Council of Five Nations XXXVI, Albany NY, October 11-13 2013

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Hola chummers!

Council of Five Nations is the Schenectady Wargamer Association's annual gaming convention, held every year on Columbus Day Weekend in October. It is one of the longest-running adventure gaming conventions in the world. We'll be sponsoring our 36th Council on October 11-13, 2013.

Council has averaged 10-15% growth in attendance each year for the past seven years. Because of this wonderful, consistent support from the Northeast Adventure Gaming community, we have committed to lease 50% more space than previous years.  We have big plans to fill up all that square footage.

As the friendly local Upstate [CDT] Agent, I have comitted to running SR5 all weekend at the beautiful Proctor's Theatre venue. Council XIV was my first gaming convention, I'm also pretty sure that it was the first place that I ever played Shadowrun - it's time to give back to the community.

I'll be running a Welcome to the Sixth World event and Season 5 Events. Expect an update once I finalize the schedule of events.

Where: Proctors Theatre & Conference Center - Schenectady NY
When: Columbus Day Weekend, Oct 11-13 2013

Council of Five Nations Info:

See you there!
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