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What Can't you use Adept Centering on?

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Specifically, which penalties can you use it on, or not.

--- Quote ---Adept Centering
allows you to reduce negative dice pool modifiers to
Physical and Combat skills (such as modifiers from adverse
--- End quote ---

OK, so adverse conditions is just listed as an example, but that lets us know we could use it on penalties such as glare, lowlight, smoke, etc. Surely slippery floors, a rocking ship deck, all that too.

Can you use it for the shooting blind (-6) penalty?  That's just the same as complete darkness, an adverse condition.

Now, it's not like it can be used only for adverse penalties, that's just an example.

Can you use it on range penalties?  If not, why not?  That's not exactly a world ending bonus, but it means with just a couple levels of initiation, you don't really need a ranged scope most of the time, at all. 

Here's the big one that occurred to me:    Can you use it on Called Shot penalties?  If so, whoa.  Even just initiate 2 and you are suddenly thinking called shots are no big deal, using them all the time. 

You can use it for "negative modifiers".  Yes, it is that open-ended; the provision of an example does not limit the rule.

I always took it to mean what it says on the can, it can reduce any negative modifiers related to the use of the combat/physical skills.

So yeah you could be chanting as you line up that long distance shot or lining up a called shot.

The only real limitation is you only can reduce by your grade of initiation while you are performing your action and it can't be subtle, which tends to draw the attention of those around you and the magic savvy foes will know you are augmenting yourself, so that bumps you up the GeekDaMageometer.


--- Quote from: RHat on ---You can use it for "negative modifiers".  Yes, it is that open-ended; the provision of an example does not limit the rule.

--- End quote ---

.....didn't say it did.

Maybe a better question:  Should it have limits?  Because working on literally any -dice pool modifier for a physical or combat skill is really, really powerful, at least if you have an initiation of more than one or two. 

It doesn't affect every individual penalty seperately, just the total. If you have -3 from environmental modifiers, -2 from recoil, -1 from wound modifiers and -4 from a Called Shot, Adept Centering with Initiate Grade 2 means you have a -8 instead of a -10, not a -3.


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