1st run in New System for old timers

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My group used to play 1st Ed a lot, but we drifted on to other systems.  Since it's 2012, I talked them into starting up again.  I created my own city; a replacement for New Orleans since I decided that the Mississippi would finally change course during the Great Ghost Dance.

Team Members

Ivy - Elf/Dryad Face
Boudicaea - Physical Adept, on the run from Tir na'Nog
Cipher - former infiltration expert in CAS spec ops with cyber
Zephyr - were-drake ex-ganger
Shango - Voodoo houngan
Zed - ork technomancer

The team met Mr. Johnson at a hotel.meeting room.  It sounded simple; take a cargo crate, and smuggle it INTO a warehouse.  Johnson explained that the crate had been left behind at the docks, and it HAD to be with the rest of the shipment as if it had been there all along.  Johnson offered 10,000; Ivy negotiated an extra 1000 upfront for expenses.

The team arranged for a rental truck (Cipher could drive) and scoped out the warehouse.  Some legwork later from Zed and Zephyr, and the team found it was a Triad smuggling point.  The team quickly decided their original idea of planting the crate during a robbery was a BAD idea, and elected to stealth in, knock the warehouse workers/guards unconscious, plant the crate and run, making it look like a failed robbery.

They decided to hit early in the morning, right after shift change, bringing the truck with the crate and parking it nearby.  Knock out the workers, drop off the crate, and done.

The initial entry went fine; Cipher picked the lock, and Boudicaea and Cipher took out the four guys lounging in the break room in less than one combat round.  A gltich in entering the warehouse alerted the workers, and the fight was on, with the teams diving among crates, trying to use non-lethal force while not getting killed.  While Zed used his control of the Matrix to use a crane for attack and distraction, the rest of the team managed to close with the workers and pummel them down.  (Or shock them down, in the case of Zephyr who used a shock glove on a very sensitive spot...)  Shango suddenly remembered why 'geek the mage' was the battle cry in the old system, taking several shots after dropping the one adept among the workers with a stunbolt

Workers down, the team back the truck in...and the crate suddenly sent off an alarm to the local warehouse node and Lone Star.  The team scrambled to unload the crate and drove off fast.  Since Cipher was driving, her qualities let them slip past the incoming Stars without incident.

Some of the team were a bit miffed; but Mr. Johnson met them at a secluded, small restaurant, paid them the rest of the money, and threw in dinner as a bonus.  Nuyen managed to calm the excitable ones.


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I so wanna know what there is in that crate  ;D

Deplore killings made in the name of religion. Can't it just be for fun?


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2nd Run

The team is contacted by Forest, their fixer (whom they've never met in the flesh) on a Thursday morning.  It seems that an associate of Forest's needs some help.  Not much nuyen, but if the team can help the guy out, Forest will owe them a solid.

Shango and Ivy have day jobs, so Cipher, Zephyr, Boudicaea, and Zed head over to a run-down commuter hotel.  While Cipher stays outside, and Boudicaea stays in the lower hallway, Zed and Zephyr meet with George, an orc baggage handler.  George is near hysterics, but the two get the idea that some bad people are out to kill George, and have already burned down his apartment.

Meanwhile, Cipher notes an orc gang slowly gathering outside the hotel.  She alerts the others.  Zed and Zephyr take George (George is carrying an armored case that he won't drop for anything) out, while Boudicaea and Cipher work to slow down the gang.  Cipher opens up on the gangers lounging outside, and Boudicaea confronts the gangers as they enter the lobby and pull a gun on the desk clerk.  (Confrontation meaning two bursts from an SMG into the lead orc.)  After a confused firefight (and a completely wrecked lobby; the gang hit everything BUT Boudicaea), the team gets George out and with Ivy and Shango (who have gotten away from the jobs by this time.)

It's clear that what people want isn't George, but the case.  While Ivy calms down George, Zed hacks the lock and the case is opened, revealing...

Two very corroded daggers, two very corroded flintlock pistols, some sealed clear bags with ancient leather bags inside them, a set of data chips, and an rusted iron ball.  And a lot of RFID stealth tags.

Ivy persuades George to talk.  George had the case land on his baggage cart after a commuter plane blew up on the tarmac while landing.  George decided to take the case home with him, hoping it might have something worth a lot of nuyen.  Shortly after getting home, his place was attacked.

Legwork time.  Zed and Zephyr hit up the streets, and find that someone is passing out scanners set to a specific tag frequency, promising gear for anyone who finds a case and returns it.  Ivy uses some academic contacts, and finds out that an archeological team in the Yucatan just came back to the city, only to die in a tragic accident upon landing.  Viewing the data chips gives the team a look into the archeological world of 2072, with ancient tombs guarded by real spirits.  Meanwhile, Boudicaea notices something odd about the iron ball.  Fiddling with it, she manages to twist it open...inside is a map on orichalcum leaf to a site in Occupied Texas.

How to make money?  Poor George doesn't have much.  The team elects to sell the case (minus the hidden map) back to the university as a 'finder's fee'.  Ivy arranges a meet.

However, the team didn't notice the blood on the bottom of the case.  A somewhat more professional gang hires Rizzo the Rat Shaman to find the case, and makes a hit on the team, with Rizzo's Spirit of Man providing backup.  Shango runs off in fear; and the team learns Zephyr's secret, while fighting the gangers in a crowded room.  Between Zephyr's drake form and Boudicaea's weapon foci, the team cancels the spirit, while Cipher, Zed, and Ivy barely hold their own long enough for the heavy hitters to help out.  When Shango returns, he quickly figures out what happened, and the case is freshly polished.

After all that, the meet goes smoothly; although unhappy at having to pay ruffians, getting back the case PLUS the data chips that recorded the excavation makes the expense worthwhile.  Forest is happy that the team saved one of his contacts; Forest's loyalty increases by one towards the team.  The team doesn't mention the map to anyone; they're intending a little expedition of their own, looking for the buried treasure of Jean Lafitte...