GenCon 2014

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« Reply #15 on: <05-22-14/1227:48> »
Shadowrun is extra awesome because there are almost always extra GMs handy, a spare table or two, and/or friendly players and GMs who are willing to let an extra player pull up a chair and crash their game, even if it's sold out.  So always try.  Show up with generic tickets, be polite, be a few minutes early, be ready to go, and give it a shot.

That said?  Do the same thing everywhere else in GenCon, just FYI.  Lots of the stuff I wanted was sold out, too, and while I'm still bummed out (because I like having a ticket and knowing I can play it), I'm not too worried -- I've got generitickets, and that means I've got a pretty good chance of getting to play.  Gamers are, as a tribe, pretty easily distracted and/or lazy.  SOMEONE always misses a game, even one they're ticketed for.  Maybe they found something awesome in the vendor's hall and they want to take it back to their room instead of gaming, maybe they can't find the game, maybe they ran into an old buddy and are hanging out and catching up, maybe their last game went over, maybe they won a qualifier and have a tournament to go to, maybe they're stuck in line at lunch, maybe they're exhausted from con funk, maybe maybe maybe...but invariably, somehow, room seems to open up.

So show up.  Be there, be polite, show them you've got a ticket ready to go, and the odds are good -- but extra good for Shadowrun -- you'll still get to play whatever it is you wanted to play.