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Warning for thos runnign playing SRM03-10 Spin Control

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Before anyone gets the wrong impression I think this is a good mod, any rough spots it has are only there because it has a derth of material.

Now having set out that disclaimer: This module really needed to be broken into two missions as there is at least 5-8 hours worth of material there between the different gangs and their requirements and the affiliation system. The module suffers a little bit from too many plot line syndrome.

you are correct sir.
Still made it thru, with like 30 seconds to spare, at the con. It was the closest I've come in awhile to not finishing one.

Very Fun though. It'll make an Excellent home game!
It's also the first time I ever DiDn't want to kill gangers. My char just couldn't bring himself to kill those guys. We actually failed the affiliation thing cause we wanted to help out "Those nice Boys" lol.

The group I'm currently running fir did all the stuff with the gangs and are now calling out for backup (players whon weren't there last session) before assaulting the facility. They've written off the original run and decided to go on a swag and pay data hunt as they found the J's offer and tone insulting for the risk involved. So gang time and recon took four hours actual assault or sneak may take another four.

Man, I've gotta know.  WHat crappy Table Ratings do you play at, Lurker, and how terribad is your face? :) 

Now, I'm spoiled, as I only run at Table Rating 6, but looking at this adventure, I'd be walking away with 10 grand, easy. :)


We're at TR 4 for this mission.  Since there were only 4 of us (Techno, mage, face/sam, hacker) we decided to take it easy on ourselves.  We were going to call it a day after learning what was actually inside the facility but decided to regroup and call in support.

Now I may be reading it wrong but Bull you sound just a wee bit condescending in your last post.


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