Youmacon 2014 (Oct 31st-Nov. 2nd) [GMs needed]

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« on: <05-26-14/2134:07> »
Alright, chummers, I'll be straight with you:
Last year we had over 15,000 attendees and our always stretched tabletop game room could use a hand. I asked our attendees what they want of me, and they told me Shadowrun. Unfortunately, our normal GMs lack adequate Shadowrun experience, and so I turn to you, the professionals.
What I need: One or two high quality Game Masters who can run demos at our convention. We would expect 16 hours of games from each GM over the course of the weekend, a minimum of 8 hours of which should be Shadowrun.
What I'm offering: A badge that will give you access to one of the largest anime conventions in North America (#11 for the continent as of 2013)
Hit me up at for more information.
--Ted Ursus Mister Johnson
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Pre-register to play Shadowrun at Youmacon 2014 at:

Badges must be purchased through Youmacon.
Ray Rigel
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I'd absolutely love to, BUT I'm waiting for Let's Play Green Bay to announce its date.  As soon as that date is released, and its not the Weekend of Youmacon, I'm in.