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Is anyone else having an issue accessing the new website. When I go into the store it just shows white bars and I cannot click on anything.

Trevor L.

Fine for me. Are you out of the US or using a VPN?

Nope in Wisconsin using my normal WIFI. Google Chrome. I have tried several WIFI in different areas and the same thing.

Trevor L.

Iron Serpent Prince:
I checked for you, and I am having the same issue.

Here is a screen grab to illustrate what we see:

I haven't visit the site in years, so caching shouldn't be an issue.
Firefox 104.0.1 on Linux.

I have even tried with Privacy Badger and uBlock Origin disabled with no change.

Looks good for me. Im outside of US. Using Chrome on Windows. No VPN.

What is the URL to the page you visited?


Ok. Yes. I get the same as you on this page:


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