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Bioware, anybody?

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--- Quote from: anotherJack on ---It's electronic. So it's cyberware, not bioware.

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What, you think that once they get this working that bioware won't be far behind?

Bioware honestly is a much harder task than cyberware. Mostly because the exact nature of most of our bodily functions is far from being understood. however replacing them with more easily manipulated cyber parts is actually quite simple as long as you don't care if the results are slightly off but still workable. like in the article where they can simulate touch with the cyber skin but have no idea how to make the brain actually feel it. instead they talk of making some other part of the body react to stimulus.


--- Quote from: Doc Chaos on ---Screw Orthoskin, I want biotattoos already :(

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I don't want a regular tatto (don't like needles) but a nanotat would be the thing!


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