New video game, "Brink"

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« on: <09-09-10/2342:16> »

They've got some interesting graphics (a little more cartoony than most games, a little less cartoony than Team Fortress 2), a cool dystopian game world, and what looks like an interesting single-player storyline (choosing to go security or resistance).  I'm not sold on the Parkour-style running in an FPS (mostly because I think it's jarring in first person, and because it's cooler to see the cool jumps and stuff, like in a third person game)...but it's a neat add-on to a pretty neat looking game.  I'm curious as to how their leadership abilities are going to work, too -- info from poking around in a few more of their movies -- and just how "class based" it will feel.  I'm not sure how much the various archetypes and gear selections will be purely cosmetic versus affecting gameplay.

Whattayathink?  Adepts and Street Sammies going toe-to-toe, with a few Combat Hackers around?


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« Reply #1 on: <09-10-10/0052:19> »
Love the look and the idea of the game, just going to let it season and see what people say before I jump in. I love the cloud idea behind it. It's single player and then multiplayer and then back to singleplayer seemlessly. Might get some use out of my PS3 after my Red Dead time is done.