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The Intelligence of Drones


Hello, I am a new member and would like to ask if the drone is smart enough to protect its pilot from an opponent's attack or can avenge that person when they are knocked down or not?


If nobody else is directly controlling the drone then its onboard auto pilot will try to dodge incoming attacks by itself (without being instructed to do so), but it will generally not take the decision to actively return fire or go on murder spree on its own without its owner first explicitly instructing it to do so.

Michael Chandra:
In doubt, a GM can roll Pilotx2 to see what the dogbrain decides on. If they've been ordered in the past to protect their owner, but not been ordered to not do so, the drone may decide to do so but it would be tricky for the dumb program to realise that. As for avenging, I'd argue that 'operator down, activate emergency protocol' is a reasonable thing, but one that MUST be discussed in advance with the player. It won't be as smart and tactical as the player might be.


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