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CRB pg 221.
"The critter may control a number of small animals (cats, rats, etc.) equal to its Charisma x 5, a number of larger animals (wolves, lions, bears, etc.) equal to its Charisma, or a single appropriate paranormal critter".

I'm unclear whether to read this as how many targets the power can affect, or how many animals may be kept under control at one time, similar to how many spirits a summoner may control at once.  It's a sustained power, and the critter can have several sustained powers going at once.

Stainless Steel Devil Rat:
Powers aren't like spells where you can "cast" multiple iterations of them.  Animal Control is binary: it's off, or it's on.  You don't have multiple instances of Animal Control running.

There's nothing more to it than what you already quoted.  The critter with animal control can control:

Small animals (cats, rats, birds, etc) = Charisma X 5


Larger animals (wolves, bears, lions etc) = Charisma


Paracritters (Barghests, Hell Hounds, etc) = 1

Except they *can* have multiple instances of the same power running.

pg 221: "Critters may sustain a number of powers (or multiple uses of the same power) at one time equal to their Magic."

Stainless Steel Devil Rat:

An interesting catch.

Well, if you want to apply that literally, then a critter can pick ( <= 5 x CHA small animals or <= CHA large animals or 1 paracrittter ) a total of <= MAGIC times, if it's not sustaining any other powers.

If you think that's a bit too much, then say Animal Control is binary and excepted from the "multiple uses of same power" rule.

Either way, I'd also say that even though the power doesn't list any resistance test, I'd grant one whenever I felt like it.  Especially when used on hostile paracritters.  The description of the power makes it look like it's not really meant to be a "kill them, my minions!" mass form of control thoughts... it's more making animals do things for you in other-than-combat contexts.  of course, YMMV.

I say the limits on how many animals it can control is a total because it doesn't say "per use" or any translation there of.


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