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« on: <02-27-18/1757:40> »
I have been into other Tabletop RPG's for a long time and have recently been looking into investing in Shadowrun. Naturally I went to the Catalyst Game Labs website which directed me to I start looking into the books on that site and became rather confused. It seems like the website has a mix of SR4 and SR5 content with no logical way of separating them. Luckily it seems like each of the sub-menu items under the "Books" menu contains only books for one version, but there is no easily discernible way to tell which sub-menu items are SR5 and which are SR4. Furthermore, it would appear that many SR5 books can't be found on the site at all. I was looking into buying what some would call the "core" books (CRB, Run Faster, Street Grimoire and Run&Gun) and could only find two of the four.

If not the official website, where do I go to learn about all SR5 books without having to filter through SR4 content? Also, I have only ever gone to an RPG's website for errata so where do I get errata for the books I was unable to find on

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« Reply #1 on: <02-27-18/1827:44> »
Social media for fans and freelancers best source of info, Catalyst not great about having online presence for Shadowrun.  Been toying with idea of doing blog or something to compile releases and do some reviews.

DriveThruRPG has section for 5th edition, good place to look as well.
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« Reply #2 on: <02-28-18/0335:35> »
Yeesh. Social media is great if you are up to date with current events. Not so great if you have to catch up on the past four years of book development. While I understand that writing books is their main source of income, it mostly helps to keep existing customers buying more books. If Catalyst Game Labs wants to grow their company they need a better online presence.


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« Reply #3 on: <02-28-18/1059:02> »
What the hell, I love making lists. Someone chime in if I miss any ...

Core Rulebook
Shadowrun, Fifth Edition

Core Handbooks
Chrome Flesh (more augmentations)
Data Trails (advanced Matrix rules)
Forbidden Arcana (more advanced magic rules)
Howling Shadows (critters)
Kill Code (more advanced Matrix rules, technomancers)
Rigger 5 (vehicles and drones)
Run & Gun (more weapons, armor, and combat rules)
Run Faster (player options)
Street Grimoire (advanced magic rules)
Street Lethal (new weapons, tech, advanced combat rules)

Runner Resources
The Complete Trog (orks and trolls)
No Future (media and culture)

Deep Shadows Sourcebooks
Better Than Bad (hooding, Pretoria)
Cutting Aces (confidence schemes, Istanbul)
Hard Targets (wetwork, Havana)
Stolen Souls (extractions, Manhattan)
The Neo-Anarchist Streetpedia (A-to-Z lore)

Campaign and Plot Sourcebooks
Bloody Business (corp shenanigans)
Book of the Lost (Tarot card shenanigans)
Market Panic (megacorp info)
Dark Terrors (things that go bump in the night)
Lockdown (CFD outbreak in Boston)

Alternate Rules and Settings
Anarchy (simplified shadowrun)
Chicago Chaos (Anarchy campaign book)
Court of Shadows (Faerie)

Splintered State
Serrated Edge
False Flag
Ripping Reality
Toxic Alleys

Collected Convention Missions
Firing Line
Sprawl Wilds
London Falling
Boundless Mercy

Digital Supplements
Assassin's Primer
Bullets & Bandages
Gun H(e)aven 3
Shadow Spells
Shadows in Focus: Butte
Shadows in Focus: Cheyenne
Shadows in Focus: Sioux Nation
Shadows in Focus: San Francisco
Shadows in Focus: Metropole
Shadows in Focus: Morocco
Shadows in Focus: Casablanca-Rabat
Ten Terrorists

Box Sets
Beginner Box
Seattle Sprawl

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« Reply #4 on: <02-28-18/1215:30> »
Nice work, Sphinx!

Maybe add the Seattle boxed set?  Not really a core book for fifth, but published during 5th's timeperiod.


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« Reply #5 on: <02-28-18/1346:33> »
@Sphinx - Thanks mate. This is already better than the site and drivethrurpg. The former lacks all the books the latter lacks the informative grouping you added. The short phrase descriptions without Shadowrun's paragraphs of literary fluff is great. (It is good for books, bad for product descriptions).


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« Reply #6 on: <02-28-18/1427:41> »
Nice work, Sphinx! Maybe add the Seattle boxed set?  Not really a core book for fifth, but published during 5th's timeperiod.

Drek. Forgot the boxed sets. I'll edit the list.


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« Reply #7 on: <02-28-18/1722:20> »
Also useful, if not necessarily 5th ed specific: Seattle 2072, Seattle Sourcebook, Sixth World Almanac, NAN (Native American Nations) Volumes 1 and 2, Sprawl Sites, Bug City, London Sourcebook, Germany Sourcebook, California Free State, Tir Na Nog, Tir Tairngire, the Target: series, Aztlan, New Seattle, Denver, Year of the Comet, Shadows of: series, Corporate download, Corporate Enclaves and Feral Cities. These are the setting sourcebooks, from 1st ed on. Not necessarily in any order.

Edit: definitely not a high priority for learning the system, but good for the background/setting info.
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« Reply #8 on: <02-28-18/1811:59> »
Worth remarking that Dark Terrors is also the most up-to-date metaplot book.  That's really more what it is than a "spooky parts of SR" book, IMO, even though it was marketed as that.  Some chapters like the Elder Gods or the Infected chapters are intended to have horror aspects, but the chapter talking about how the cure for CFD has been found and it's basically on its way out the door (to put things optimistically) is the opposite of a horror story.  Even if NeoNET breaking apart will lead to a bunch of strife and pain.
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I'm Madpath Moth on reddit (and other sites).  Feel free to PM me errata questions!
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« Reply #9 on: <02-28-18/1944:10> »
And pinned for future reference ;D

@Sphinx - updated your list to in the Morocco release from today. If you don’t mind, will continue this going forward.
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« Reply #10 on: <03-01-18/0402:57> »
Here is the full list I have, I do not guarantee there are no missing ones.
If you spot any mistake please let me know

Edition     Date        Type                 Title

SR1         2050        Scenario          DNA/DOA
SR2         2050        Scenario          Dreamchipper
SR1         2050        Scenario          Harlequin
SR1         2050        Scenario          Mercurial
SR1         2050        Rules               Shadowrun 1st Edition
SR1         2050        Scenario          Silver Angel
SR2         2050        Background     Sprawl Sites
SR2         2051        Scenario          Bottled Demon
SR1         2051        Scenario          Dragon Hunt
SR2         2051        Scenario          Imago
SR1         2051        Scenario          Ivy & Chrome
SR2         2051        Rules               Paranormal Animals of North America
SR2         2051        Scenario          Queen Euphoria
SR2         2051        Règles             Street Samurai Catalog
SR1         2051        Background     The Universal Brotherhood
SR2         2051        Scenario          Total Eclipse
SR1         2051        Règles             Virtual Realities
SR1         2052        Background     London sourcebook
SR2         2052        Background     Neo-Anarchist's Guide to North America
SR1         2052        Règles             Rigger Black Book
SR2         2053        Scenario          Elven Fire
SR2         2053        Background     Native American Nations vol1
SR2         2053        Background     Native American Nations vol2
SR2         2053        Scenario          One Stage Before
SR2         2053        Règles             Paranormal Animals of Europe
SR2         2053        Règles             Rigger 2
SR2         2053        Background     Seattle Sourcebook
SR2         2053        Background     Shadowbeat
SR2         2053        Règles             Shadowrun 2nd Edition
SR1         2053        Règles             Shadowtech
SR2         2053        Règles             The Grimoire
SR2         2054        Scenario          A Killing Glare
SR1         2054        Scenario          Celtic Double Cross
SR2         2054        Background     Corporate Shadowfiles
SR2         2054        Scenario          Dark Angel
SR2         2054        Background     Germany Sourcebook
SR2         2054        Background     Lone Star
SR2         2054        Background     Neo-Anarchist's Guide to Real Life
SR2         2054        Scenario          Paradise Lost
SR3         2054        Background     Target: Awakened Lands
SR2         2054        Background     Tir na nOg
SR2         2054        Background     Tir Tairngire
SR2         2055        Background     Bug City
SR2         2055        Background     Denver: City of Shadows
SR2         2055        Scenario          Double Exposure
SR2         2055        Scenario          Eye Witness
SR2         2055        Rules               Fields of Fire
SR2         2055        Scenario          Harlequin's Back
SR2         2055        Background     Prime Runners
SR2         2056        Background     Atzlan
SR2         2056        Background     Corporate Security Handbook
SR2         2056        Rules               Cybertechnology
SR2         2056        Scenario          Divided Assets
SR2         2056        Rules               Virtual Realities 2.0
SR2         2057        Rules               Awakenings: New Magic in 2057
SR2         2057        Background     California Free State
SR2         2057        Scenario          Missions
SR2         2057        Background     Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Secrets
SR2         2057        Rules               Shadowrun Companion
SR2         2057        Scenario          Shadows of the Underworld
SR2         2057        Scenario          Super Tuesday
SR1         2057        Background     Threats
SR2         2058        Background     Blood in the Boardroom
SR2         2058        Background     Mob War
SR2         2058        Background     Target: UCAS
SR2         2058        Background     Underworld Sourcebook
SR2         2059        Background     Cyberpirates!
SR3         2059        Scenario          Predator and Prey
SR3         2059        Background     Renraku Arcology: Shutdown
SR3         2059        Background     Target: Smuggler's Havens
SR3         2060        Rules               Cannon Companion
SR3         2060        Rules               Critters
SR3         2060        Rules               Magic in the Shadows
SR3         2060        Rules               Matrix
SR3         2060        Background     Mr Johnson's little black book
SR3         2060        Background     New Seattle
SR3         2060        Rules               Rigger 3
SR3         2060        Rules               Shadowrun 3rd Edition
SR3         2060        Rules               Shadowrun Companion
SR3         2061        Scenario          Brainscan
SR2         2061        Background     Corporate Download
SR3         2061        Scenario          Corporate Punishment
SR3         2061        Scenario          First Run
SR3         2061        Rules               Man & Machine
SR3         2061        Background     Target: Matrix
SR3         2061        Background     Target: Wastelands
SR3         2061        Scenario          Wake of the Comet
SR3         2061        Background     Year of the Comet
SR3         2062        Background     Shadows of North America
SR3         2062        Scenario          Survival of the Fittest
SR3         2062        Background     Threats 2
SR3         2063        Background     Dragons of the Sixth World
SR3         2063        Background     Shadows of Europe
SR3         2063        Background     Sprawl Survival Guide
SR3         2063        Background     State of the Art 2063
SR3         2064        Background     Loose Alliances
SR3         2064        Background     Shadows of Asia
SR3         2064        Background     State of the Art 2064
SR3         2064        Background     System Failure
SR4         2070        Rules               Augmentation
SR4         2070        Rules               Digital Grimoire
SR4         2070        Background     Emergence
SR4         2070        Scenario          On the run
SR4         2070        Background     Runner Havens
SR4         2070        Rules               Shadowrun 4th Edition
SR4         2070        Rules               Street Magic
SR4         2070        Background     Contact & Aventures
SR4         2070        Background     Jackpoint User List
SR4         2071        Rules               Arsenal
SR4         2071        Background     Corporate Enclaves
SR4         2071        Background     Feral Cities
SR4         2071        Scenario          Ghost Cartels
SR4         2071        Rules               Runner's Companion
SR4         2071        Rules               Unwired
SR4         2072        Background     Manhattan
SR4         2072        Rules               Shadowrun 4th Edition - Anniversary Edition
SR4         2070        Scenario          Bad Moon rising in the East
SR4         2072        Scenario          Dawn of the Artifacts 1 - Dusk
SR4         2072        Scenario          Dawn of the Artifacts 2 - Midnight
SR4         2072        Scenario          Dawn of the Artifacts 3 - Darkest Hour
SR4         2072        Scenario          Dawn of the Artifacts 4 - New Dawn
SR4         2072        Rules               Running Wild
SR4         2072        Background     Seattle 2072
SR4         2072        Background     Vice
SR4         2072        Background     Corporate Guide
SR4         2072        Background     Sixth World Almanac
SR4         2072        Rules               This Old Drone
SR4         2072        Background     10 Gangs
SR4         2072        Rules               Parazoology
SR4         2072        Background     10 Jackpointers
SR4         2073        Background     War!
SR4         2073        Rules               MilSpecTech
SR4         2073        Background     Attitude
SR4         2073        Scenario          Horizon Adventure 1 - A Fistful of Credsticks
SR4         2073        Scenario          Horizon Adventure 2 - Anarchy Subsidized
SR4         2073        Scenario          Horizon Adventure 3 - Colombian Subterfuge
SR4         2072        Rules               The Way of the Adept
SR4         2073        Background     Spy Games
SR4         2072        Rules               Unfriendly Skies
SR4         2073        Rules               Gun Heaven
SR4         2073        Rules               Deadly Waves
SR4         2073        Background     Street Legends
SR4         2073        Rules               Runner's Toolkit
SR4         2073        Rules               Runner's Black Book
SR4         2073        Background     99 Bottles
SR4         2073        Scenario          Artifacts Unbound
SR4         2073        Background     Conspiracy Theories
SR4         2073        Background     State of the Art 2073
SR4         2073        Background     Street Legents Supplemental
SR4         2073        Scenario          Corporate Intrigue
SR4         2074        Rules               Safehouses
SR4         2074        Scenario          Jet Set
SR4         2074        Background     Another Rainy Night
SR4         2074        Scenario          The Twilight Horizon
SR4         2074        Scenario          Boardroom Backstabs 1 - Damage Control
SR4         2074        Scenario          Boardroom Backstabs 2 - Sacrificial Limb
SR4         2074        Rules               Parabotany
SR4         2074        Background     Hazard Pay
SR4         2074        Rules               Gun Heaven 2
SR4         2074        Background     Magical Societies
SR4         2074        Background     Sprawl Sites: North America
SR4         2074        Rules               Used Car Lot
SR4         2050        Background     Shadowrun 2050
SR4         2074        Rules               MilSpecTech 2
SR4         2074        Background     The Clutch of Dragons
SR4         2074        Rules               Runner's Black Book 74
SR4         2074        Background     Land of Promise
SR4         2074        Scenario          Elven Blood
SR4         2074        Background     Dirty Tricks
SR4         2074        Rules               Parageology
SR4         2074        Background     Montreal 2074
SR4         2074        Rules               Way of the Samurai
SR4         2074        Background     Sprawl Sites: High Society & Low Life
SR4         2074        Rules               10 Mercs
SR4         2074        Background     Sim Nightmares & Dreams
SR4         2074        Background     Storm Front
SR4         2074        Rules               Eurowars Antiques
SR5         2074        Background     Sail Away sweet sister
SR5         2075        Rules               Shadowrun 5th Edition
SR5         2075        Scenario          Sprawl Wilds
SR4         2075        Rules               Parazoology 2
SR5         2075        Scenario          Firing Line
SR5         2075        Background     The Vladivostok Gauntlet
SR5         2075        Scenario          Splintered State
SR5         2075        Rules               The Assassin's Primer
SR5         2075        Rules               Gamemaster's screen
SR5         2075        Rules               Coyotes
SR5         2075        Rules               Gun Heaven 3
SR5         2075        Rules               Digitals Tools Box
SR5         2075        Rules               Run & Gun
SR5         2075        Scenario          London Falling
SR5         2076        Background     Stolen Souls
SR5         2076        Rules               Bullets & Bandages
SR5         2076        Background     Nothing Personal
SR5         2076        Rules               Street Grimoire
SR5         2076        Rules               Aetherology
SR5         2076        Background     Shadows in Focus - Sioux Nation
SR5         2076        Background     10 Terrorists
SR5         2076        Background     Lockdown
SR5         2076        Rules               Data Trails
SR5         2076        Scenario          Boardroom Backstabs 3 - Battle of Manhattan
SR5         2076        Rules               Shadow Spells
SR5         2077        Rules               Run Faster
SR5         2077        Background     Shadows in Focus - Sioux Nation - Cheyenne
SR5         2077        Scenario          Shadows in Focus - Sioux Nation - Starving the Masses
SR5         2077        Scenario          Shadows in Focus - Sioux Nation - Counting coup
SR5         2077        Background     Shadows in Focus - Sioux Nation - Butte
SR5         2077        Background     Wolf & Buffalo
SR5         2077        Scenario          Bloody Business
SR5         2077        Rules               Chrome Flesh
SR5         2077        Background     Hard Targets
SR5         2077        Scenario          Boundless Mercy
SR5         2077        Rules               Rigger 5.0
SR5         2077        Background     Shadows in Focus - San Fransisco
SR5         2078        Background     Market Panic
SR5         2077        Scenario          Denver Adventure 1 - Serrated Edge
SR5         2077        Background     Seattle Sprawl Setting Expansion
SR5         2077        Rules               Howling Shadows
SR5         2078        Scenario          Denver Adventure 2 - False Flag
SR5         2078        Background     Shadows in Focus - Metropole
SR5         2078        Background     Court of Shadows
SRA         2078        Rules               Shadowrun: Anarchy
SR5         2078        Background     Cutting Aces
SRA         2078        Background     Chicago Chaos
SR5         2079        Scenario          Denver Adventure 3 - Ripping Reality
SR5         2079        Background     Book of the Lost
SR5         2079        Background     Sixth World Tarot
SR5         2079        Rules               Forbidden Arcana
SR5         2079        Background     The Complete Trog
SR5         2079        Scenario          Lethal Forces
SR5         2079        Background     Dark Terrors
SR5         2080        Background     Shadows in Focus - Morocco
SR5         2080        Rules              Street Lethal
SR5         2080        Scenario         Toxic Alleys
SR5         2080        Rules              Kill Code
SR5         2080        Background     Shadows in Focus - Casablanca, Rabat
SR5         2080        Background     Better than Bad
SR5         2080        Background     No Future
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Incredible job, Carmody; Thank you so much on my behalf and I'm sure many others.

I do see a couple of small omissions: you have the first Denver scenario (serrated edge) but not the second and third (false flag and ripping reality).


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Thanks, fixed  :)
I do not know how I missed them.

By the way, some dates are guess only, as some books lack the Jackpoint page.
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Wow Carmody, thanks!

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Not seeing Lethal Forces (recent adventure)
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