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Well the Therans(and to a lesser extent the Barsaivians and perhaps the Cathayans) developed Blood Items which is very similiar to cybernetics albeit powered by magic(blood).

The Therans(according to the Therna sourcebook) are hinted to be way ahead of everyone else.

Be interesting if this gets developed more in Shadowrun. There are hints that some people(mega corps etc.) are developing(or reinventing) this.

Aztechnology almost assuredly has something going along those lines.

Maybe as a conspiracy theory....the elves and vampires aren't the only ones who became immortal....

Maybe we got some Theran immortals manipulating Aztechnology behind the scenes(or maybe they are the powers behind the throne). Aztechnology reminds me of the Therans.

Actually that's hinted at in a couple places like the (unofficial) Shadows of Latin America. It looks like some of the Theran High Priests may have preserved themselves using Locus places so they could come back in the current time/place... and may be in charge of Aztlan. ;)

Yep, the Therans can do that, heck they were the preeminent magical superpower in Earthdawn, they even gave the Elven court a run for its money and nearly rivalled the Great Dragons in terms of magical power.

I remember reading that old temples in Mexico and South America are reappearing in the jungles(remember that thing about the valley with each pyramid having an insect symgol on it.).


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