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The description of Machinists in Hack & Slash page 131 states "Sharing  rating  is equal to the machinistís Charisma", which implies that a machinist can share autosofts with his drones.

Is this restricted same as "Living Command Console" to "You can only run and share autosofts that are running on your living persona" (Hack & Slash page 68)?

Does that would mean you need "Software Emulator" echo (Hack & Slash page 68) in addition to beeing a machinist?

Or does "machinist" come with "build in software emulator" for CHARISMA/2 autosofts? How would a technomancer learn those programs? Same as for "software emulator", meaning they need to purchase/program a software and absorb that for 1 Karma?

Aspect Peripheral under the Machinist description "... and the Sharing rating is equal to the machinist's Charisma."  They can share up to Charisma in Autosofts with Drones.

Spend Nuyen for the Autosoft, load it in your RCC, Share with Drones.  It does not matter that the RCC is part of the Living Persona because "...their living persona can function as an RCC, emulating all the abilities available to anyone using an RCC"  Still need Living Network Echo to join/form a Network, but otherwise.

Technomancers have multiple ways of skinning this particular cat now. 

Resonant Stream Machinist Plus Living Network Echo is the direct way.  Boom, your Living Persona is an RCC, go!

Or build up to it via Echos.  Machine Mind, Living Network, Living Command Console, and Software Emulator (or the Emulate (Program) Complex Form CRB 190). 

So far Technomancers could never directly use software. They either need to use the complex form "emulate program" or they need the echo "software emulator" and then need to "learn" each software by absorbing it and spending karma.

Just assuming that a standard autosoft would run on a Technomancer feels... strange.

"..emulating all the abilities available to anyone using an RCC..."

One of the functions of the RCC is running and sharing Autosofts and Programs. 

Think of the Living Persona as a PC running a game boy emulator and the Autosofts are the game boy files.  You're able to run an RCC emulator on you Living Persona.  Autosofts and Programs aren't physical objects.  There aren't disks to insert in the Sixth World, it's just a file you have access to.


--- Quote from: Hobbes on ---One of the functions of the RCC is running and sharing Autosofts and Programs. 

--- End quote ---
Living Command Console also make it so that the "Living Network can also function as an RCC"

But the intent seem to be that you still need Software Emulator to absorb and run autosofts on your Living Network... or when are you ever going to use Software Emulator?


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