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This thread is meant to post in-world news reports of what's going on in your runs. Think of it as the Notoriety of your runners' on display. As such, post should either be the news stories themselves, or Shadowland/Jackpoint posts in response to the stories.

Explosion, deadly battle occurs at local business near Redmond Barrens +++ Stock prices jump in anticipation of Damien Knight's visit to Seattle next week +++ Reports of strange lights over Renraku's arcology dismissed as "ridiculous gossip" by board of directors +++

"This is Susie Wong, reporting for KSAF at a local Stuffer Shack that has been the target of a gangland attack on the outskirts of the Redmond Barrens. Witnesses say that shortly after 1:30 AM last night, a group of armed robbers blew up a car at the front of the store, then proceeded to try and rob the place."

<cut to video of a acned-scarred, skinny teenager>

"I didn't see much after the explosion, since it knocked me back into the cigarettes, but these fu<bleep>n' a<bleep>les totally wrecked the place for no good reason, I mean I wasn't even supposed to be he-"

<cut back to Susie>

"The individuals met an untimely end, however, as it appears another gang was already in the store, and opened fire on the would-be robbers. Not much is known of the vigilantes, but officials claimed they looked like they had military or guerilla training, and, from what they could piece together of the mangled security video, they worked as a cohesive force."

<cut to a chubby dwarf girl with heavy makeup>

"It was so cool! After the explosion, I thought for sure we were goners, but then BANG! BOOM! SLICE! and those jerkwads were totally wasted!"

<cut to a nervous looking man, apparently covered in tooti-frooti frozen soygurt>

"I tried to get the robbers to calm down and leave peacefully, but these idiotic vigilantes just tore up the place, shooting everything in sight, without a care for any innocent bystanders!"

<cut to a young mother holding her son>

"I don't know who they were, but they saved my life and the life of my son. If any of them may be watching, thank you."

<cut back to tape of a Stuffer Shack with the front wall missing, and flicking lights on the inside>

"As you can see, the building was heavily damaged in this gang war, and the owner claims it will take months to rebuild and reopen the store that has been a community standard for decades."

<cut back to Susie>

"This has been Susie Wong reporting live on location for KSAF-TV."

8-BiT here: those complete choads ruined a good game of SMG in the simsense arcade. I'm going to look into who sent them after that woman and see how much their hides are worth to the squeal-squads or the feds. Moral of the story is never get between a hacker and his videogames.

*Redirected from "Gone South"*

From: INS reporter Carlos "Chuck" Pesina

<Exterior Shot, Carlos “Chuck” Pesina, Location: CAS/Aztlan Border>

<Begin Audio: Chuck> Attack on San Antonio?  That’s what officials and border watchers are saying began four hours ago. This is Chuck Pesina near “the border”, live for Independent News Services. Details are sketchy, but several credible sources of mine inside the city of San Antonio have told me that the city went on high alert and that several Aztlan security forces were scrambled, including several “reactionary teams” which ventured out in several directions to the north, east, and south of the city, apparently to counter some kind of massive attack against San Antonio. This comes after several days of para-military forces gathering along the CAS/Aztlan boarder. These forces….

<Cut to: two Aztlan attack helos flying past, slowing with gun turrets swiveling before turning direction, gaining speed, and moving off to the west>

<Begin Audio: Chuck> Wow, that was close…*ahem* These forces, which have been reported to include scores of troops and various transport and or assault vehicles have been conducting various sorties along the boarder from several scattered staging areas, possibly in preparation for today’s assault.  It is unknown if they are CAS forces, aligned with CAS forces, or even possibly Amazonian forces. What has been confirmed is that approximately four hours ago, these staging areas were cleared, with all aircraft and personnel departing, their current locations are unknown.

So far there is no official word from…


<Audio: several explosions in the distance>

<Begin Audio: Chuck> What in the hell?! Gordon, get the camera over there now, I think that….

<Camera pans west, cut to: unidentified aircraft, passing overhead at high rate of speed, camera unable to focus as craft go overhead at low altitude>

<Begin Audio: Chuck> Gordon, did you get that? DID YOU GET THAT???

<Audio, background> CHUCK GET DOWN!!!


<Camera Angle wide: unknown ordinance fired from Aztlan helo before it explodes, several drones can be seen in shot, ordinance detonates off camera>

<Transmission interrupted>

<Resume Transmission: close-up, Chuck, holding bloody rag against forehead and eye>

<Begin Audio: Chuck> This is Chuck Pesina again, we had…a...It appears we got in the middle of someone’s hasty exit. We’re all OK, mostly, my crew and I, but I think it’s best we vacate the immediate area for now. More when we know it, I doubt this is over yet. This is Chuck Pesina, for Independent News Services, signing off.

<End Transmission>

*Redirected from "Gone South"*

From: INS reporter Carlos "Chuck" Pesina

<Exterior Shot, wide angle Carlos “Chuck” Pesina, Location: CAS/Aztlan Border>

<Begin Audio: Chuck>This is Chuck Pesina, once again on “the border”. Two days ago, the city of San Antonio went on full alert, apparently in response to an attack by unknown paramilitary forces. Security forces stationed in the city were scrambled, and even this reporter became directly involved.

<Cut to: Stock footage: Dogfight between Aztlan forces and unknown forces, unknown aircraft passing over head then wide angle of helo exploding> Reports have finally begun to come in through official channels and according to an official statement from the government of Aztlan, there was no attack on the City of San Antonio. Yes, you heard me correctly folks, there WAS no attack on San-An. My personal sources within the city along with satellite photos obtained from CAS government sources confirm that there are no indications of damage or fighting within the city!

<Cut to: Satellite image of San Antonio>

<Audio overlay: Chuck, graphics highlighting>As you can see, there are indications of the security forces that were deployed, but again no sign of any kind of combat operations within city limits. According to their official statement; the Aztlan security forces stationed in San Antonio were part of a “readiness drill and feasibility study” designed to test the readiness of Aztlan security forces in response to what they called “the continued possibility of Confederate hostilities”.

<Begin Audio, camera close up: Chuck>The only reported damage to the area occurred at a private residence about ten kilometers outside of the city limits when an Aztlan patrol aircraft experienced a catastrophic malfunction and crashed into the residence, killing the crew, and completely destroyed the empty building.

So what exactly happened and where did all those massed para-military forces go? Speculation ranges from a botched CAS assault to a joint CAS/Amazonian operation aimed to take back San Antonio and a failed experiment and subsequent cover-up by Aztechnology. Whatever the reason, no one from Aztlan is knows, or is saying.

Reporting live, on “the border”, I’m Chuck Pesina.

<end transmission>


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