The road so far *insert the song Carry On Wayward Son*

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Yes that is a Supernatural reference...

So I felt like typing up a bit of history for my groups shadowrun experiences.

First game:

The first game we played several of us had never played Shaodwrun before. The players were: Sai the Dwarf Mage - Mikel the Gnome Rigger - Grumpy the Dwarf Street Doc - Phats the Troll Street Sam clown - Susan the Human Technomancer infiltrator - Many named Face the Human Face with many names but doesn't know his real name - Glitch our human Hacker not to be confused with the JP user Glitch. At this point the Face and the Technomancer players were splitting GM duty, both also played the game at this point, this game the Techno player was running.

For the first game we were hired to monitor and eventually take out two gangers, one a mage and one a troll street sam. We followed them to a bar and started monitoring them. We went in and took a table watching the Street Sam and his guards harass people. The face went up to talk to the target and while he was up there my mage casts confusion on the sam to give the face a boost. At this point the street sam *whose player had to miss the game* is techno rave dancing alone in front of a mirror. A member of the gang notices me casting spells and starts to head my way, the target outright kills a waitress and starts a massive bar brawl. The group decides to head out, taking pot shots at the gangers that are now fighting off the crowd and winning. A few well timed shots and the crowd starts winning. KE arrives and clears everyone out, the hacker is monitoring the targets comm and notices he is still in the bar and appears to be hiding. The team takes hiding spots outside the bar after running out. KE was distracted the street sam went out the wall trying to get away so the team had little trouble hiding. We wait a few hours and the target goes to leave. The hacker decides he has this and goes to the back door where the target is heading and takes aim with his shotgun at the door and waits. The targets gets to the door and the hacker attacks, many 6's are seen with an edge spent and the target is taken out in one shot. (part one done now for the mage.)

Most of the team loads into the riggers van and heads off to get the mage, the face goes ahead in his car. The team notices we are being tailed by two other vehicles and the hacker plus the techno decide to spy on them. They notice the other van is full of drones *including a steel lynx* the other car has two people in it, one is heavily cybered. The hacker takes control of the lynx and has it open fire in the van on the people inside. The face gets the other car into a race and the techno messes up their car and they hit a wall. The team loots the van and the face loots the car *well the part that isn't in a wall* living people are taken out and the team acquires some fake SIN's some money and a free Steel Lynx. We then go off to take down the mage.

The Face arrives first and gets impatient with waiting on us to arrive so he decides to deal with this on his own. He walks up *Finding a religious flyer in the trash and reading it as he goes* he walks up to the gang members guarding the hideout and starts talking to them. (Now I should mention I have actual video of this so this is verbatim what happened) The face walks up to the guys and they pull guns out Face: “Oh uh uh I, I’m sorry guys but do you know about our Lord Jesus Christ? I came here today to speak to you about Jesus so you know he died for you.” GM: “They both are looking at you like..” Face” Oh yes sir, yes sir I just wanted to share with you the love.”  GM: “Are you serious?” Face: “Yes sir.” GM: “Are you serious” Face: “I’m absolutely serious.” GM: “Get the fragg off my lawn.” Face: “Um Lord Jesus Christ is gonna come.” GM makes guns cocking noises Face: “umm I’m gonna roll some dice now and say something really really good.” GM: “Looks like you got four hits.” Face: “Your mother loves you, but you know who loves you more than your mother? Jesus.” GM: “You see one guy has a tear in his eye.” Face: “Yes that man died for you. I just came here today to let you know there are people that are like you that can help you.” GM: “You see one guy, the Street Sam with the Uzi, he is putting it away and walking up ‘Hey man, how many of those pamphlets do you have?’” Face: “I just got the one but are there any other occupants in this building that may want to hear about the lord Jesus Christ.” GM: “He goes ‘You really shouldn’t be here. Nobody in here is going to want to talk to you. You’re ok in my book but nobody else is going to want to talk to you.’ The other guy says ‘Steve leave it alone! Make him go away!’” Face: “I understand sir, I understand where I’m at. But the reason I’m here, the reason I’m putting myself through all of this is knowing exactly what I can do for you.” GM: The guy Steve says “Come back later, we’ll talk, you and me.” Face: “Well if you can just invite me in sir I have this book right here, you see.” GM: “Sorry man but the boss back in here would flip out if I let you in. He would try and kill you right off the bat.” Face: “Well then bring him on out! Bring him on out and if he does he does. You know what *he points to the sky* I am will to take that risk, bring him on out here.”

At this point the team had caught up, my mage used improved invisibility on the Steel lynx and had it coming down the street, the rigger sent two doberman’s down the back way, the hacker was pulling up information, the techno was sneaking to the roof and the Doc was going around back. The techno somehow manages to find someone heavily cybered and takes over their actions, has them go room to room killing their sleeping friends. The boss comes out and somehow notices everything going on and orders the guys to start shooting. The lynx opens up with the white knight taking out one of the guards and revealing that the boss is actually an illusion. At this point people start throwing grenades and all hell breaks loose, the boss turns into a rat and heads out the back as the Doc and drones are engaged by others. My mage follows him and spots the rat in the sewer and does a manabolt on him, killing him. We go down and take the requested part for ID, we loot the house and leave. We find a lot of this new drug called Tempo in there, as well as some weapons and money.

We deliver the parts requested by the Johnson and the game is wrapped up, but now we are hearing more and more about Tempo. This will lead us into the second game but that is for another time.