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[IC] Underworld 93 - December 2072

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>>>>>[I'd be pretty surprised to see morals in the shadows.  Oh, Morel.  Got nothing there.  Hey, McCallister.  Business is pretty dead up my way, been keeping fed with a little software and hardware hacking.]<<<<<

>>>>>[You may have a problem here, Cap'n. My contact's contact's fixer managed to find a shady talislegger, who said:
"I'm not going to deal in that. I want to be alive for the solistice."
It seemed like he knew what it is, or at least pretended to. I don't trust those shifty magicians. So, i managed to get his info the hard way. I'm happy to provide, we can talk about prices, and i'm not going to insist on the whole deal, as that's just a lead. You know where to find me.
Best regards.]<<<<<
     -- NiSayer (13:28:22/13-04-2072)

Caine Hazen:
>>>>>[Well I'll lay aside my views on Erhan' work and just play along like its something or some "age".  I do have a contact here in town who works with UDub, she occasionally dabbles in the so-called "artifact" market.  If you want I can arraign a meeting virtually with this contact, and you two can work things from there.]<<<<<
 -- Moreau (10:20:42/12-07-2072)

>>>>>[shifty magicians? the same has been said about hackers. What  I don't understand is why magicians and hackers seem to love to dance, but cannot seem to get pass moving their feet back and forth on the ground..]<<<<<
           --BW 302 (12:23: 12/12-08-2072)

>>>>>[Moraeu:  This falls outside my normal bailiwick.  I have a lead on an...  object, somewhere around Crete.  Think your contact would be up for a bit of travel and digging?  And, does he have the contacts to sell this piece once we find it?  I can get him (and the artifact) back inside the city undetected, sell the item, split the profits.  Easy peasy.  I'll contact you offliine to arrange some more details.]<<<<<
     -- Cap'n Jack (13:01:27/12-08-2072)


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