The Real Cost of a Furlined Coat

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FoxBoy trotted through the plaza, his gaze lifted up to the fancy and pretty signs, the flashing lights and the promises of pleasure to fashion.. all for the low low cost of thousands of nuyen.. this was definitely the high end market. He dropped his gaze and sidestepped a couple as they walked through, knowing that his invisibility spell was perhaps too good... no one would see him or his tails until it was too late. He needed an another plan.

Sniffing the air he smelled 'fox'... and looked around to locate the source of the scent. A lady was wearing a coat lined in real fox fur, and at her feet were several yapping mini-dogs... watching her with shock for a few moments, he then gve a quiet snarl as he trotted closer to her, a plan forming in his head on how to deal with someone that dealt in fox pelts...

While under the cover of invisibility, he sat next to one of the pups and shape-shifted through his new masking spell, matching the puppy in every detail. Once he was sure he matched it's description he snapped the pups leash and kept the end of it in his muzzle as he reappeared, his eyes red for the moment as a quick burst of the foreboding spell, restricted to the pup itself and sending it scurrying away, even while he dropped a control thoughts on it as well, putting that spell on standby for the moment.

A quick shot of the fashion spell to mend the leash... and it was complete. The lady finally looked down from her window shopping to see what her puppies were doing, only seeing three adorable little pomeranians looking back to her with tails wagging, all still on their leashes. She shrugged and gave the leashes a hard jolt, yanking the three off of their rumps as she walked haughtily into the store. Once inside, he looked around, already spotting the cameras and the other sensors to find thieves...

Well, they are going to find one.

As she shopped around, he followed along, on occasion even causing one or two items to 'accidentally' fall into her bag... and creating a very small but potent illusion to show her trying to quietly slip one of the items into her bag as well for the camera's benefit.

Once she had grabbed what she wanted she turned to walk out the door and was stopped by one of the salespeople who asked if she found it all to her liking... almost angrily she dismissed him, citing that if she needed help she'll go to someone who is actually qualified. While she said this he lifted his leg.... aiming for the merchandise sitting on the shelf.

Both her and the salesperson looked at him in shock, then she shouted at him, yanking on the leash and looking thoroughly mortified. Much to the salesman's credit, he lifted the stack of clothes that were soiled without so much as a look and dropped them into her arms, saying that she has now bought them. Looking on with shock, she brushed past him and walked through the doors of the store... again, the mage smirked and caused a small, but powerful pulse of emp to take place, wiping out her commlink all together. As she walked out the door the alarms went off, the sensors registering that the merchandise was leaving the store, and there was no account information to charge the purchase to.

She looked around, thoroughly confused as the salesperson and several others all came out to grab her arms.. and over her protests, took her back into the store and sat her down on a chair, already citing the cost of merchandise that she just attempted to steal... and with no proof of her identity, Knight Errant will be here shortly. The 'puppy' at her feet opened up his own commlink and dropped a quick message to the local news station as well.. and smirked as a reporter would be directed to appear, very quickly.

One last bit of business.. he tugged on his control thoughts spell, causing the real puppy to turn direction and come into the store, slinking in behind everyone even as he slipped his leash with a quick fashion spell once again.. and then he was gone, the real puppy looking around confused and hugging close to her leg as it tried to figure out what just happened... and then felt the urge to pee on the guard's shoe.

FoxBoy sat outside of the store, smirking in a very un-foxlike manner as the lady was led out by Knight Errant, the news media snapping pictures of the millionairess as she was led off in handcuffs...

Yea.. he was tired, but was it worth it? Very.


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It's very good and I hope I don't insult you when I say it's also "cute" :)