Aether Con 2012

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For you chummers who aren't in the know, Aethercon is looking to be the first ever Online Table Top RPG Convention, powered by that wonderful new virtual table top Roll20.

Shadowrun related stuff going on? Well, I know I for one will be running one table of the weekend's Shadowrun Tournament, on Friday. There's various other Shadowrun games going on the rest of the weekend too. Plenty of stuff out of those shadows, but possibly into others: I'm running a double shot of Dark Heresy on Sunday, and plenty of other goings on the rest of the weekend. is the place to go. Sign up, show up, and have some fun slinging some lead at an uncaring NPC instead of each other for a couple of days.

(If you wish to sign up for my DH games, PM me. I can't tell you which Shadowrun table I'm running, because they haven't decided who's doing which table yet.)
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