Payday 2?

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So, this game is pretty awesome, anyone else play it? I also find it a lot similar to some Shadowruns in terms of what happens, so I can suggest it for everyone who wants a Shadowrun-esque experience from a videogame. Heck, our GM even designed a run or two after the Heists in the game. I must admit that the game's only fun with atleast one friend, preferably three. Not a solo experience, this one.

Also 10 seconds response time for FBI and HTR to arrive to a crime scene after the first gunshot is always a classic.


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Oh yes, I played the bejesus out of this game when it launched.  There is a definite Shadowrun vibe coming from the game, despite not having metahumans, magic, or cybernetics.  It's just the teamwork, the ability to execute a plan flawlessly, and the tension/paranoia factor.  When you're robbing the bank and going for a silent run, you have to keep people outside down on the ground too - nothing spoils it like some knucklehead across the street calling the cops.
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