsible for some reason.
- Aztechnology wage mages disappearing, Delir Emet seen in the vicinity. A couple were rumored blood mages.

Neo Strider

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« Reply #71 on: <04-18-12/2057:28> »
Name: Neo Strider aka Old Man Strider

Known info: Born sometime in 2030s (He's always been cagey about his age) Strider's been a Seattle native, born and raised. He ran with go-gangs in his teens and after a couple big scores, got himself chromed up and took to the shadows. He had a few close associates, they worked for just about anyone for the right amount of nuyen and got burned a couple times for it. He lost his associates on various runs, until finally vanishing during the Crash 2.0. He's resurfaced in recent weeks, looking for new blood to run with.

Rumors: "Is that rusty razor still around even!? Heard he died in the Crash. Leastways, lot of his old chummers did."
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« Reply #72 on: <05-03-12/2053:37> »
Name: Shadowrider
Metatype: Human
Occupation: Private Investigator

Known Info: Shadowrider is a 3ed generation Lone Star Peace Officer. Because of his family background, sense of duty and academy scores Captain Franklin Marrs quickly transfered him under his command. Despite his best efforts Shadowrider could not get reassignment and by 2071 his disillusionment with Lone Star was complete. When Lone Star lost the Seattle contract he gladly took Knight Errants offer for cold case investigations. Recent events however have not been kind. The investigation of his newest cold case have caused several attempts on his life, the loss of his job and the death of his best friend & partner. He is now working as a P.I, until he can sort it all out

Rumors "I hear he keeps in touch with the Heat"
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Metatype: Elf
Sex: Male

Known Info: An upper class sense of style and a silver tongue get him into and out of trouble like a pendulum. In a recent swing of good fortune, he gathered enough nuyen to open up a runner friendly pub on the outskirts of Redmond. From his extravagantly decorated office he offers his services as a fixer to up and coming runners. He says his own days as a runner are over, but ask the right people and you find out that his past still haunts him. The streets lifted him up, and they can drag him right back down. This Archangel will need to cut anchor and start flying by himself if he wants to keep his life of luxury.

-"Irish Mob are said to be knocking down his door looking to collect on an old debt. Might not be long before they try to take a pound of flesh instead."
-"Great contact for out of towners too, Seattle can swallow you whole if you don't know the rules. Gabe can keep you from running into the wrong people."
-"Pays extra nuyen if you take hood work, or if you stroke his ego."


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Name:zork the problem solver

Known:This man has had some problems in the past And supposidly he has done alot of things that he is not proud of.
Zork Is a hitman and a very talanted with sniper rifles.
He has made quite a few foes with about 20 assinations through his six years of experience.
He never shares his past or his personal life unless there realy good buddys of his due to the corperations he managed to piss off.

Rumors:He just recently reappeared in seatle after spending about a half a year in japan no idea why he left for japan and it stranger why he came back.
He also lives somewhere in seatle but not many pepole know where.