[OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread

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Name: Leon

Known Info:  An ace hacker with a knack for networking, Leon is new to the seattle scene and is still working to get established in the new setting. Rumor has it he was a player in the FDC underworld, but no conclusive links have ever been made. He's out to build a name, a team, and a rep in seattle, and he's willing to prove he has something to bring to the varied world of the shadows.

Name: Pagan

Known Info:  A sociopathic mercenary who'll take any life for a decent payout, Pagan's never know to be anchored down with a regular team. His magic makes him a force to be reckoned with in the realm of profession killers, and you'll know when he's payed someone a visit. You don't pay him to make someone disappear, you pay him to make them scream. He's easily recognizable from the inverted cross shaped burn on his neck, which is embroidered with an intricate lattice of tattoos. Play straight with him and he's a valuable ally. Cross him and you will burn.


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Name: Mason
Known info: A skilled mage known for specializing in barriers of all kinds. Also does other manipulation spells. Is a dwarf. Doesn't get out into the shadow community much.
Rumors: It is rumored that Mason frequently works on bug elimination jobs.


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Makura BioLabs 27/SEC/C917PER

SUMMERS, Morgan:  vehicle specialist, martial artist & gunslinger.

DoB:  14 February 2038   Place of Birth:  Fairbanks, Athabaskan Council
Height:     170cm      Weight:     72.7 kg
Hair:        Blonde, shoulder length  (styled)
Eyes:        Blue (dark)
Distinguishing Features/Marks:  None
Cyberwear:  None

   Morgan Summers, formerly a driver and transport specialist in this Corporation, was born to a old-style gaijin family still resident in what was the former United States of America state of Alaska.  His family was apparently at least partially Awakened, since his older(?) sister is a Troll and an uncle is an Elf.  Both family members still reside in Fairbanks.
   Summers attended local educational facilities (said facilities not being corporate controlled) until college, at which time he entered a college in Seattle Metroplex.  Did not appear to have a scientific, legal or business bent.  After undistinguished graduation, Summers seemed to be drifting from minor job to job, in small private enterprise.  Drifted as far south as Los Angeles, and as far east as old Denver.  In his twenty-first year,  gained entrance to DocWagon’s training program in Seattle.  Trained as primary driver for a Trauma team, also in training.  Training lasted three years.  Team was one of several junked at the time due to lack of funding; team members, numbering twenty-five in all, were cut loose with no firm prospects.

   Summers tried for various openings in and around Seattle, and after two months was accepted by this Corporation.  Worked with flair and elan for a total period of five months and ten days.  During his last seven days, one evening Summers was noticed in the company of a suspected Knight Errant operative.  When questioned about this, he claimed he had been "trying to get her into bed."  Given Summers' well-known proclivities, this answer was accepted at the time.  Nevertheless, a little more attention was paid to Summers,  both off- and on-duty.
   Summers' last assigned duty was as part of a convoy coming from Vancouver to Seattle.  We still don't know what entirely happened; what we do know is the unit under Summers' control jackknifed in Snohomish.  The personnel travelling in the cargo bay were severely injured, and in two cases killed in the incident.  Indications exist that Summers found out what he was carrying en route.  Two other vehicles in the convoy were also damaged in the chain reaction.  Three of the twelve security personnel travelling with the convoy were shot and killed.  After the confusion had ended, Summers was nowhere to be found.  The city authorities stole the cargo and extorted a large amount of money, in return "permitting" the Corporation to retain its businesses within Seattle. 

   Summers is wanted for questioning by this Corporation, and it is recommended that steps are taken for his apprehension as soon as he is located.  Whether the proposed operation is contracted out or kept in-house is a matter for the Board to decide.

Annex A to
Makura BioLabs 27/SEC/C917PER

Known Associates:

Cinnamon Mathonwy   Decker      Could well prove to be the means by which Summers is convinced to return to the fold, and may prove worthwhile recruiting in her own right.

Irina Karpova      Mage      Her departure from the Corporation is extremely unacceptable.  Strangely, no affiliation with Summers is apparent before they each went AWOL.  Steps are to be taken to retrieve Karpova’s services, in whatever capacity.


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Name: Brighid

Known info: Samantha Roth. Trid personality. Former UCAS DIA spy. Outspoken critic of Tir Tairngire. She still engages in some unconventional activities on behalf of NeoNET and others, including her own agenda.

Rumors: Claims that she serves or is otherwise connected to Lugh Surehand, that she still has ties to the New Revolution, that she's no longer human, and all sorts of other scurrilous lies.


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Name: Tyco
Race: Elf

Street rep: Professional long time shadowrunner.  Rummored to be ex Tir spec ops. Is thought to have gotten his career started in the mid 50's and catapulted to international ops not long after.  Has been associated with multiple teams over the years but Is known to be a "loner who can work with others".  Has been quoted to say he has worked for and against every AAA corp.  Tyco was rumored to have been the leader and founder of Renta Merc but other than hear say there is no proof that ties him to the sucsessful organization and so that speculation is considered more fiction than fact. Tyco's current location is unknown and it seems he has either retired or is laying low somewhere off the grid.
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Name: Smiley
Race: Chinese Elf, Eastern Drake

Known Info: Smiley is known in the shadows as a very successful wetwork artist. He's been around in the shadows for the last 15 years. His signature and method is particular as bodies and forensic evidence (magic traces included) are never found, only a black business card that says "Service with a smile" where targets have disappeared. The cards themselves also vanish after a day or two from evidence lockers. He has also been called on for cleaning and bodyguard jobs. Outside the shadows, he is known as Joking Chan (yes, a Jackie Chan bad pun), the front man and guitarist of a successful but local Seattle based Retro Progressive Experimental Punk Rock Hardcore band named "Thanks for Coming Out". Their first album, "Chinese Fish in a Bucket full of Piss" has been released freely on several P2P networks. Those who knows him personally described him as a funny and enjoyable guy, with a strong sense of humor and incapable of taking anything too seriously. He is also known to be quite the playboy. Although loyal only to himself, his word his gold and he has gathered favors from quite an impressive amount of people from all social strata and nearly every circle. He is also known to meet from time to time with the Great Dragon Hestaby and also the Octagon Triads Incense Master Chen Kwan-Ti, although the nature of the relation between Smiley and these two individuals remain a mystery to all but those concerned. The Halloweeners Street Gang has also put a small bounty on his head and Smiley seems to have a similar vendetta against them. His shadow activities have been only sporadic in the last 2 years, focusing on training his magical abilities and his martial arts talents.

Rumors: His mysterious relation with Hestaby is subject to numerous and, more often than not, frivolous rumors. When questioned about it, Smiley simply answer by a smile, a wink and a "She's a kind lady." "She's my kind of Lady." "She's kind of my lady." or other variations, which, combined with his usual lack of seriousness, makes it even more puzzling. Another rumors says that Smiley has done wetwork jobs for Lone Star. Several suspects on their top list of untouchable and connected  murderers have disappeared with black business cards founds in their homes, cars or offices. The lack of any real efforts from Lone Star to investigate also fuel that rumor. Another rumor places him in a Seattle biker gang that got wiped out by the Halloweeners street gang. If he sided with the Ancients to take his revenge his pure speculation but it did coincide with a black business card left at the scene of the brutal murders of 16 Halloweeners and the destruction of one of their warehouse hangout around the same time the two gangs clashed. The only time, that Smiley would have left bodies to be discovered.
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Name:  Money Johnson
Race:  Caucasian Human

Known Info:  A Mr. Johnson for over 16 years in the Shadows of Seattle, starting in 2049 as a corporate Johnson for an unknown corporation, before going out freelance as a street Johnson (A specialized form of Fixer, really, adding an additional level of deniability in Shadowruns.).  Earned the handle "Money" for being a straight businessman with Shadowrunners and having some understanding about jobs that did not go as planned, thus "Was always good for the money", but also demanded professionalism and respect in return.  Able to blend into any environment, he dressed down for the streets and up for the conference rooms as appropriate and was able to work with both sides of Seattle's societies.  He semi-retired shortly after Crash 2.0 after marrying an elven woman, but came back to Seattle three years later with extensive cybernetics, a story about a building falling on him, and blood in his eye.  He's since shown a bit of instability, particularly in the fact that he occasionally dresses completely opposite to the area he's in, and has quite a lot of rage.  A dedicated infojunkie, he constantly crawls the Matrix and has for years, and has a wealth of knowledge that sometimes astounds people, as well as a plethora of contacts.  He's also a big game hunter, proficient fisherman, and enjoys 20-year old scotch and Tir whiskey.  Known to only drink soykaff, an oddity for Seattle.  Despite being in the city for ~18 years, he's not a local.

Rumors:  Money Johnson supposedly lost his wife in the same explosion that collapsed the building onto him, which is thought to be the cause for his mental unbalance.  Other people say he got some old time religion with some really old, and bloodthirsty gods.  The SINs he uses are scrambled badly, relating to multiple people, which makes identifying who he really is nearly impossible.

Name:  Big Murphy  [Deceased]
Race:  Mixed Race (AmerIndian/Hispanic/Caucasian) Ork

Known Info:  A third generation Shadowrunner, and also the third to have the same handle (Previously being "Little Murphy" until the death of his father).  Considered nothing more than dumb Barrens muscle, he's actually very well read and intelligent, having taught himself to read and does so frequently due to a sleep regulator that he had installed for the frequent stakeouts and physical overwatch jobs he was hired on for.  Refuses for use fully automatic weapons, but is very proficient with pistols, shotguns and rifles, and knows which end of a rocket launcher one should point towards the enemy.  Carries around a Monosword at almost all times.  Has connections with the Bot'Kham and the Cascade Orks through family.  A native of the Redmond Barrens, and still a resident there.

Name:  Murphy
Race:  Mixed Race (AmerIndian/Hispanic/Caucasian/Asian) Ork

Known Info:  Nephew of Big Murphy, fourth generation Shadowrunner, with the street name being a tradition in their family.  Homeschooled by his Uncle, he is able to perform quite a few different roles in any Shadowrunner team that's required, but is a bit of a Hacker above all.  Like his Uncle before him, he has connections to the Bot'Kham and the Cascade Orks through family members, and carries a few concealed melee weapons on his body at all times.  Still building a reputation for himself in Seattle, despite his pedigree.
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Name: Wight Knight
Occupation: Snitch
Known Info: The Wight Knight is the Matrix handle of Johnny Morrison, a former corporate wageslave who got Infected by a ghoul and was forced to hide in the shadows of Seattle. He makes a living by being the guy to go to when you need information, and is known for his Matrix persona of a knight in blood-encrusted black armor with ghoulish facial features.

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Name:         : Kendrick Morkai
Street ID:         : The Wyrm Ouroboros
Matrix IDs:         : The Wyrm Ouroboros
         : Shockwave
         : Ephasia
         : Multiple Others
Race:         : Male Elven Caucasian
Height:         : 195 cm (6' 5")
Weight:         : 78.64 kg (173 lbs)
Hair Color:         : Dark brown, silvering, short.
Eye Color:         : Blue/Grey
Age:         : 64 (b. 2009)
Abilities:         : Decker/Hacker.
         : Suspected Technomancer.
Marks:         : Datajack behind right ear.
         : Apparent human aging.
         : May require glasses for reading.
Activities:          : Data Acquisition and Analysis.
         : Pattern Recognition.
         : Utility and IC Programming.
         : Site Intrusion Planning.
         : Otaku/Technomancer Involvement.

[Background File: UCAS FBI]
Note that the imagery provided is the only known image of him, taken from his college years, where he posed for art college; this is hardcopy, which is fortunate because it keeps vanishing from our digital files.

The information we have is that the Wyrm Ouroboros is a caucasian elf well known for his attentiveness to detail and getting wrapped up in his work; one of the nicknames he is teased with is 'Captain Oblivious', which he cheerfully responds to. Once he has shaken himself out of his focus on his job, however, he continues to be attentive, his quick intellect noticing details and making connections others may miss. He has 'worked the globe', as it were, going nearly anywhere in order to do a job. His criteria for accepting work tend towards 'personal gain' -- to wit, what dirt on the corporations he can extract during the event. Offering to cover the real reason of a run with his own activities has gotten him into jobs that he may not have normally been accepted for, whether because of his ethics or his price tag; nonetheless, his actions while on the job are professional, efficient, and elegant. Jobs of repute have supposedly been:
  • 2037: Boosted and distributed a complete 'Who's Who' of the ownership of Mitsuhama Computer Technologies, including a two-layer exploration of fronts and holding companies.  Suspected of having delved much further into fronts, holding companies, etc. (Japan.)
  • 2040: Uncovered and published links connecting Boston magnate Richard Villiers to 'The Terror of the Orient', Fuchi Industrial Electronics. (UCAS)
  • 2042: Assisted in an attempt to crash critical Aztlan matrix systems prior to a military offensive. (CAS)
  • 2043: Spearheaded an attack on New York/New Jersey non-Mafia criminal interests. Morkai and associates are believed to have kept up to 15% of the money from 'opposition' operations, thought to total over $10,000,000. (UCAS)
  • 2047: Researched and distributed a document incriminating Ares Macrotechnology in illegal human testing and unregulated toxic waste disposal practices. (UCAS)
  • 2051: Planned and executed a matrix assault on the Parliament records of the government of Australia. (Australia)
  • 2055: Involved in several border incidents from Australia to Seattle. A small child of approximately 4 years of age is involved.
  • 2056: Involved in setting up a 'halfway house' for street kids in New Orleans. Later thought to be original home base of a so-called 'otaku' gang. (CAS)
  • 2061: Participated in an intrusion into the 'closed' Renraku Arcology. (Seattle Metroplex)
  • 2062: Spearheaded a Russian Soviet intrusion into a Khazakstan military system. (Russia)
Since 2062 his trail has become extremely difficult to follow, whether this is because of the supposed otaku gang, the Crash 2.0, an increase of his worms, or some other reason is unknown.

Rumors:  Ouro says he was involved in an internet hack during college that drew the attention of both the SEC and the FBI in his first semester of his senior year of college, back in 2028.  The court computers, being well-secured, quickly fell victim to the Crash Virus, and when he thought he was home free because of it, he got visited by certain military types looking for certain kinds of minds.  Whether his claim of being one of the Echo Mirage hackers is true, his claim that the USAF later killed off several of those who stayed in the military certainly holds some truth, even if this office has never been able to prosecute.  Supposedly, he managed to escape and go underground, first pulling off what has become his hallmark -- wiping all systems of any knowledge of him. People know of the Wyrm; machines did not. He soon acquired a Portal, juiced it up to hacker specs, and began doing what he's always done best: hacking and getting the word out, as well as seeding major systems with very subtle, replicating tapeworms.  It has become part of FBI computer operations personnel SOP to sweep for tapeworms with his signature in all systems.

Unlike most elves, the past thirty years have put lines onto the Wyrm's face; he claims to have some unpronounceable genetic disease that has interfered with how he ages.  His mind, however, remains as sharp and flexible as if he were still in his senior year of college. Using 'The Wyrm Ouroboros' and various other aliases and street names, he has participated in literally hundreds of quasi-legal actions, a number which can easily climb past a thousand if one considers his near-constant Matrix presence. Actual legal and regulation infringements are uncountable.

As of 2064 he was believed to have custody of a 12-year-old girl, thought to be his daughter; who or where the mother was remains unknown.  Current rumor suggests he has Emerged as a technomancer and been accepted into the otaku-tribe-turned-Resonance-guild which, supposedly, always retained a position open for him to fill.
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Name: Iceblade

Known Info: Iceblade is a caucasian elf out of Tir Tairngir. A magician following a little-known tradition called the Swordmage, and following the Shark, he is somewhat distinctive for the highly decorative blades he uses, with custom AR overlays. Unlike some runners, Iceblade maintains a cover identity as Count Mirikon Mollen, an exiled Tir noble living the high life. In this persona, he can usually be found in any of the best clubs in any sprawl he goes to. While the Crash makes any information before 2064 suspect at best, there is a SIN in Tir Tairngir under that name and general biometric data (the picture has been lost), saying that Count Mollen was in the Tir Tairngir Peace Forces, assigned to the Ghosts. However, other biographical data has been lost or erased, though childhood records from before his Naming may exist. However, there is no record of what he was called before his Naming. When asked why he left the Tir, all he'll say is that "Popular revolutions tend to be bad for your health when you're a nobleman."

In his runner persona, Iceblade carries himself like a professional. He has a bias towards elves and the Awakened, though anyone who proves themselves capable will get a certain level of respect from him. During the technomancer scare, Iceblade actually took up arms protecting some technomancers from a mob in Seattle. He has shown an intense dislike for Aztlan and Aztechnology, and is usually eager to take jobs that will harm the big A. While he has no bias for or against the Infected, per se, he has shown a need for a very strong drink when the topic of ghouls shows up. When asked why he left the Tir, he'll just shake his head, get another drink, and say that he had a 'bad experience'.

Name: Kusanagi Motoko

Known info: A half-Japanese, half-caucasian human from Neo-Tokyo, Motoko is, at first glance, a woman in her early twenties who is utterly obsessed with anime. And that's not far from the truth. Of course, when one digs deeper, one finds that she's a technomancer, who spent most of '71 hiding behind the Yakuza for protection from lynch mobs and snatchers. She is known to follow the E-scapist stream, and answers to a digital entity called Alias. Despite having contacts in the Yakuza, Motoko seems driven to spoof most aspects of her lifestyle, perhaps as an extension of her belief that the Matrix, where everything is changeable, is her true home, and the meat world is just someplace she is forced to visit now and then.

One odd thing about Motoko is that she has taken steps to compensate for the fact that hackers are more often than not expected to come with the team, rather than staying in the van, meaning that they can often find themselves in combat in the meat world. She's started to become fairly good with the Barret 121 that she always brings with her on runs, and her Steel Lynx makes for an excellent shield, as well as helping to add offensive firepower to her team. One downside to her fascination with anime, however, is that whenever she hacks a node, she always leaves behind a tag in the form of an icon from an old anime series.

Known Info: Caucasian male, typically takes jobs as a street samurai and enforcer. Only obvious ware is a datajack and some blue cybereyes. He appeared on the Seattle scene shortly after Crash 2.0. Not much is known about his past, in no small part because whatever he can remember, he isn't willing to tell anyone. Scuttlebutt is that he worked for Renraku before the shutdown. These rumors persist in part because of the Red Samurai armor he wears when he's expecting a real fight. He admits to having been in the Arcology during the shutdown, but refuses to say anything, mainly due to 'bad memories'. He's got a rep as a good fighter, but he's shown signs of being mentally unstable, going through manic periods where he claims to hear the Lord whispering to him through the Matrix.

Belial was born in Angkor Wat, the Naga Kingdom. As a young naga, he was captured in the wild, and sold as a parasecurity critter to Mitsuhama, spending most of his time in a MCT facility in Seattle. He endured six long years of this slavery, before the Corporate Court declared that nagas were sapient creatures, to be afforded the same rights as metahumans. Freed from his corporate bonds, Belial was released into Seattle, without even a commlink to his name.

In this way, he was found by a member of the Seoulpa Rings, who was looking for talent for their porn trids. Not knowing what he was signing up for, Belial agreed to be in several trids, in a starring role. The vore porn trids made him enough money to get on his feet in the shadows. A recent addition to the Seattle shadow scene, Belial, now running as Wyrmtongue, tends to adopt a metahuman form when on the job, partially to be able to use weapons and armor, and partially to avoid the whole business of him being a Naga, which isn't a protected species in the UCAS.
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Name: Mercedes

Known Info: Social adept that's been involved in hunting down a powerful vampire.


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Official Name: Xerena Veracruz
Street Name: Madrecita
Metatype: Elf

Known Information: Very little is known for sure about Xerena. Born in Granada, Spain, in 2014, she trained as a surgeon in Madrid and entered private practice for over a decade until 2054 when she disappeared. She resurfaced in Seattle in 2067 as a talismonger, and packing Grade 3 Initiate punch. No one knows where she'd been, or what happened to her in the intevening 13 years. All anyone knows for sure is that she owns an Alchemy microlab, an enchanting shop, and that she'd been producing some of the finest magical goods and refined materials and ingredients since her arrival. She soon became known as "Madrecita" - "Little Mother" - as tribute to the strays she keeps taking in...and as "Gris", for her not-so-strict adherance to the Hypocratic oath. Talismonger and Enchantress she may be, but that doesn't mean she's left her former career completely behind. Xerena will on occasion apply her talents to "cosmetically enhance" those who can persuade her with sufficient cred - or the occasional pro-bono case if she feels you deserve it. Although the practice of medicine is no longer her primary job, she rarely turns anyone away...but be careful: if you're on her shit-list, by all means try not to end up on her operating table. Bad Things may happen.

Rumours: There’s some sort of bad blood between her and some Azzies. Azzie magicians walk wide circles around her. Whatever the trouble one is talking, and no one is rocking the boat too much. With a distinct lack of concrete information, the stories about her turns wilder and wilder with every passing year even though all she’s ever been observed doing is sell magical goods, patch up your ass and annoy the Azzies.
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Brighid's stats are in Artifacts Unbound, page 119.

She's a Grade 8 social adept. There's a line in Street Legends by Thorn about how if Argus really wanted him dead they'd send an expert like him.

She's the person that the UCAS would send.


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Name:  BeeDubs
Metatype: Troll

Known Information:  It's believed he's a former runner turned fixer.  His original alias back in the 60's was "Buffalo Wings" but the shorter version stuck.  His nickname came quite directly from his penchant for downing buckets of wings, bone and all, while on the job.  In his days as a runner he tended to spend most his time as a freelance on-sight rigger for various teams but he was also known to be a competent hacker.  His specialties were mainly B&E and he was known to have no qualms about doing wetwork if it paid enough.  He actively trolls the shadow VPNs and likes to help teams out with his long experience in the shadows.  He also loves to contribute to online discussion forums having to do with history, politics, Meta-rights and music. 


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Names: Ysoni and Fenris
Metatypes: Dryad and Fenrir Wolf Shapeshifter

Known information: Ysoni is a second generation runner and an Adept following the Invisible Way. Born and raised in the Seattle Shadows, he knows his way around, and have been thoroughly trained by his parents. He resides in Tarislar where his younger sister maintains a set of small greenhouses. Being a dryad, Ysoni's health in intimately tied to those greenhouses. It's well known that Ysoni had been born a she in 2046, but had since then undergone gene-based gender reassignment therapy to become a he. A talismonger and medical practitioner known as Madrecita in the Shadows took care of the procedure. Shortly after, now actually having balls, he started taking on larger 'runs. One such 'run went miserably wrong and he ended up with a dead Johnson, an unpaid crew and a crate containing a Saeder-Krupp-trained paracritter. To make matters even one would take it off his hands. Left no other choice, he let the big Fenrir loose...but the following week it was back. He soon discovered that Fenris, as he unimaginatively called it, was a shapeshifter. From then...Fen joined Ysoni on his runs, using his magic in his partner's defence. Neither takes a solo job. Ever. Fen's a fairly powerful magician, but he's not entirely comfortable with technology. He avoids the matrix altogether whenever possible and even foregoes AR.

Rumours: There's something really fishy about the devotion Fen and Ysoni have for each other. They're always together, and Fen seems unusually protective - even posessive. Few dare ask what the story is in the face of Fen's fangs.

**NOTE: Fen will not be posting. Since he's uncomfortable with tech, only Ysoni will be "present". No IC play will take place involving him.
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"There are always consequences to our actions. We all must face what we have done, and submit to the justice of the pack. It may be that you will have to run alone from now on, but you cannot begin to fix what you broke without admitting that you broke it." - Madrecita's animal twin.