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Just thought I would applaud the effort on the FAQ page.  Very timely on the heels of of the 6WC.  Very helpful.

Link here, for those who haven't seen it yet:

Stainless Steel Devil Rat:
Thanks for sharing the word!

Both the FAQ and 6WC were in the works for quite some time.  It's gratifying to see them both finally go into the wild!  I do hope it helps people enjoy 6e even more... and in some cases give it a 2nd chance!

Yeah I'll concur it was very helpful.  I've been playing for 2 something years, active in the community, still learned a couple things.

Yeah, the FAQ looks really comprehensive and combined with the companion a lot of folks could come back or start up again.

This was quite interesting…I’ve been lurking in the shadows for most of 6e…feeling the pull to step back into the light. ;)


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