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>>>>>[ Someone tried to take out the son of a slitch Akroyd? Nice. I don't know anyone who deserves it more. ]<<<<<
     --Mercedes (18:41:40/04-28-76)

The Wyrm Ouroboros:
>>>>>[ Ignore Akroyd's patented Manic Paranoia® turned up to 11 and scan back a bit, Mercedes.  Someone let something slip - probably somebody who wasn't supposed to be talking to the press - and ol' DA is trying to cover it up, make it look like a shot at him.
          Hospitals don't have magical research sections. ]<<<<<
          -- The Wyrm Ouroboros (04:00:00/00-22-4679)

>>>>>[This was not an assassination attempt. They would have used a larger plane or more explosives. This is a distraction. A bad one. Killing him would have been subtle. Or direct.]<<<<<
     --Shade (14:47:40/04-29-76)

>>>>>[ Direct, that bastitch has to much blood on his hands for him to die quietly. ]<<<<<


>>>>>[ Normal hospitals don't have magical research departments, but university hospitals do (I know someone working in magical research for medicine.  I don't know this guy, but you don't become a hospital director in Azzie land without being involved in some questionable practices.  I've seen some results of Azzie medical 'research' back in the day I was just a green merc on a tour in the Yucatan.  ]<<<<<



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