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Part 1: Cheap Hotel

   "Cheap Hotel," mused Mouse as he paced back and forth in the room. He looked around at the furniture and sighed, he didn't feel like climbing to get up onto a chair so he plopped down on the floor. Settling himself into a corner he called up his edit program and started working on the footage  that was splashed across the news. They had all worn masks, so it was clearly edited, the Johnson burned them and it was time to prove it. Setting the editor to work, Mouse called up his browse program and started parusing HackerHouse making sure his software is up to date. He was vaguely aware that Loken said he was going out to keep an eye on the Johnson's residence.  As the ork stepped out of the hotel room, Mouse popped an IM to him suggesting he might want to hook up with someone's who hasn't been tied into the last run. A quick comcall later and Loken is on the way to pick up a mage that Mouse knows, Fix. That settled, Mouse turned his attention back to the work at hand and the gnawing rumble of his stomach.

   Watching Ariana, Mouse couldn't help but imagine her like the guns she worked on. Ready to fire, but just lacking a target. He could see she was frustrated looking for something to do but everything that could be done was being done. To lighten the mood Mouse said, "Could you get me a Fizzipop?" As the elf left the room, Mouse was a little stunned she actually went out to get one for him. A smile crossed the gnome's lips as took a mental note to to buy her a drink next time. Popping a stick of betel, he went back to work on the footage.

   "Can't you hack his comlink and find out who he's been in contact with," Fix asked over their link. This snapped Mouse out of his zone and he blinked pushing aside the edit program for now and pausing that work. Fix was good for ideas, but the timing sort of sucked.  Putting aside the footage for now, Mouse began a slow probe to get into the Johnson's registered comlink. Going through his recent financial records Mouse sighed, "Guys he took an Alaskan cruise....this morning."

   "So how do you guys feel about sinking a cruise ship," someone asked. The words brought Mouse back into focus on what was going on around him. He wasn't sure who said it but the idea made him blanch. Just because they were criminals, Mouse didn't want to add murder, much less MASS murder to the list of options. "I thought we were just going to show that he edited the footage and get him for insurance fraud," said Mouse, "I'm not going in for the whole killing thing."
Switching on the Johnson's GPS, Mouse sighed, "He's in Vancouver." With grim resolution, Loken said, "That's only a few hours drive from here." Blinking Mouse said, "Wait...what? Drive?"

   After a heated debate the team decided to just upload the altered footage onto the Johnson's comlink then have it sent from his comm to the security company in charge of insuring his shop. In addition the footage of him hiring Shadowrunners was tagged right in with the footage. The only question remained was just to send it to the cops or to the media too. Finger on the send button Mouse listened to his teammates, the media angle was held in reserve.

   Starting to feel like he was trapped Mouse complained, "This is like being on house arrest," as he paced the floor. The gnome waved his hands over his head as he asked, "Isn't it? I mean like house arrest."  Looking over his team Mouse asked, "Any of you been on house arrest?" For the most part he was ignored, as the other runners scanned the various NewsNets looking for information on the situation. "This place smells, I'm going to go take a shower," Mouse said in frustration and stomped off to the bathroom.


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Off to a nice start! :D


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Excellent story! I really liked the pacing and the POV character.  Your story held me all the way through where many of the stories on here do not.

Mechanics wise you need to clean up the tense to make it consistent & I felt the story could use a bit more detail.  In this case a longer chapter would be an improvement to the piece.

I look forward to the next installment.