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At 10k, you cause an overflow putting you at -23.000 posts.
At the rate you're posting, CanRay, you'll be back to positive post count approximately 5 months, 2 weeks and 3 days later.

"Stack Overflow" rank, I actually like that.

But would that put me in the Bit Bucket?

Red Canti:
I swear, it feels like no matter how many posts I make, I only have 274.

Hold on, let me check.

Edit: Huh. Guess that's not a problem then.

Still chugging away.


--- Quote from: CanRay on ---Still chugging away.

--- End quote ---

Getting close to 10 K.  not as fast as before, for awhile, it seemed like you posted in every single thread.  No its no more than every second... :(


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