New Warhorn Capabilities - Global Scenario Catalog

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« on: <02-03-14/2159:24> »
As some of you may or may not have noticed yesterday Warhorn has added a Global Scenario Catalog. What this means is gone are the days of having to type in scenario name, author, description, etc for every warhorn event you make.

To access this you go to Manage Scenarios, and then at the bottom you will see a new button that says, "Offer Scenarios from the global catalog." If you click that and type in part of a name of a mission or  CMP you can add it to your event and it will populate the information as if you had copied and pasted it yourself saving time and effort.

Warhorn is working on a group add feature so that you can bulk add scenarios all at once instead of having to type part of the name in there for every scenario, and a feature to add just a couple scenarios at a time for the people that have everything on their list, but just want to add the new scenarios as they are released.

I found out about these new capabilities from here. I got permission and added all of the current Season 5 missions and CMPs. I want to thank Pathfinder Society VL Pete Kies, VL Andrea Brandt, and VL Chris Mulligan for getting the ball rolling on the Global Scenario Catalog. Lastly I would like to thank Brian Moseley at Warhorn for being on the ball and listening to all of the suggestions and ideas and getting them implemented to make warhorn a better site to use.

If you have any questions, comments, bugs you find, please feel free to post them here or PM Me.

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