Question on Freefire-For-All mission (and missions in general)

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Iím playing 2-handed by myself.

The rules in the main rule book tell us to start at Crossfire Level -2 if there are only two runners.

The mission also has rules for 2 or 3 players. The 2 player rules tell us not to draw a Crossfire card in the first round, effectively Crossfire -1 according to the Prime Runner edition terminology. (They use negative crossfire levels to denote rounds you donít draw Crossfire cards in he new edition...similar to Dragonfire)

Does the mission specific text for 2-players override the 2-player rules from the book, or are they cumulative? If theyíre cumulative, does that mean Iím at Crossfire Level -3?

Also, the Gang Leaders Karma kicker says, ďFlip up one additional obstacle each scene, and instead of flipping hard obstacles equal to the crossfire level, flip hard obstacles equal to the crossfire level +1.Ē

So, assuming the 2-player rules are not cumulative, and Iím at a Crossfire Level of -1, does this mean I would not draw a Hard Obstacle in the first round since -1 + 1 is 0?

And if they are cumulative, I wouldnít have to worry about Hard Obstacles until at least the 4th round?