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I wanted to see if it was viable to make a physical adept who enchanted his own qi/weapon foci. So I checked the core rulebook's section on enchanting (page 149) to see what kinds of magicians could enchant foci. Nothing. I checked the Enchanting skill description (page 95) to see if it specified who could learn the skill. Nothing. I checked Street Wyrd's enchanting section (page 86) to see if it clarified that point. Nothing.

I'm frustrated and confused that this basic question doesn't seem to be answered anywhere. Who can use the Enchant skill? Just full and enchanting-aspected magicians? Anyone who isn't explicitly limited from using it? Mystic adepts but not physads? Who?

No idea if it is RAW, or (miss)remembered from previous editions but I've always played it as anyone with a magic attribute can learn enchanting (a master craftsman adept certainly fits the theme)...

On page 65 and 66 of the core rulebook under Magic/Resonance, it describes what powers each of the Awakened have access to:

--- Quote ---Full magicians gain access to the full range of magical abilities, spellcasting, summoning, and enchanting, as well as offering full access to the astral plane with both astral perception (p. 159) and astral projection (p. 160).
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Aspected magicians are only able to utilize one of the three aspects of magic: spellcasting (Sorcery), summoning (Conjuring), or enchanting (Enchanting). They can access the astral plane with astral perception and projection.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Adepts focus all of their magic inward, fueling their talents with their innate ability to pull mana in rather than channel it outward. Due to this
physical connection to their magic, they cannot astrally project and only gain the ability to astrally perceive through training. Adepts have a pool of
points equal to their Magic that they use to purchase adept powers.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Mystic adepts are a blend of inward and outward magic. They are capable of casting spells, summoning spirits, and enchanting items, but they
also channel a portion of their magic inward to fuel adept talents. They are not able to astrally project due to the anchoring effect of their adept powers, but they can astrally perceive.
--- End quote ---

I can't believe that's the only place that actually answers this sort of question. I expected the character creation section would just be summarizing information elsewhere in the book, but...nope. This friggin' system.

Thank you for the answer.

I stand corrected, thanks MercilessMing... I don't think it will change how I handle things but then I've never actually had a PC who wanted to invest in enchanting so...


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