Looking to run a Genius The Transgression Game

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« on: <11-28-14/0152:36> »
I"m currently Interested in running a "Genius the transgression"

I can run it on Friday's or Saturday's at any time after 7pm EST. If those days do not work  message me and we can work something out.

The game will take place in New York City. The date will be October 2016

I'm allow a genius of any background.

A Mania storm is starting to brew and unknown forces are moving to use this to there advantage. As Genius you feel it to but the question is how will you use this ?

--Is today the day you thought about doing something, or the day you did something?--

--We cheat Death from his rightful victory. No one can defeat us we are glad to plunge feet first into hell in the knowledge that we will rise.--