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« on: <10-14-22/1922:58> »
I need more gribblies!  I can see the boredom settling in during combat.  I'd rather avoiding doing CharGen for each and every mob but I find the corebook and FS dont have quite the right tool for the job most of the time.  With the critter book for SR6 still in limbo til '23, what do I do?  Is there a way to convert past edition critter's to SR6?  is there any kind of guidance on creating a Professional Rating X metahuman opposition? 


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« Reply #1 on: <01-16-23/1744:02> »
The Critters from Howling Shadows honestly convert pretty well. All you really have to do is guess at their attack rating based on their strength and their defence rating based on their armor. Most of the really fun stuff is their critter powers and those shouldn't take too much work to convert.
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