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6E: Junkyard King


Hi everyone,

I have a question about the Junkyard King Quality (Double Clutch p. 169). 

For 4 karma, the vehicle's availability rating for finding parts is reduced by 1.  For 8 karma, the threshold penalty when using used parts is reduced by 1. 

The question is, at the 8 karma, does the character get both benefits or just the threshold penalty reduction?

Thanks for your help!

Both, I would assume.

It's got to be both.  If the 4 and 8 level benefits are different, that's not a multi level quality, that's two qualities.

Thanks Jack & Ming!

Ming, I'm not sure which side you are ruling on, so may I request a rewording of your thoughts?. 

The mechanical properties of each level is separate, and the 8 karma cost does not indicate it includes the 4 karma cost, so it would qualify as separate under the second half of your assessment.  However, I'm not sure that lowering the threshold to fix a vehicle by 1 when using used parts is enough to justify 8 karma on its own. 

Thank you both for your help!

I'm on the side where 8 karma gives you both benefits.


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