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After a several year absence (I played in one game in 4th ed regular, shortly after the Shadowrun Duels figures released) I've finally found my way back to Shadowrun an old old favorite.

This time I'm looking at being the GM and I'm doing something fairly different than one usually sees in Shadowrun,  and a heavy bit of it will be taking place in the CAS.

I only recently reread some of the older info about the CAS, and was caught up to the newly-formed-from-two-other-parties party(who's name I don't remember offhand) swept the election to everyones surprise.   Now I'm reading the Almanac, and about the new Technocrat party that has run and won the CAS' presidency.

First I'm wondering what books I should be picking up to read about this , if it's detailed, hinted at, or even mentioned in other parts of the new source material. (All I currently have are Companion, Augmentation, Arsenal, and Street magic, and the Almanac.  Another batch of four books is en route from Amazon right now, but I wasn't sure if it had what I was looking for, so I thought I should ask around on here.

Does anyone know what books launched the Technocrat party? Or are they mentioned for the first time in the Almanac?  And either way,  how does it look from the Shadows?

Thanks in advance!

For what it's worth, I know there wasn't mention of the Technocrats themselves in Shadows of North America, but there is a big chunk of their chapter dedicated to discussing politics, so it might still be worth you picking it up if you can find it.

Dang it now I have to read the Almanac

Oh, the almanac is all-around one of the best sourcebooks put out.


--- Quote from: FastJack on ---Oh, the almanac is all-around one of the best sourcebooks put out.

--- End quote ---

100% agreed - I picked mine up yesterday and there's a ton of useful info in it.


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