All That Glitters Campaign Idea - Intro

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"I can't believe I said it'd be easy!"

Queen Fair was holding her right arm, applying pressure to stop the blood from flowing.  She gritted her teeth, wiped the cold sweat from her forehead, and continued sifting through Sand's commlink.


The reason she thought the whole run was going to be easy was because of Sand.  Sand had a pristine fake employee security pass that worked all the way up to the executive suites, and he didn't want that much for it.  "Gimme a favor later" is what he had said, with a sleaze only he could apply.  That should have set off bells, but she was only interested in the mysterious message saying that a suit, by the name of Kim Seong, at the Downtown Seattle PULSE Offices was involved in her father's disappearance.

When her crew found Seong, he was laying back in his chair; a bullet hole in his forehead.  The next few seconds exploded in chaos, as the window exploded, and a bullet passed through Dredge's chest and into her arm.  She ran as fast as she could.

Esker died after getting tagged by a drone.

Weasel stopped communicating after reporting a SecHacker in the system.

She had needed a moment to catch her breath, and reload her pistol.  She ducked into a room, and was about to start the arduous process of a one-handed reload when she saw him.

Sand.  Right there, obviously in VR...  He was hooked directly into a terminal in the office.  He was the reason this had all gone to drek.  She finished reloading, and expended one round.  She made sure he never opened his eyes again.


Queen Fair sifted through the commlink, and found a message from Seong.  It said that his secrets remained not in this building, nor with him, but in a place where the most powerful resided over the most loyal.  The message also had been forwarded by Sand, to at least twenty different dropboxes.

"I'm not the only one who knows there is information out there... I need some painkillers, I need a doc, but I need this.  I need someone, and I need them fast."

After a few moments of thinking, she opened Sand's contact list. 

'Sand was a fixer... let's see who he had on tap.'


The PC's are sitting around, bored after the last couple of low-paying milk runs Sand set them up with last.

They receive a text from Sand, "Downtown Seattle, Yellow Brick Rose Club.  Ms. Johnson is a blonde human, long hair in bun, charcoal grey Zoe.  Good cred, low danger, show in 4 hours."

Kinda terse for Sand, but hey...  It'll be easy, right?